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Tebow is 21 today; Is he going out tonight?

GAINESVILLE -- It's a magical day for Florida quarterback Tim Tebow. Today is his 21st birthday.

Does young Timmy go out on the town tonight? As a fan, would you be upset if Tim celebrated his 21st (in proper fashion) during two-a-days?

Heisman Trophy, national title, international humanitarian ... I'd give the guy a pass.



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Turning 21 at the #1 party school in the US? I'm a Canes fan but I can't say anything bad about Tebow, he is a class act that this society should emulate.

Now, get ready for the U!

Well we all know Tim has never tasted (::cough::) alcohol since he's not 21. I'm think he's gonna close down the Dog tonight.

You go Tim. All is "forgiven"

he still breastfeeds and takes part w/circumcisions...

Breastfeeding? What's the problem? Silly Canes fans.


I breast fed till I was 14....I thought that was normal? By the way DrtyCane, you need to tell your mom that she needs to eat more sweets, it makes the milk sweeter.

Tebow is overrated. He will be exposed on 6 Sep.

Exposed to what, exactly? Italian Cane, are you breaking the news on Gator Clause that you're going to streak the field on Sept. 6? I'll make sure to pack my portable telescope.


Tell you what, goody. Take care of this poster on the CANE blog, and you won't hear from me again. We have to put up with more manure then any other school in the country.

your TEAm sucks

your COACH reallly sucks

your NON-EXISTENT stadium sucks

your FAN BASE sucks

your CONFERENCE sucks

your PANSY schedule sucks

your non -existent DEPTH CHART SUCKS

your D-LINE really sucks


Posted by: Canestool | August 15, 2008 at 08:37 AM

The guy obviously has issues. Just tell him to take his meds and leave it at that.


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