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PREGAME PODCAST: UF limping into opener

GAINESVILLE -- The Florida Gators have 14 players who are either questionable, doubtful or unavailable for the season opener. That list includes a handful of starters and several key reserves. It's still an excellent team but not the one coach Urban Meyer thought he had returning from 2007. With so many injuries and a few fresh faces in key places, is it a good thing Florida is opening the season against Hawaii and not The Team Down South?

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Solid cast and nice preview before Hawaii.

Any chance we can get the list of 14?

Be thankful ur in gville, in case you haven't been hearing from canes fans, brooo DA U IS BACK BRO. Lookin forward to basing them next week.

Go Gators

You can find the injury-report link on the post below the podcast.


Are the nagging injuries that were bothering Rainey, Demps and Murphy non issues now? Thanks.


Murphy is still questionable, by the sound of it. Rainey, as far as I know, is good to go. Demps has been non contact, so he, too, might be limited. Didn't really think about Demps, to tell you the truth. For that matter, I guess Omar Hunter could also be listed as questionable.


I actually think it would have been better for Florida to start with the team down South than Hawai'i. Better to have an easier team with a coach in over his head and have the second and third stringers beat up on the Canes while our starters rest for the real season (the SEC).

If the Canes had been the season opener Da Ewe would have been short at least 7 players also? So it still would have been the same talent margin just each team would be downgraded a bit.

"With so many injuries and a few fresh faces in key places, is it a good thing Florida is opening the season against Hawaii and not The Team Down South"
i know you homers are scared...its okay i would too. hope you have film on marve...thats right you don't, he has not played yet.....
watch the U Fly Society burn by the overrated secondary headed by Major "I wish I was a Cane NOW" Wright. better yet u all should go to the gator track team for assistance.....
goody keep up the good work!

Miami's hype is ridiculous and its sad to see it come to a crashing end next weekend. Hawaii is a much better team and has a much better coach than Miami. Florida wont need any of these top flight players until real football starts: SEC football.

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