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AUDIO: Listen to WR Louis Murphy call out 'The U'

GAINESVILLE -- In Sunday's paper, Gator Clause and The Miami Herald was the first to bring you UF quarterback Tim Tebow's and receiver Louis Murphy's impressive display of proper pregame smack talk. For a link to that story CLICK ME!

Now Gator Clause is the first to bring to you the audio file of Murphy's diss on The U. Murphy says Florida is the real 'U.' CLICK THE PLAY BUTTON BELOW!

Produced and edited by Joseph Goodman, The Miami Herald

In today's Miami Herald, read how the Gators are preparing to crush the Canes in The Swamp.

Also in today's Miami Herald, the Miami Hurricanes set their sights on a Swamp battle (by Manny Navarro) and a history of the UF-UM series (by Jeff Shain).



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That has to infuriate the UM fans. Should be a fun game. Hopefully none of their players take off their helmets and start a fight...

I anticipate there will probably be a pre-game scuffle, if not something in the middle of the game. Definitely, there will many cheap shots within the game, but that will probably be from both teams. Let's see if the old "let's start a fight" Canes show up, of Shannon really has instilled some discipline.


Are you going to get a job at the National Inquirer after your internship at the Herald? Your always fishing for controversy...I just don't get it. I thought beat writers are supposed to cover a team and keep us informed, but all we see is scandal this and controversy that.

P***Y...they didnt recruit him cause he sucks

If he sucks I wonder what 95% of the current UM roster does? I dont think there is a Hurricane that could start for this Gator team. Ohhh wait, I bet Robert Marve would try out for center so he could get excited everytime Tebow touched him.

I'm excited for this game. Remember Gator fans they have a lot of guys on their roster we recruited to play for us, so you know they have speed & athleticism. This game will be a war and throw out the rankings in this rivalry game.


Do you have any connection to Gumby's Pizza in Gainesville?


I once ate an entire Gumby Dammit, but that was back in 1996...I hope the Pokey Sticks are still as greasy as when I was a student.

An entire Gumby in one sitting!?! Instant hero status.


Miami is the best we will beat da gators WHO?

MIAMI is da best and we r coming back and we r going to surprise the nation with the UPSET AGAINST DA GATORS WHO?


I think Strong is going to stack against the run and see if Marve can actually throw the ball. Similiar to what UCLA did to Vols. Stack for the run and blitz on passing plays and see if Marve can make quick decisions, being his first collegiate start. Personally, I think it will be recipe for success and I expect the Miami O to have little success. How the Gator offense plays against Miami D should worry Gator fans more. Our interior running game is not good, mostly due to the complexities of zone blocking for college kids to understand (sure the Denver Broncos run it well, but those are seasoned pros). Our outside running game Miami can match with their speed. I think Miami will blitz relentessly (see Auburn, Michigan last year). It will be a Cat and Mouse game of Mullen vs. Miami D Coordinator. We can only hope Mullen has some "blitz-counter" plays up his sleeve. Last year, we rarely ran RB screens, so I'm hoping Mullen has realized that will beat the blitz (and not shuffle passes or reverses to Harvin).


Excellent post.

You wrote:

"Last year, we rarely ran RB screens, so I'm hoping Mullen has realized that will beat the blitz (and not shuffle passes or reverses to Harvin)."

Excellent point. Make sure to read my article in Thursday's edition of MiamiHerald.com.


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