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Harvin possibly out 1-2 games, according to James; And Rainey DID get into a scuffle with Harvin

IN THE NEWS: Gators No.5 in writers' poll.

GAINESVILLE -- Florida junior Brandon James said on Saturday that Gators receiver Percy Harvin will "probably only miss one or two games" to begin the season.

Florida opens the season on Aug. 30 against Hawaii before hosting rival Miami on Sept. 6. James' revelation on Saturday was team's first mention of Harvin possibly sitting out games. Florida coach Urban Meyer was not available for comment on Saturday.

James, an all-SEC return specialist, is filling in for Harvin at receiver until the Heisman Trophy candidate is cleared for practice. Harvin had offseason surgery to correct a chronic heel injury. He participated in the Gators’ first session of fall camp but hasn’t practiced since.

“I’m just hitting it hard and staying on my game if he’s going to be out there,” James said.

Harvin, a junior, led the Gators in receiving last season with 58 receptions for 858 yards despite missing two games due to migraine headaches. Harvin also ranked second on the team in rushing (764 yards on 83 carries).

Harvin's inability to practice is apparently weighing on his patience. According to teammate Chris Rainey, Harvin and Rainey got into a fight during the first week of fall camp. Both players were sitting out of practice with injuries when the fight occurred, according to Rainey.

“He was frustrated,” Rainey said.

Rainey said that Harvin started the fight.



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The fight doesn't make a bit of difference to me. Heck, I like to see guys getting worked up in camp. Put somewhere around 100 young men in a group everyday and tell them to run into each other at full speed and see if a fight doesn't break out eventually. Now breaking your teammates nose, ala Steve Smith, is another story.

I hope they don't suit up Percy for the first two games. Let him heal. Let some other guys get touches. UF really shouldn't need P.H. to manhandle a soft Hurricane team. Plenty of other options available.

Didn't sound like a big deal to Rainey...did it sound like they moved on from it?

Yes, you are on the inside now Goodman. Meyer and Co. fully trust YOUR insights into Gator football. No one would ever feed YOU garbage to your Miami audience. You do realize no Gator fan with any information takes you seriously, right?

Percy is in far worse shape than were being told, you can't count on him. As far as manhandling a soft Hurricane team? Dumb comment, they are young and will have a FR. QB but they are still a rival, who knows what could happen. Dorsey was a FR when he took them to a great season.

Mr. Seriously,

Umm, thanks for the pointless comment. It made absolutely no sense. You should SERIOUSLY get your head out of your butt and join the conversation. Percy ISN'T practicing but IS fighting with other injured teammates.


Fights aren't abnormal and often times guys come out respecting eachother more and are closer. Could you get a sense from Rainey if he found this a big deal or if they moved on?

I believe you owe Swampchomp06 an apology for calling him a liar.


I never called you a liar. I just said you had a good imagination. You also must have good insight. Thx for the comments.


Fights do happen on the field but two players fighting on the sideline is completely different. Tempers flair during plays because players are hitting. That just doesnt happen for injuried players on the sideline. This is no different than the Steve Smith fight that got him suspended for two games.

No Where in the article did you actually provide a quote where James said Harvin would be out for Hawaii or that the fight actually happened.


--Just passing along what James said. Perhaps you read over the quotation marks in the first sentence of the blog post. Obviously, it's speculation on James' part, but it is what it is.

--Rainey said there was a fight and that Percy Harvin started it. What's the problem?


I like peanuts


If someone said Rainey and Harvin had a fight, please include the exact quote that says so. Otherwise you are a liar and sleaze ball journalist with no journalistic integrity at all.

Thanks, Danny


You are my hero. You win the award for random comment of the week that made me laugh out loud!


Don't believe the hype. What I wrote was an exact quote.


From my interview with Rainey, I got a sense that Rainey didn't like Percy.



I went back and read your piece, and I still do not see the quotation marks where Rainey is talking about the fight. You do use quotes, because I see them in your story. I know there was a fight, I just dont believe he told you that. So I still believe you are a lying piece of journalistic garbage. And I use the term "journalistic" lightly.

BFD. I heard this a week ago and really couldn't care less. But get this straight... Meyer don't give a s--- about him or any other player. Meyer only cares about Meyer. He'll play Harvin whenever he wants, wheter he's ready or not.

cane fan just loving it.Get that butt Rainman

Competition can cause these things. Rainey is pushing Harvin for touches. UF being all Tebow and Harvin: more touches for Rainey=less for Harvin. No doubt Meyer is promising both guys the same thing. Didn't he say that Rainey is the next Harvin?

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