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Touching C.l. video tribute

This YouTube video was brought to our attention by loyal Gator Clause reader and insane Gators fan UF Peru...REMINDER: Don't forget to post a comment for C.I. on the Get-Well-Soon blog post. Here's a  direct link. CLICK ME! I'll be printing out everyone's comments this week and giving it to C.I. ...


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Nice tribute...I guess...Smarmy music. C.I. didn't expire. I feel like I should be sending condolence flowers somewhere. C.I. will rebound and cash considerable paychecks that he earns on sunday.

I felt the same way. Music could have been better. But still a nice gesture.


Nice Tribute, C.I. is a Great Young Man. I wish him a speedy recovery. I know he will do well at the next level. Tke your time. Heal well. Your'e in our prayers. KEEP THE FAITH.
Dr. AJ Murphy,

Yeah the music is a little sad, but i didn't make it just saw it and thought it would be a nice gesture to post it.

That video was made by ChrisLeakFan4Life, a frequent contributor on the GatorCountry.com message boards

I think it's just a season ending injury, not a career ending injury, so what I am saying is that I think he'll get a medical redshirt and play next season.


What about your son?


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