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Should Jamar Hornsby get a second chance?

GAINESVILLE -- Former Florida safety Jamar Hornsby was charged with four misdemeanor counts of unauthorized use of a credit card on Wednesday by the Alachua County State Attorney's Office. Hornsby was kicked off the team this summer for apparently using a gas card of a UF student who passed away earlier in the year. Hornsby was initially arrested for a felony.

Hornsby_2Should Hornsby receive a second chance with the Gators? UF lineman Ronnie Wilson was given a second chance at Florida football this year after initially being arrested for a felony. Wilson's felony charge was reduced to a misdemeanor and then dropped all together.

Hornsby has the same attorney, Huntley Johnson, as Wilson. Johnson has said that he is confident Hornsby's charges will also be dropped. Hornsby is currently at East Mississippi Community College, which means he will likely transfer to another FBS school (possibly in the Southeastern Conference) next season.

Should Hornsby be allowed back onto the UF team next season and given a similar chance at redemption a la Ronnie Wilson? If not, explain why because these cases seem similar in nature. Hornsby's alleged crimes, however, did not involve a rifle.



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Sure, give him a chance with another program, just not UF.

The reason: Save his scholarship for a good person.

Are you kidding me? This is a rhetorical question right? Hornsby robbed the estate of a dead female student athlete who dated his teammate. Do you think the team should give him another chance?

Are you kidding me? This is a rhetorical question right? Hornsby robbed the estate of a dead female student athlete who dated his teammate. Do you think the team should give him another chance?

NO! What he did was not a honest mistake, it was deplorable.

I'm all about second chances, really I am but what he did was inexcusable. If Meyer took him back because of our safety injury depleted situation I would be very pissed off. That would be a slap in the face of the girl's family. I apologize for not remembering her name.

Actually, I think Hornsby's claim is he didn't rob the credit card; rather, the student had given it to Hornsby to use before she died. What would be interesting if Hornsby had used the card before the deadly accident-- would be pretty strong evidence on his defense claim and maybe that is one reason charges are going to be dropped? I read somewhere that all the uses.

As far as letting back on the team, the big question is would this cause a rift on the team? Would someone like Haden (who was the girl's boyfriend) not feel comfortable? This would be a call for the team's Leadership committee.

If another SEC school or any school let's him in, how is that no different that UF letting him back? In fact, if he was non-scholarship and had to work his way back, that would be harder then transferring to another school who let's him in for free.

I think he should not be let back in the program, because of the ties to the current players in the team in that incident.

I think the cases are different, between hornsby and Wilson, but still I think that Wilson got a big break by letting him back in the team.

I think everything (as it should be) is a case by case situation.

why wouldnt the GAYtors and urban Meyer let him back they let everyone else back who commit crimes. What a joke Oscar meyer is a head coach hes such a weasel. That girl RIP was dead for crying out loud.....

If the criminal charges are dropped and she had really given him the card to use before she died (and that can be proven with charges prior to her death) then I say yeah, he deserves a second go. But if he really stole the girl's card after she died and was racking up expenses on her tab, then he can enjoy whatever other SEC school decides to give him a chance. Not us.

The thing is he kept on using the credit card after she past away. The family was broken hearted and started seeing the charges on the card. I think you just don't do that, if she past away he should have given the credit card back to the family.

badman stirring the pot again? I guess he couldn't get any other negative story about the gators!

He fits in well with Meyer's definition of top 1% crap. Shouldn't be allowed back but wouldn't be surprised to see him back.Maybe he can sit down with Wilson and Meyer and talk about it over a bowl.


Maybe he didn't think of it as "her card"; rather, just his gas card and didn't cross his mind when he was getting gas. Sometimes our CC becomes second nature. When I use my AMEX at the pump, I don't go into deep thought about my credit card, where it came from, etc.


I see your point...but it also seems like a reach. Whenever I use my card to get gas I'm thinking, "Damn, I wish this gas was free!"


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