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PODCAST: Receiver Percy Harvin is not a team leader; Does it matter to UF's success?

Your weekly Sunday podcast...

Harvin_2GAINESVILLE -- Florida receiver Percy Harvin started a fight with freshman running back Chris Rainey during fall camp. Harvin is a junior and a preseason Heisman Trophy candidate. He is also, arguably, the most gifted athlete in college football.

But Harvin [PICTURED] has a history of assaulting other athletes and is a maverick among his teammates. Will Harvin's poor attitude affect the Gators' chances of winning a national championship? Gator Clause addresses the important topic on this podcast. Run time is four minutes and 21 seconds. Click the play button.


Podcast edited and produced by Joseph Goodman of The Miami Herald.


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Team Leader??? You have to play to be a leader! This guy is a great player when he plays but we need him more than 5 games a year. Watch, he will end up missing 4 to 5 games again this year.

Jo, you are ridiculous. I am going to post the video interview of Tebow where he talks about Harvin being "cradled". He was praising Harvin throughout the press conference and was referencing his injury and needing to bring him along slowly in practice and keeping the heals cradled up so that he doesnt hurt it in practice and mess up the regular season. Seriously man, this is a terrible thing to do by storring the pot and making things up. Here is the link:


Please just report the facts and stop making stories where there are none.

Nothing like being pointed out as a liar to hurt your credibility...oh wait, you had none to start with it seems. Just admit what you are, a cane fan that posts lies about UF. Doesn't matter what you post though, it won't change that arse whipping coming in a few weeks. You have a nice day now.

Whether you are a canes fan or not makes no difference to me. I enjoyed reading the practice updates and other useful information you provide, but honestly I am sick and tired of the soap-opera columns. How can we believe any of what you say when day in and day our your columns have factual inaccuracies in them. I don't mind the editorial comments, but twisting words and taking thing out of context is not fair. You make it sound like no one likes Percy, that he is some T.O. like cancer on the team, and then you say that Tebow dislikes him based on a comment in a press conference that was completely taken out of context...you weren't even close dude. All we as Gator fans want is fair reporting, and you provided that with the Rainey thing, but when you make outlandish accusation that are proven to be wrong, you start to look unprofessional and unreliable.

This reporter is a complete joke. Go wrtie nonsense about UAB not UF please.

well well, looks like you have found a way for people to read your SH!tty blog jo. You have finally found your nitch, loser.

Redshirt sophomore tailback Chris Rainey confirmed Saturday that he and Harvin got into a scrap on the practice field last week.

"It was a football thing, two football players fighting," Rainey said. "You go back and mind your own business, but be friends again.

"Both of us were mad because we were hurt and in the pit. Nobody wants to be in the pit because you have to do a lot of work. We got into it. It happens. Every time you look on the field and you're not playing, you get frustrated. There are no hard feelings. Never. It's always the team."

Way to speculate on just about everything you wrote. But, even if it were true, it would most likely have no bearing on how the team performed during the year. You made a lot of assumptions based on too few comments.

Hell hath no fury like a journalist's scorn. This is what happens when you skip media day. You piss off the people paid to form your public image. And anyway, just from casual reading, it's obvious Joe likes Rainey and is not a fan of Percy Harvin.

Professor Goodman,

When is Harvin and Tebow going to come out of the closet and disclose their year-long relationship?
I think it would do wonders for our fanbase.
I realize that sort of stuff is taboo in your home state of Alabama, but this is Florida.

This blog is the National Enquirer of Gator sports. Was a degree in Journalism from DeVry hard to obtain?

No offense, but I don't see you being able to continue reporting for UF. If you're not fired then I believe your credentials will be revoked. You do, after all, work for a Miami newspaper. I'm sure the editor is in love with your national enquire type reports.

That's just my opinion but I believe this opinion is being reverberated everywhere from what I've read...

You need to get canned for this over inflated "story". If you ever played football then you know players get into scrapes and scraps all the time in the course of practice,
that does not mean that there are any problems.
Try reporting the facts not hypothetical crap.

Clearly you need to go back to UAB and take a class in journalism ethics and talk to your old professors about context. How you can take Tebow's statement about Harvin being "cradled" due to injury and turn it into a "Harvin is a cancer" comment is beyond me. My 4th grade son was smart enough to understand what Tebow was saying, why aren't you? If you want to play to the hometown 'canes, fine...change your beat. If you want to report on other teams, then at least have the integrity to do so honestly.

if Rainey said it isn't a big deal (which he did) then I don't see why this is a big deal

Jo, I asked you twice on the last thread if you sensed rainey thought it was a big deal and if they are cool about it now...you ignored the question. Did you not know the answer? did the answer to your question not fit in with your next story (which i am now posting on)

just curious

I love that a crack pot like you is in Gainesville stirring things up. It is just going to motivate us to give your crappy team a much worse beat down and show no mercy. You really are an idiot.

Jo...there goes my subscription to the Herald. Keep up the good work.

Is this a joke? Not only are your interpretations of the quotes and events surrounding Harvin, Rainey, and Tebow grossly incorrect, but your "podcast" sounds ridiculous. You sound like a 3rd grader learning how to read.

Another fine example of University of Phoenix online journalism degrees.

Professor Goodman,

You only told part of the story.
It's true that Rainey and Harvin had their little brawl during practice.
But they made up afterwards in the dorm and it culminated in a wild prolonged night of lovemaking.
As they say, the best part about fighting is making up afterwards.
Why didn't you tell the whole story?
I realize you're from Alabama, a state where the mouth-breathers frown on sodomy.
But, hey, this is Gainesville, not Tuscaloosa.

You are a joke to professional journalism, facts do not mean a thing to you if it makes your article look good. Percy was suspended his SR year, but he did not miss his last 2 games. He played in the championship game amd they lost. You have no credibility at all for facts.

Joe Goodman has a history of molesting small boys.

Jo, I asked you twice on the last thread if you sensed rainey thought it was a big deal and if they are cool about it now...you ignored the question. Did you not know the answer? did the answer to your question not fit in with your next story (which i am now posting on)

just curious

Posted by: James | August 17, 2008 at 06:27 PM

Rainey and Harvin "made up" in the dorms later that evening.
Lots of Gator-loving as we know in our progressive state.
What is more to be said?

Quien es mas macho, senor Tim Tebow or senor Percy Harvin?
Los dos crocodilos le gustan mucho rabo.

You are a joke to professional journalism, facts do not mean a thing to you if it makes your article look good. Percy was suspended his SR year, but he did not miss his last 2 games. He played in the championship game amd they lost. You have no credibility at all for facts.

Posted by: three99 | August 17, 2008 at 09:20 PM

Something about Percy.
He's so violent, yet so Butched-up.
I get giggly thinking about him overpowering me and my fellow Gator frat boys.

What is your source for saying that Harvin "started" the fight?

My guess is that you made that part up. Rainey confirmed there was a fight, but didn't say who started it. He also said it was no big deal. Yet, you blast for Harvin starting the fight with Rainey, with no mention of how you got this information.

It must be a slow news day, right? No news . . . . . make up some.


The joke was funny the first time...you being a cane fan posing as a gator fan and posting gay comments. Now it's kind of pathetic. You must really have no life.


You are giving UM hope w/ these shenanigans of yours. How about looking at it as Rainey has not done jack squat yet, and if Harvin tells him something he should just do it, and not tell about a fight he perpetuated.

..and for the goofy UM fan calling himself gatorsrule...go play with your own Wii


The joke was funny the first time...you being a cane fan posing as a gator fan and posting gay comments. Now it's kind of pathetic. You must really have no life.

Posted by: Jay | August 17, 2008 at 09:40 PM

That was uncalled for.
Why the insults?
At the end of the day we are all Gators.
Don't come a a fellow Gator trying to scratch his eyes out just because he's different.

..and for the goofy UM fan calling himself gatorsrule...go play with your own Wii

Posted by: GoGators | August 17, 2008 at 09:52 PM

Wanna watch?
Bring me a Tebow poster if you show up.

I warned you before when you made continuous back handed comments about the new Gateway of Champions facility. You may get some hits on your website right now regarding your outlandish evaluations and out of context quotes but you will not last long if you don't change your ways.

If you are trying to be the next Bianchi then you need to actually get some of these right. I don't always agree with Bianchi and he loves to get the fans rolling but he actually gets it right some times. Your stuff however, feels like it is just poking at wherever you can get some attention. You are losing credibility and losing it fast. Again, you need to look at the Florida Times Union reporter that made an accusation regarding Meyer's holding injury info from reporters. Foley did not like it and he made it clear that somethings will be changed. That reporter is no longer there.

For the UM dork...go post yourself on Youtube playing with your Ibis

For the UM dork...go post yourself on Youtube playing with your Ibis
Posted by: Gators 1999 | August 17, 2008 at 10:52 PM

Please stop calling me a Cane.
What's your problem?
Why does this blog gay bash a fellow Gator?
Do you honestly think every single player on the UF football program is straight?
Just listen to our own Tim Tebow when he lisps.
Not that there is anything wrong with having an alternative lifestyle.
If you and like-minded folks were more open-minded, our own Tebow wouldn't have to live inside the proverbial closet.
Please be considerate of others.

Wow, you have absolutely lost any credibility you had with this one. I think its hilarious that you thought this was a good thing to write, and on top of that your writing is awful! Keep trying jackass, you are definately never gonna be Dan Le Betard who is a great writer/journalist.

Most horrible podcast ever...

You sound like you have absolutley zero emotion, Robotman...

I keep looking for quotes or listening for soundbytes to back up your claims and I'm not seeing any...

Jo: As a gator fan, i appreciate your trying to give us a different perspective than what comes from the SID. there are so many sources of information out there if people don't like what you write they can simply not read it. alot of the interest in your site, even from those that bash you, is that you provide information that they are not getting elsewhere. hell, its better than being ignored.

Wow, talk about negative recruiting.....

Midwest City, Okla., running back David Oku has played the recruiting game smoothly with a calm outlook at what he hopes will be a bright future. He recently trimmed his list of schools to Nebraska, Tennessee, Florida State and Louisville when he eliminated both Michigan and Illinois.

Oku is looking to make his decision sometime during October. His father is in the Army and will return home from Iraq during that same time period and Oku hopes to make the decision in front of his dad. It's a special moment that Oku is looking forward too.

"My dad is coming in from Iraq and I want to do it when he's here," Oku said. "I want to have my whole family with me. My principal won't let me do it at the school because she don't want to let all the kids out of class. If my classmates can't be there then I don't want to do it at the school.

"I've not seen my dad in forever and that's why I want do do it when he's here. I can get it done and then we can hang out a lot until he has to go back in December."

The one-on-one, relationship-building time with his dad is what Oku says that he misses the most. It will be a short amount of time, but he will be glad to get away from all of the hoopla surrounding his pending decision.

"Everyone is bugging me and it's getting old," Oku said. "Parents at my school are always asking me where I'm going. It's unreal."

Oku admitted that he doesn't like negative recruiters, citing a moment when friend and current Vol Gerald Jones was getting heavily recruited by both the Tennessee and Florida.

"That's why (Gerald) didn't like Florida," Oku said. "They just kept badmouthing Tennessee. He didn't want to hear that and I'm the same way."

I realize you guys hate me and blah, blah, blah. I'm not here to make friends and you guys aren't either. Has anyone even answered the questions I posed in the podcast? Does it matter if Percy Harvin is not a team leader?

FYI: I'll most likely be away from the blog on Tuesday and Wednesday. I have to cover the hurricane. Don't forget to gas up your generators.


no its doesn't matter...

we have already won a national title with Percy Harvin. We have other guys who can be "leaders"

Harvin is a very good player ... when he isn't hurt. I'm a Gator through and through, but sometimes I wonder if Harvin isn't lazy. It's almost like he cherry-picks the games he wants to play in. I have to wonder if his lack of playing "healthy" will affect his chances with the NFL.

Let me answer the question. I don't believe Harvin plays a role in the Gator leadership.

Once a beat writer, always a beat writer. Enjoy writing columns with information gathered by real writers, then adding on your little "twist". You sound about as fun as a colonoscopy anyway.

Central Florida jort-wearing trailer trash making fun of those from other states. Hilarious.

I say let Jo go. Let him make all the ridiculous and libelous claims. It's all setting up quite nicely for a slander and defamation of character civil suit. That's eventually what normally happens to Yellow Journalism and its panderers, anyway. Apparently, despite all the competent attorneys in Florida, Jo isn't aware that he's crossed the line from offering his opinion, to presenting unsubstantiated (and outright denied)rumors, innuendo, and blatant fallacies as facts. I hate to break the news; but that kind of thing doesn't get you a Pulitzer... it gets you a subpoena.

Is this supposed to be some kind of idiotic attorney fear tactic. To begin with, the podcast was SPOKEN. LIBEL is written. If you know anything about libel and, more to the point, PROVING LIBEL, then you know what you just wrote is absolutely bogus. This podcast is my opinion about Percy Harvin not being a leader on the football team. Fact: He got in a fight with a teammate. Does it matter if Percy is a leader or not? Answer the question.


That's why (Gerald) didn't like Florida," Oku said. "They just kept badmouthing Tennessee. He didn't want to hear that and I'm the same way."

Posted by: Karma | August 18, 2008 at 09:15 AM

Who is Gerald Jones? I have never heard his name on any gator board in my life. It says he has a UF offer (but kids can claim any offer and I find it odd they don't list who his recruiter was) and he only took officials to UT and Texas Tech -- not exactly a top notch official list

but hey, believe what you want

Percy does not need to be a leader. You still took Tebow's quotes completely out of context though.

I'll answer the question when you fix your podcast, especially regarding the Tebow quote. Here's a question for you...why did you take Tebow words completely out of context?

Jay and James,

Tebow said that players like Percy have to be cradled. He could have used any other word but he didn't. Maybe I'm just being nitpicky with that, but "cradled" doesn't seem like something Tim Tebow would say about a football player very often. I thought of it as being interesting enough to point out in the podcast.


Here is a transcript of what he said:

"He wants to be out there competing full speed but sometimes that’s not the smartest thing either. You just want to keep a guy like that cradled up and make sure everything is 100% right and then get him out there running full speed." He said this after praising Harvin throughout the press conference. Again here is the link to what you are quoting:


The entire first 2 minutes he talks about Percy and how great he is.

You are making it sound like Percy is a baby and needs to be cradled, but Tebow was saying that a player like Percy who wants to go full speed all the time sometimes needs to be held back when he is not 100% to prevent further injury. How can you not understand the difference????

You are so full of it. Tebow commented on Harvin's injury needing to be "cradled" in order for it to heal. He was not speaking about Harvin personally, but you know that. Its seems you are trying to instigate a team feud. It is obvious you are a "journalist" (I use that term very loosely in this case) that likes to make news, not report it.

Good job, Jay. Jo, care to comment on Tebow's full statement, or are you going to continue to distort Tebow's words?

Team feud? Folks, give me a break. It was a podcast. I found Tebow's choice of words interesting. Cradled? Tebow is no stranger to public speaking.


You cited one word he used...actually "cradled up" and are inferring that based on that Tebow is not a Harvin fan and would not vote for Harvin if he was up for the Heisman...no, you give me a break.

Amazingly enough, people actually read and listen to your reports, and this has been linked on various sites. It's not fair to jump to conclusions and have rumors swirling around. I guarantee you that Tebow will be asked about his relationship with Harvin sometime next week. In the internet era of sports journalism, reporters read message boards all the time and this has become a hot topic. Good job on starting a fire where there wasn't even any smoke.


Tebow is a leader. That's not in question. Does Harvin need to be?


No. The quarterback is the most important player on the field, and he is the guy who the rest of them team looks at to lead the team. I think what you are asking is if Harvin needs to be a mentor to the younger WR's. I think he should be and he very well may be. I don't know if its fair to assume he is not because he smacked Rainey around a little.

Solid comment.


Maybe smacking Rainey around is what he needed? lol, who the hell knows

Come on! Are you guys serious? All he did was give his opioning, a stupid one, but his opinion. He gives us updates almost everyday about practices and about the team, he is interactive allowing us to ask stuff and tries to answer it, AND IT"S FOR FREE. Not like the other web pages that charge for a freaking blog.

I have heard that Percy is kind of stuck up, and it would not suprise me if he is full of himself.

Joe keep on reporting bro, and the cane fan that keeps on posting stupid stuff on the blog f*ck off.


No, what he is doing is trying to "stir" stuff up that is out of context or even reporting things without the complete information (see his statement about Spurrier's Heisman missing or even Patrick Johnson for LSU not reporting for pratctice). Well Spurrier's Heisman was there and Patrick Johnson had his name changed. Completely unprofessional. All he wants is for you to hit the website or buy the paper even if what his says is an exaggeration.

Either way, Jo boy better get ready cause I sense a boycott is coming for his website. Just a friendly caution for him.

Brandon James, you're a damn idiot and I hope you are not the same Brandon James that plays for the Gators. If so, you are a horrible representation of the University Of Florida academic program. You said in your comment that Jo is a loser who finally found his "nitch". Have you always been using that word without even knowing how to spell it? I know I'm no UF professor or anything, but I believe that most middle schoolers know that the correct word you were probably going for is niche, NOT NITCH you jackass. You might know that if you stopped jerking off and actually go to class every once in a while. Good representation of a UF student athlete, moron, who is the loser now!

Great podcast! Don't think this will affect a championship season. It is a shame Percy is a bag of douche.


I didn't see the Spurrier Heisman and I set the record straight with that error, which was the professional thing to do. About your claim of me reporting that LSU's Patrick Johnson hasn't reported for practice, that's just you being an obnoxious poster at worst or, at best, someone who just doesn't know what he's talking about. I didn't know Johnson had changed his name. Big deal. You guys are acting like I'm some kind of enemy whose out to get the Gators. This couldn't be further from the truth. Just because you don't agree with someone, it doesn't mean that person is against you. I'll leave it at that.



First of all, I already knew you didn't see the Heisman and that you didn't know about Johnson changing his name. Both of those facts were noted in your blog and your response to posts that followed. You made a BIG DEAL about the Spurrier thing. Not to mention the complete out of context quote you took from Tebow. Do you really believe that stuff when you listen to the question and his whole comment?

If you are going to go and try to find something behind the scenes then get more information and get it right. I'm not obnoxious and as stated I knew the reasons you messed up. I just think if you are going to write negative conspiracy type things then you need to get the facts straight before you do. THAT MY FRIEND IS THE PROFESSIONAL THING TO DO.

Look, I've read Bianchi's (Orlando Sentinel)stuff for almost 20 years. I don't always agree with him and he can get on my nerves but I know what he is doing. Creating legitimate conversation and questions regarding the Florida programs. That in turn brings readers which is what you both need to keep your jobs. The difference is the angles he takes and the ones you take. You make a whole deal about Spurrier when it was YOUR error. I believe you owe the University an apology. What if a reader or even a possible recruit reads your article (blog) but they don't come back to see your correction.

I don't have a problem with you disagreeing with something regarding the program. I don't even have a problem when I read articles regarding Ronnie Wilson being back on them. To many people it looks bad even though Meyer has a track record of turning kids around. I believe it was the right thing to do but I understand why reporters and such would disagree.

So, this isn't about disagreeing with you. That would be the easy excuse for you right now. Then you wouldn't have to think about what I just typed. Instead, it is that I don't trust your methods and analysis. In turn, I am not the only one. Your getting a bad name. Many of the Gator message boards are calling you out and telling everyone to start turning the other way. So Jo, really I want you to keep your job. Just quit reaching so hard for a story. Report and give your opinion on the facts.


To begin, nice comment by you. Solid. I'll address each of your points.

--You don't trust my methods or analysis. Do you really think I moved to Gainesville to mislead readers? I'm a journalist. I have sacrificed a lot (you have no idea) to do this, so I am dedicated to the craft and here for the right reasons...and blah, blah, blah.

--I spoke with the University of Florida at length about my error on the Spurrier Heisman thing.

--I'm not writing any conspiracy-type things. Tebow said "cradled" and I thought it was significant. You, obviously, did not. We disagree. That's not a conspiracy.

--If I'm going to produce a podcast about a team fight that I know many Gators fans will disagree with, then you also need to know that I have researched the facts of the fight THOROUGHLY. (If you're paying a ridiculous amount of cash for a membership to an Internet website for fans, then that website probably isn't going to report on things you, as a fan, do not want to read. Just my opinion. I'll leave it at that.)

--I broke the story about Ronnie Wilson's arrest for possession of marijuana. Obviously, it didn't make the team look good. I also wrote, however, that if Wilson graduates then it will be one of the most significant off-the-field stories of Urban Meyer's tenure at UF.

--I'm not in jeopardy of losing my job and never will be. At this very moment, I'm in Orlando preparing to cover a speech on Wednesday from Barack Obama. I'll make sure to ask him his opinion on Urban's spread offense.

--I appreciate your thoughtful comments.


You probaly missed this, as most scUM shills would. From UF media days:


I hope you do ont get paid for publishing this tripe.

Nice reporting, inspector gadget.

Get a life and go do report some real news.
Gator-Clause - you're the only one being a "complete marverick"

Get in the Ring.

It's interesting how you keep bring up your other "serious" journalistic duties - covering the hurricane, covering an Obama speech, "blah blah blah" to use your favorite terminology. It's also interesting that you point out how much you've "given up" to live in Gainesville and cover UF.

It sounds as though you view yourself as a "serious journalist" who'd like to be covering politics in NYC rather than living in a small town in North Florida covering college football for a bunch of fanatics like us.

Everyone has their dreams. We all wish you'd just go pursue yours rather than taking out your resentment regarding your career shortcomings on the Gator Football program via the production of misleading and malignant "stories" based on the usage of a single word taken completely out of context.

Enjoy Barrack's speech - I just hope for his sake he doesn't use a word you find "interesting" that you can then pull out of context and completely distort for your purposes.




If I wanted to be doing something else, trust me, I would. I love college football and I love writing about it. That should be painfully obvious to y'all. I'm on this blog all the damn time talking football with you guys.


bullg8rdaddyOf2 is a Goodman?

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