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Live from practice...Ronnie Wilson looks good; So does Frankie Hammond Jr.; And guess who's a safety now...

Really upset with Krispy Kreme. The doughnuts are not fresh...Here's a link to my story in today's Miami Herald! Gators Hope To Blaze Trail to National Title. Here's a public-service link: Miami Heat dance team tryouts photo gallery! Sorry if the picture quality in this blog post isn't up to snuff. Deal, folks. I used my BlackBerry.

(If you noticed any typos earlier this morning it's because I wrote this blog on the BlackBerry as fast as possible...It has since been edited.)

GAINESVILLE -- The sun isn't up yet and already I've been at practice for 35 minutes. Freshmen and walk-ons are the only players practicing this fine morning. A few quick notes...

-T.J. Lawrence appears to be the Gators' latest safety convert. Lawrence, who was recruited as a receiver, is wearing a white practice jersey (meaning he's a defender; offense is in blue) and learning how to backpedal and defend. Safeties coach Chuck Heater is correcting his mistakes every five seconds. Yep, he's a safety now. Now Urban is actually working one-on-one with Lawrence.

Ronniewilson-Ronnie Wilson [PICTURED] of Pompano Beach Blanche Ely is practicing at defensive tackle. Wilson was kicked off the team last year for firing an assault rifle into the air near a downtown nightclub. Notice how there's no stripe on Ronnie's helmet. Guess that means he's already a part of the team. (For those who don't know what I'm talking about, incoming freshmen at UF have thin stripes on their helmets during preseason camp. When coaches take the stripe off, it signifies that you're officially a member of the team. Major Wright was the first player to be de-striped last season. Percy Harvin had the honor the year before that. I'm calling for Jeffrey Demps to lose his stripe first this season.)

Adrian-Texas cornerback Adrian Bushell [PICTURED] is in street clothes. Guess he hasn't made it through the NCAA Clearinghouse yet. Bushell didn't practice but he was still up early with the rest of the freshman. He was reading a sheet of paper throughout practice and following around cornerback's coach Vance Bedford. Assuming the paper was some kind of practice schedule or tip sheet.

-Jeffrey Demps is a strong freshman. He's bigger than Chris Rainey. (Well, that's not saying much.)

-Omar Hunter is a beast. He doesn't look out of shape to me. This guy is already bigger than John Brown.

-Matt Patchan is participating in drills but D-line coach Dan McCarney is telling him to take it easy. Patchan is looking good.

-John Brown and Brandon Hicks are practicing with the freshmen. Punishment? The probably have to take tests this afternoon, says UF's people. Summer B isn't over yet.

-Staying with the defensive line theme: Hoover, Ala., defensive end William Green is tall and lean. This guy is really fast. He could play linebacker. Speaking of speed, Matt Patchan is pretty fast. He looks to weigh about 250 pounds. Green appears to be about 225 at the most.

-Defensive backs coach Vance Bedford's metaphorical coaching technique: "You're a cat. You're hungry and you want to eat."

Corners Janoris Jenkins and Jeremy Brown are apparently hungry and sleepy.

-Bedford is a crowd pleaser. He just called himself "gangsta.'"

Now he's dancing and talking about "Bullet" Bob Hayes. Hysterical.

Frankie-Hallandale native Frankie Hammond Jr. [PICTURED] appears to have put on some muscle over the offseason. He looks good and just made an impressive diving catch near the sideline. Wow! Another great catch by Frankie Hammond Jr. He is definitely the highlight of the first practice. He caught a pass in traffic and then cut to the outside and blew past three defenders.

-More Bedford, as he walks off the field to fans: "Y'all got no life but you love football." I love this Bedford guy.

OK, that's it. Check back around 5 p.m. for a live blog from today's second practice. Will try to snap a picture or two of Tebow.

RecruithatOh, a final picture to share with y'all. A lot of people have been asking me to post a recent picture of myself up on the blog. I snapped this photo yesterday in the dog park. That's my new hat. (That's Guinness, my dog, behind my head.) I'm wearing the hat every day to practice (and maybe games) this season. (My offering of sarcasm to the ridiculousness of the recruiting craze.) I'm a six-star recruit. I write stories in 4.19 seconds.



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Joseph Goodman you are the man!!! Great stuff!! I look foward to your future reports.

Thanks a lot Joseph, I hope you continue to have these great reports for us!
Go Gators!

Thank you for the live report!!!
Go Gators

Damn I totally forgot I was supposed to go to this. Oh well, maybe I'll catch the afternoon practice.

Is the afternoon one freshman only?

Awesome to see practice updates first thing Jo. Sounds like the combination of Hunter and Wilson could shore up the DT position nicely.

You're notes are all well and good. But what everyone reallly wants is a donut update. How do the glazed look? Will the chocolate iced be able to fend off the glazed and see some eating time? How does the donut unit look overall?

Thanks Goodman, you came through for us. I've got 'Gator Clause' on my favorites list now. I'll check it out often.

Oscar M.,

The entire team practices later today.


Is Torrey Davis practicing?

Thanks for the update...your on my "favorites" now. Go Gators!!!

As requested, here's the official doughnut update. I brought chocolate glazed and regular glazed doughnuts to practice this morning. They weren't fresh. I offered them around but only one dude (my friend Adam Gorney from GatorBait.net) accepted my offer. Adam ate one chocolate glazed doughnut. I ate a chocolate glazed and a regular glazed. The ants ate the rest. I offered a doughnut to Omar Hunter and he tossed if off of Will Hill's helmet. It ricocheted and smacked John Brown in the eye. (OK, I made that last part up. It landed in Brown's mouth and he swallowed it without chewing.)



Torrey Davis is supposed to practice this afternoon.


Great report here, nice to see the new guys running around. Wonder how Will Thrill looked tho.

Easy E,

Will Hill looked like a freshman today. Nothing too impressive. He's appears to be learning the ropes just like everyone else. You can already tell he's going to be a player, though. Extremely athletic.


Great report....also cool hat

Thanks Jo, good sh1t.

T.J. Lawrence at safety sounds good, I hope the reason he was selected to cross the Rubicon is previous experience at the position. Not to denigrate him, but if it becomes necessary to call this young man into action, it could be a long year.

Ronnie Wilson at DT sounds good, I just hope the move is one he accepts. Not to coddle the guy, but if his attitude isn't right (and I'm not saying it isn't)why even go with this sort of experiment and waste the time on him which could be better suited to someone willing/eager to make the move?

Jo, don't want to waste your time, but I'm rather curious about the reason Finch transferred. It is not a stretch to say that he would likely be the starting strong safety at this point. Heard talk of a kid in Indiana, but wouldn't that have affected his initial decision to come to UF?

Keep it up.

Finch was moved to LB since fall practice last season and has put on weight accordingly. So it would be a pretty big stretch to say he'd be the starting safety this year.

Florida could definitely use Finchie right about now. I was really high on this kid last season. He seemed like a sure thing. Hopefully for him, he'll be a sure thing for Indiana. Seems kinda like a step down.

Yes, As you know he was playing OLB when he was hurt against UT. However, the guy made his claim to fame as a safety. I don't know for sure, but I'm pretty sure he wasn't any bigger/heavier at the time of his transfer than Major is at the present time. I quarantee you if the cat was still around, T. J. wouldn't be playing in a white jersey right now.

I just hope we can stay with the CANES. The CANES have looked great so far.

We must be desperate to move a slow OL to the DL.

This is awesome, awesome info.. I'm a Gator fan in Washington DC so I can't make it to practice, obviously. It's nice to know i can stay plugged in. Thank you soooo much for all your efforts.

Jo, Mccray looks very athletic from the pics is he not a possibility for SS?

No, Finch is definitely much bigger than Major Wright right now. Major actually DROPPED ~10 pounds of weight when it was decided that he was going to play safety. The two have at least 20+ pounds of weight difference between them. It really doesn't matter where he made the claim to fame in HS, he was a LB at UF.

Doesn't really matter in that he's not here anymore, period. Still would've liked to know the reason for the transfer.

Still suppresing the gag reflex over news that Torrey Davis is not listed on the roster.


I'll check on that today for you.


Oh God! We are playing the "U" this year.

We stopped playing them because they always kick the hell out of us. Why are we playing them ?

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