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RAINY DAY (and Rainey Day) BLOG: Who do your favorite Gators hate more, Miami or FSU?

GAINESVILLE -- The rain continues to fall here in Hogtowne. Since UF football players and coaches here in Gainesville don't speak to reporters when the roads are wet, I'll have to fill the blog space today with a little intra-state smack talk. Works for me! Gotta write SOMETHING, right?

The Gator Clause staff (Goody and Mike-Mike McCall) polled several Gators recently with 10 random questions. One of the questions was, "Who would you cheer for between FSU and Miami?" Here are the answers...

--Back-up quarterback John Brantley: "I really don't like either team but I definitely don't like FSU. So, I'd have to say Miami."
--Offensive tackle Phil Trautwein: "Miami."
--Defensive end Duke Lemmens: "I just want Florida to beat both."
--Defensive end William Green: "Probably Miami."
--Safety Major Wright: "Miami."
--Defensive tackle Javier Estopinan: "They're both terrible to me. I couldn't even choose one."
--Cornerback Moses Jenkins: "Miami for sure."
--Running back Chris Rainey: "They're both sorry. FSU."
--Receiver Frankie Hammond Jr.: "Miami."
--Cornerback Wondy Pierre-Louis: "I don't even care."

So, if you counting. Pretty much everyone polled hates FSU more than Miami except for Chris Rainey. Oh, and Wondy doesn't care. He just doesn't want Georgia to ever win another game.

Florida sophomore defensive tackle Torrey Davis, who is currently suspended from the Florida football team due to academic concerns, pleaded not guilty to knowingly driving with a suspended license on Wednesday in Alachua County traffic court. Davis was cited twice in April for knowingly driving with a suspended license.

Those two citations came after Davis was stopped twice in 2007 for unknowingly driving with a suspended license. Davis’ pre-trail date is scheduled for Sept. 22. His lawyer, Huntley Johnson, also represents current Florida defensive tackle Ronnie Wilson and former Florida safety Jamar Hornsby. Both Wilson and Hornsby were initially arrested for felonies but their charges were later reduced to misdemeanors.

--RECRUITING: Miami Columbus defensive tackle Antwan Lowery (6-4, 335 pounds) has narrowed his college suitors to three schools -- Florida, Rutgers and Clemson. Sounds like good news for the Gators.

--THE LATEST FROM HAWAII: The Warriors are set to leave for Atlanta on Tuesday. Hawaii is only traveling with 65 players. The travel roster will not include quarterback Tyler Graunke, who was recently reinstated to the team.

--IN THE NEWS: Former Gator Jerimy Finch is eligible to play safety for IU this season. How is this possible? The NCAA cites extenuating circumstances. Finch is a father of a toddler, who lives in Indiana. The child never made the move to Gainesville when Finch lived in Florida. 

--CHECK OUT THIS 3-D map on Google Earth of Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. Brought to you by the fine folks at mapgameday.com. Pretty cool. (You'll need to install the Google Earth plug-in for this to work.)

--One columnist, the great Pat Dooley of the Gainesville Sun, says this is the most important season of Urban Meyer's career. Do you agree? Meyer already has won a national title with Florida and he's going to make about $3.5 million this season regardless, so there is room here for an argument.

--ON THE RADIO: Gator Clause will be chatting Florida football live around 8:45 a.m. on Saturday with Knoxville radio personality Josh Ward of Knoxville's WNML-AM, The Sports Animal. Listen live via the radio station's live Internet stream.



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I love Rainey's answer, he hit it right on the nose.

Hey if it was up to me Urban has at least 3 more years of a secure coaching job in UF. After what happen with Zook, i'm glad we are being talk about in the media as contenders.

UF Peru,

Bash the Zooker all you want, but he recruited some great players to Florida.


I believe this is an important year for Urban Meyer. These are his kids, his coaches, and his system in full swing. I also believe this is only the beginning of many more 'important years.'

Safety Major Wright: "Miami."
--Receiver Frankie Hammond Jr.: "Miami."


U should hate Miami more because you haven't beat us in like 50 years!

See U in few weeks for that woop a**!

Da U!

thats funny! you gayduds should hate us more because we loathe you guys. i mean, just pure, evil hatred. we still have some respect for FSU. but you guys, your whole school could disappear from the face of the planet tomorrow and we wouldnt give you know what....no! i take it back. we would cheer!!

I love these loser Cane fans on hear all upset that their program is obsolete now. Move on losers, your team sucks, and if you honestly think you're going to win Sept 6th, then you need to come back from la la land.

learn how to spell GAYtorAlum

I belive that a "lizard" is a very, very tiny Gator with no teeth, a very small brain and even smaller genitals!

Miami is in the ACC. If Florida beats them this year, we don't hate themtill we play them again. Miami is not Georgia or FSU. It's not even a rivaly for God's sake.


Plus..... Miami has more Florida Grads than UM grads. Most of the people talking trash here could not even afford the little private school. If you have to back somebody down there, back FAU. Best team and coach in South Florida.

C'mon...doesn't feel better to back a public school you or your kids could get into.

I thought so!!!!

Go Gators and Go FAU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

why da gator want play usf tebow any s..t that one guy will fall hard this year more hype

Jesus, Jones, here you are mispelling your as* all over this site,too. Ask your mama, or find your damn father, dumbas*! Word,
one more time.

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