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Meyer: No timetable on Torrey Davis' return; Rainey says he's the king of the streets

GAINESVILLE -- Torrey Davis wasn't at practice today, wasn't on the roster and appears to be academically ineligible. Florida coach Urban Meyer said on Monday after practice that there is no timetable for Davis' return.

It seems like just yesterday that everybody (except me) was writing about how hard Davis worked to get into Florida, and blah, blah, blah. Yeah, right.

--Safety Bryan Thomas wasn't on the roster and didn't practice today because of the minor surgery we've been talking about for a few weeks on Gator Clause. He had a cyst removed from his knee.

--The Gators had a nice crowd this afternoon. I'd estimate the number of fans at about 400 and the number of Internet fan website reporters at 15,000.

--By the way, Ronnie Wilson has his old number, 70.

--Lauderdale Lakes Boyd Anderson native Moses Jenkins looks great at cornerback.

--Lorenzo Edwards has officially moved to strong-side linebacker. Told you guys, the coaches couldn't afford to keep him out of the line-up. HA!

--South Miami alum Javier Estopinan told me that his knee is near 100 percent. Javy looked impressive leading the defense today.

--Back-up QB Cameron Newton's passes were all over the place. Up, down, anywhere except where they're supposed to be.

--Chris Rainey is the funniest guy on the team. He held court for about five minutes with reporters after practice. He said he beat Jeffrey Demps TWICE in the 40-yard dash in the previous weeks. Rainey's quote: "Undefeated in the skreets!"

--Rainey is 2-0 all-time against Demps in the 40 but his record is 1-1 against Percy.

--A New York Giants just left practice and I asked him if he saw any talent. He said, "Not this year."

--Major Wright spoke with reporters for about three minutes. He didn't say much but I thought it was pretty funny that he called Will Hill a kid, referring to Hill's understanding of college football so far.



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Any chance the rosters are a mistake? I have not heard anything about Bryan Thomas not being on the team. Meyer has mentioned him often over the last week. Are you able to question anyone as to Thomas and Davis?

At least the DT and S positions are deep and full of experien ... wait, never mind.

Brandon Spikes , you will be a very, very, very busy man in the middle of our Gator D this year.

Now you see why I keep asking about Davis, Goody.


This defensive house of cards gets a little wobblier.

Can you explain the NYG comment?

gators suck!!! will see ya September 6th be ready for a beat down

Great Gator Update. Thanks JO, my favorite 6-star recruit reporter. lol

Major Wright = sellout
....he will get burned by the stellar U WR's....

Go Canes!


I figured you knew something. Good call. It's a shame about Torrey. I just hope that kid realizes what he's about to waste and begins and starts applying himself in school.


The New York Giants scout said that as he was passing by the throng of reporters. I asked him if there was any talent out there and he said, "Not this year." Interestingly enough, another NFL said the same thing to me on Monday morning (of course, those were just freshmen practicing on Monday morning). But the NYG's scout must have been joking, right?


I love you Cane fans. You're a riot. The team is going to love you, too. We're talking prison love here. And that boob coach of yours thought big bad Virginia at home was a tough one. Please, keep talking.

UF Taipan,

LMAO right now. Solid post, my friend. That's quality trash talk, folks.


I think the Canes fans have the Gators confused with Florida International.

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