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Williams moves to safety; Another ACL injury

GAINESVILLE -- Florida coach Urban Meyer said on Tuesday that receiver Justin Williams has been moved to safety.

--Freshman safety T.J. Lawrence separated his shoulder during practice. He's not performing at safety as well as the coaches had hoped.

--Cornerback Joe Haden said that Williams looks like a natural at the safety position.

--All I know: Major Wright better not break another hand this season.

--Linebacker Brendan Beal tore his anterior-cruciate ligament, according to Meyer. Five Gators have now torn their ACLs (Beal, Jim Barrie, Dorian Munroe, Cornelius Ingram and John Curtis).

--Will Hill and Moses Jenkins both suffered concussions last week, according to Meyer.

--QB Tim Tebow's favorite target this spring has been Carl Moore. Of course, with Louis Murphy, Cornelius Ingram and Percy Harvin out, Tebow doesn't really have anyone left to throw to.

--Tebow compared Moore to former UF receiver Dallas Baker. Baker led the team in receptions in 2006.

--Freshmen Frankie Hammond Jr. (receiver/Hallandale) and running back Jeffrey Demps have joined the list of freshmen who have lost their helmet stripes. (For the record, defensive end William Green was the first.)



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lots of good things coming out from camp about Frankie Hammond. Has Meyer said if he expects him to see the field at all this year?

what's wrong are they eating something or drinking something that just makes there ligaments weak? The season hasn't even started and we are loosing players left and right!


Are ACL injuries caused by inadequate strength and conditioning or is it just a result of bad luck?

muscles grow, tendons do not

which is why non-contact ACL injuries are becoming more and more common (see Ronnie Brown last year). The muscles around the tendons are getting bigger and bigger but the tendon stays the same size

Nice post, James.


I addressed your question on another blog post. The Gators' strength and conditioning program is top notch. Meyer says bad luck.


Thank you James and Jo for your explanations about ACL injuries. Jo, I was unable to locate your response to my earlier post. However, after a second look I found it.

Your idea of longer warm-ups sounds like it might have some merit. But, you would have to think that with all of the expertise the Gator staff has, that someone would address this issue. We have not even started full contact and our players are dropping like flies. It must be very frustrating for Meyer.

5 ACL injuries??? That's ridiculous! Most college football teams don't have 5 ACL injuries all season let alone 1 week into practice. What the hell did Marotti do to those guys in the off season??? Did he run them through the weaken your ACL conditioning program?? This is unbelievable!

it happens

hell, USC just lost their starting QB to a knee injury doing simple warm ups. UGA just lost a starting OL to a knee injury.

This is football and football has traditionally been hard on the knees

I think we need to recruit less evolved players...the evolution of the knee and its ligaments is really kicking us in the arse

LMAO! "Now starting at left guard, Cro-Magnon Man."


Jo, that would make a great GEICO commercial - so easy a Gator can do it!

Is it 100% that Barrie had an ACL injury? I thought I read somewhere that it was just a dislocated knee.

Meyer said ACL.



I haven't heard anything from Deonte Thompson. He had a good spring. How is he doing in fall practices? He should be getting more reps with Harvin, Murphy, and CI out.

My bust I was thinking of Robey with the dislocated knee cap.


Have you ever seen a dislocated knee cap. Most disturbing.


I hate the gaytors more then you can imagine. Can't wait till we stomp all over your you.


You apparently hated your secondary education as well.


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