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PIERRE-LOUIS: 'Georgia, that's the game of the year'; Wright: Looking forward to Miami

GAINESVILLE -- This is all you need to know from Florida's media day. Everything else was white noise.

"Georgia, man," cornerback Wondy Pierre-Louis said. "That's the game of the year. I'm not going to lie. Even though we're going to take it one by one, Georgia is the game of the year."

Of course, there is that little 'ol team down in Coral Gables. Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas grad Major Wright is pretty excited about that one.

"It's a very important game," Wright said. "You know, every time I go home I never hear the end of it. It's going to be an intense game, high energy. I look forward to this game."

Wright grew up idolizing former 'Cane great Sean Taylor. Instead of following in Taylor's footsteps as one of the next great Miami safeties, Wright committed to the Gators. He's friends with Hurricanes Anthony Reddick and Leonard Hankerson, among other 'Canes.

As anyone who has read this blog for the last year can tell you, Wright and Pierre-Louis are two of my favorite Gators. Wright is busy teaching Will Hill how to play safety these days. Pierre-Louis is busy fending off fellow cornerback Markihe Anderson, who wants Pierre-Louis' starting job.

--Defensive coordinator Charlie Strong says linebacker A.J. Jones is a mainstay on the defense this season at weak side.

--Defensive line coach Dan McCarney says Ronnie Wilson is strong but way behind.

--Safeties coach Chuck Heater on if Ahmad Black is too short to play safety: "We'll see."

--Offensive lineman James Wilson was very truthful with reporters on Friday. I says he was really upset that Florida wouldn't grant his request to transfer. He's happy that he stayed at UF, however. Left guard Jim Tartt's shoulders might not hold up this season.

--Anyone seen Percy Harvin lately?

--Pictures coming tomorrow morning.



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Do you know anything about Harvin and Rainey getting into a fight???

"Rainey and Percy sat out of drills again. They would watch the 11v11s, and then go jog, etc. on the side when the offense was doing drill work. Well coming back from thier last little workout one of them said something the other didn't like. One swung at the other, and then they were rolling on the ground. This was no little spat; they were really going at eachother. The trainers and support staff had to come over and break it up.

They trainers made them come together and slap hands...but the lack of sincerity was evident even from 50 yards away beyond the fence."

Sounds bogus to me. You got a good imagination, though.


major wright what a loser...wait till he gets toasted on the field by the Fly Society.....Harvin was on his knees with Teboy

There's LOSERcane again opening his mouth. I got a kick out of seeing the overall record in the UF-um series posted in your other article. UM leads 28-25. You would've thought it was A LOT bigger of a margin the way all these loser Cane fans talk. They act like they've dominated the series, and after these next two games, they'll only be up by one game. THAT'S HILARIOUS!

Hard to blame Wondy for awaiting the Georgia game so eagerly...


ya when was the last time you beat us its been like 20 or plus years get a life no one cares about the past century its all about now and the Canes have dominated you


Wondy is still embarrassed about his interception and flip into the end zone against Georgia. He said as much on media day.


UMCANESFORLIFE, "no one cares about the past century, it's all about now?" That's HILARIOUS hearing that from a Cane fan!!!! You guys live and die by your 5 championships, 4 of which were won almost 20 years ago, and you're hear talking about the present??? WOW, I never thought I'd ever see that! I'll talk about now then. ! championship to the Canes 0, 5-7 and missing out on one of the 5 million bowl games. 21-16 since 2005. All that equates to, THE CANES SUCK!

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