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Torrey Davis back at practice; John Brown underperforming; Tebow talks smack; PLUS ... The Patron Saint of running backs

GAINESVILLE -- Sophomore defensive tackle Torrey Davis attended his first practice on Monday, according to Florida's coaching staff.

Davis did not practice but defensive line coach Dan McCarney said that Davis will remain on scholarship while the coaching staff tries to "work him back into the program" and "back on the team."

Davis was unable to participate in preseason practice due to academic problems. He also recently appeared in court for driving with a suspended license. But, frankly, that has nothing to do with why he isn't on the team. See Tony Joiner: Arrested one day and starting against LSU another. No, Davis just can't get it done in the classroom.

Ever wonder why John Brown isn't competing for a playing time? McCarney said on Monday that Brown simply hasn't performed well in practice and is unreliable. He's also recovering from a broken bone in his hand. Of course, you don't need hands to play defensive tackle, just a will to out work your opponent. Brown, apparently, lacks the goods right now.

Well, not exactly. But he did say on Monday that it "wouldn't be bad" if he got to play Southern Methodist University on Saturday. SMU is coached by June Jones, the former Hawaii coach who called Tebow a system quarterback last year before the Heisman ceremony.

"I'm sure they have a great system there," Tebow said of SMU.

--Anyone other than me surprised that Jonathan Phillips beat out Caleb Sturgis for kicking duties this preseason? Not a good sign, if you ask me.

--Freshman defensive lineman Matt Patchan participated in contact drills for the first time on Monday and McCarney was impressed. Expect Patchan to see playing time against Hawaii.

Emmanuel Moody is listed as a reserve running back but if you read between the lines of Meyer's statements on Monday, then you'll realize that Moody will get his fair share of touches against Hawaii.

"[Moody] is a completely different player than he was last spring and he is ready to go out there and play college football. It has been a while. If you haven't gotten to know Emmanuel Moody yet, he is a high-character guy and he and his position coach are very close."

An interesting side note on Moody: He doesn't sign autographs like most athletes. Instead of writing his signature on a jersey or helmet or magazine or whatever, Moody writes "Jesus" and below that a cross and below the cross a "21." Imagine the surprise of some kid who gets a Gators autographed football for Christmas. Look, Mom! Jesus signed my football!



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Think you went overboard on the TJ situation. It wasn't that bad and the "victim" (a towing company) was completely unharmed. More towing companies should be treated that way.

At any rate, tough luck for Brown. The guy busts his butt in the classroom and now can't get it done on the field. It isn't the effort but the results b/c all reports are that the effort is there.

Joiner was supposed to be a team leader...a big theme this season for Meyer. Coincidence? I think not.

Brown was overrated out of high school.


I hope Jesus scores a lot of touchdowns this season for us. lol

Assuredly, Moody's autograph would be perceived a little differently if he played for Notre Dame. Touchdown, Jesus!


Moody has ambitions of being minister. Very religious dude

Davis' GPA must me lower than Tebow's circumcision/interception ratio (somewhere around 1 as far as I can tell) for them to let Ronnie Wilson back on the team first, even after he fired a gun in public and had a drug issue.

Explain how Brown was over-rated out of high school. I watched video of his games, and he was impressive against high level of competition, and without a great supporting cast on the line (i.e. double/triple teamed). Didn't he make some great plays against St. Thomas who always puts O-lineman into major D1 programs?

One of the reporters yesterday brought up how highly regarded Brown was in high school yesterday during the interview with D-line coach Dan McCarney. McCarney said he didn't care what Brown did in high school and that he wasn't good enough to be included in UF's two deep.

I think Brown's high school career is well documented. Especially on this blog, which oftentimes refers to the 2006 Class 5A state championship game as the "Greatest Game Ever Played In Dolphin Stadium." Brown made the game-winning stop at the goal line against St. Thomas Aquinas running back Jeremiah Harden and then Ahmad Black flew in from the secondary and finished off the play.


just report the facts badman. We don't need your spin on things. We gator fans are educated enough to interpret the facts you put out! I am sure you have never been privy to what made Urban decide one way or the other on Joiner and Urban has no obligation to tell you every little detail. Dont consider yourself an opinion columnist. You are just a hack making a living as a beat writer. Realize that you can be easily fired and replaced by another beat writer to factually report information that is available to every other beat writer all over the state.

Not only that (what Jack said) but if I'm not mistaken, Joiner did not start the next game after the incident even though he did play.

Joiner came in on the second drive. Let's not act like that was a really serious punishment. The term "captain" was taken from him but he was still a leader in the locker room.


I don't always agree with what Goodman writes, but I'm surprised at the level of your vitriol in attacking this guy. He posts daily updates on the team, soon after parctice in many cases. Tell me what other UF beat writer provides such timely reports on a daily basis. If the guy chooses to add his spin to get people to respond and foster discussion on the blog, that's his right. If you don't like it, find another Gator "hack" who gives free, daily updates and the opportunity to post about it. Your search will take a while, incidentally. I live in Tampa, 30 minutes from Lakeland. Lots of people will tell you Brown was a beast, but few will tell you it was not simply due to his physical prowess. Not very good technically, and prone to take plays off. When Brown decides he wants to learn and destroy on every play, he will quickly become a Sundays player.


Gumby asked me a question and I answered. McCarney thinks John Brown, for lack of a better word, is not very good right now. Every beat writer I know hates doing a blog. I like it. I get to interact with fans and talk football with fans on a daily basis. I can talk about things and write about things in the blog that can't get in the paper. Yeah, I got an opinion. This is MY blog. So deal. If you just want to read straight news, then read what I write in the newspaper every day. This is the blog where I can write things like SO SUE ME!


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