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Emails I get: UF's offense is inconsistent; Thoughts on late field goal

From time to time, Gator Clause publishes emails that come our way. Here's one that caught our attention ... (email in blue; To get an email published on Gator Clause you have to leave your name and your email must make sense.)

DeVontae Brooks of parts unknown writes:

Hey Jo,

That was a great game Saturday night and Miami's defense is very good already and will be great by the end of the season. Although I'm a big Gator fan, I always give respect when it is due and they have a [heck] of a team to build the future with. What's up with [Florida offensive coordinator] Dan Mullen he can call a good game sometimes and others times like Saturday look awful? He and [Florida coach] Urban Meyer need to quit all the cute [stuff] and not run every play out of the spread trying to get outside.

You would think they would learn that after so many years that it is OK to line up in the I-formation or a single-back formation and run it straight at people. This is why Florida will have problems recruiting 5-star backs because they are too [dang] prissy on their offense. I have no problem with them running the spread offense, but please try having the quarterback under center sometimes. Look at Oklahoma's success on offense over the years. I think they have the perfect offensive scheme because they always mix it up. It is painful to watch the Gators sometimes because they try to run around people a lot when sometimes you just need to knock the [heck] out of somebody and run right at them.

Sounded like you had a great weekend, though that podcast says it all for me. I know you had more than just some barbecue to get you sick. LOL! What did you think about Florida kicking that field goal on fourth down with a few minutes to go? Randy Shannon was [PO'd] about that and was out of his mind on the sideline. What else did he expect them to do? It is in the rules of the game and I didn't think too much of it. He barely shook Urban Meyer's hand. It wasn't like Georgia's celebration after they scored. He even made a comment about it on Sunday. Keep up the excellent work.


At first I thought UM coach Randy Shannon might have gotten caught up in the moment, but after he had a few hours to cool off he was still upset about Florida's late field goal. Here's what Shannon said in his Sunday press conference:

''I'll just say this one statement,'' Shannon said. "Sometimes when you do things, and people see what type of person you really are, you turn a lot of people off. Now, whatever you want to get out of that, I won't say it again. But it helped us. It helped us more than you'll ever know.''

Clearly, Shannon is drawing a line in the sand. He got beat and he is looking for something, anything, to take away from the game as leverage. (Of course, there's nothing wrong with that. Gotta do what you gotta do, right?) It should be noted that Meyer said repeatedly last week that Miami has the most talented team in the country. Some interpreted this to mean that Miami should be better, a shot at UM's coaching staff.

Personally, I could care less. It's a football game. You play football games to score points.



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Thank you, Jo. If Randy Shannon wanted to only play 58 minutes of football he probably should have let Urban Meyer and his team know that before hand. If Miami was ready to concede defeat than why let the supposed future of the program get beat on by Florida's D-line on their last possession when one slip could have cost him another season to injury. How about the Canes not let Brandon James return the ball to the 15 if they were so concerned about Florida trying to make them look bad. As the OBC once said it's not the head coach's job to stop his own team.

Randy Shannon is either grasping at straws or mildly retarded. May be a case of both now that I think about it. Did he not kick a FG versus TAMU last year with under 2 mins to play and up 21 points? Hmmm...

What would he have said had one of our RB's taken a handoff and scored a TD? Would that have been better or worse for him?!

Shannon...3 points of offense...spin it all you want but that is your real problem, not our late FG.

It's only a matter of time before Shannon's new nickname becomes "The Hypocrite", because EVERYONE knows the Canes take advantage of every opportunity they have to run up the score. They always have and they always will. That should be his nickname right now, since he just beat Charleston Southern 52-7 last week, but we'll go ahead and wait to anoint him. Right now he can stick with his current nickname, "The Crybaby".

hey gator alum keep being what you are a gay alum get as many NC as Miami and then talk....

Randy is a freakin loser.
Shut up and play football!!

Randy Shannon -- get very comfortable with the following words:

"Would you like fries with that?"

I would say "I can't wait for Shannon to run the score up on someone this season, so we can point out what a hypocrite he is". But Miami would have to have a game in-hand to run the score up on somebody. And then they'd have to be able to score on command. Seeing as how they tend to struggle with Duke, UNC, and FIU, I'm not quite sure I can still imagine a world in which the Canes have the ability to run the score up on a D-1 opponent. So I guess I see why they're bitter.

There was a minute left in the game and Florida ran the spread O on 1st down trying to score a TD, then tried to run on 2nd down for the TD then with under 30 seconds kicks a FG. Why? The correct thing to do would be kneel down. The Gators have a great team and a class act of a QB but I couldn't say that about the coach. I remember the Florida vs Georgia last year and I think that was a bull____ thing to do. As the 1st email stated, Miami has a great team that will only get better because recruits want to come there and play in a pro style O not the prissy gimmick O Florida runs. Enjoy the win and hope to see U in a bowl game.

Um, I don't know what game you were running, but Nix was running some bullsh*t mongrelization of the spread offense. It just sucked. No recruits want to play in a 3-point-per-game offense. It doesn't matter what style it is. But Miami doesn't even run a pro-style offense under Nix, so it's irrelevant.

God. Canes fans that don't even watch their own team. I guess that's the only way they could stay Canes fans...

Next...time to get ready for the Vols.

Randy Shannon is a hypocrite. After reading his comments I decided to check out the box score from the Miami-Charleston Southern game and I noticed that Miami scored a TD in the 4th with 2:33 left to make it 52-7. I know it wasn't the last possession but I guess a 38 point victory wasn't enough.

I think it's unfair to call him a hypocrite. He's a hypocrite without intent. He's just a moron. He sees reality through the tinted lens of a half-wit. To him, his friend did get shot in Gainesville. Or he died 4 years later of cancer. Whatever, same thing. He can't be bothered with this science stuff.

really, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAndy Shannon should not be coaching at a division 1 school but let the Canes keep him, hopefully for a very long time.

No one wants to play for that offense Miami has or furthermore for coaches who have no confidence in their players. They coached scared and coached not to win.

Go play for WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAndy Shannon for a year and then suffer under a new coach.

Who will be the next Canes coach in over his head?

Jonathan Vilma?

Mr. T. He embodies everything the University of Miami (Fla.) stands for.

cokecanes u r one f_ loser....get a life! the field goal covered the spread and the booster gators...coach shannon would have ran it up, because we are not ranked and we hate the gators. holy foley should man up and play miami every year....more excuses "The SEC is hard enough, we cannot afford another possible loss." hope miami plays u cowards in a bowl game...

Haha, since when is an SEC schedule an "excuse". It's a reason. And we already have annual games with FSU. You want to play us yearly? Join a real football conference -- the SEC. It's easy to talk smack about adding quality football programs when your toughest conference game is against Wake Forest. You play in a basketball conference. Half of Wake Forest's student body doesn't even know they have a football team.

Jesus, your conference's alleged #1 lost to the 6th best team in the SEC. Your conference's #2 lost to East Carolina. Not even Wake Forest or North Carolina or North Carolina State or Duke. East Carolina. The ACC should be outsourced. They've got to have some better football teams internationally.

the field goal was ok. but to run the no. 1 offense at that time in the game, and throw like uf did was uncalled for. first of all urban is an egomaniac. second hes just a jerk. shannon should just suck it up though. miami also had their second and third string in in those other games mentioned. as a cane ill be proud of our 6-1 record against the chicken gaytors who dropped us for montana state.or any one else that plays high school players. also remember, since the jerk took over, almost 20 gaytors have been in trouble. crooks live in small towns too.go canes-well meet again if you got the guts

DrtyCane, you lost get over it, I hope you enjoy being in the bottom half of the state right under fau and barley above fiu.

"or any one else that plays high school players"

said the fan of a team that just beat Charleston Southern (yes folks -- the southern section of a city. No, it's not their YMCA).

kyle smiley how many "pre-emails" did you get together since last time miami played the gators? tell me?? i wish the canes played in the sec..look at the championship yrs we had....schedules were just as difficult. ..notre dame, BC, FSU, UF (cakewalks)
you played Citadel last season, don't tell me sh_!?
no matter how u look at it pal...i wish there was a college playoff system cause you crocs wouldn't do d___....

What I don't understand is why doesn't Urban bother to develop your other QB's? I mean with Florida offense being so one dimensional. What are you going to do when you lose your leading rusher's Tim Tebow or Percy Harvin? I think that might be a glaring issue one of a few.

As far as whining goes I still hear gators whining about Mark Richt and the Dawgs dancing in the endzone. I also hear how classless it was of him to do that.

"no matter how u look at it pal...i wish there was a college playoff system cause you crocs wouldn't do d___...."

Except dominate Big 10, ACC, Big East, and Big 12 teams. But yeah, other than that, we wouldn't do d*ck.

DrtyCane, you lost get over it, I hope you enjoy being in the bottom half of the state right under fau and barley above fiu.

barely..a__clown learn how to spell. i am over the loss. coach shannon will rally the troops and recruit the pimps and thugs of dade and broward county for yrs to come and have no problem winning the ACC. URBAN AND BOBBY ARE NOT ALLOWED IN CAROL CITY NO LONGER!
after 2 championships and a billion sec titles in 100 yrs...you guys think that you are untouchable.....wrong pal.
fsu would beat the gators (and have)
va tech would beat the gators
clemson would beat the gators
so whats your point...you were at one time and for a LONG time the bottom feeders of SEC....

"As far as whining goes I still hear gators whining about Mark Richt and the Dawgs dancing in the endzone. I also hear how classless it was of him to do that."

Completely different. Don't be functionally retarded just because the Cane stereotype demands it. Georgia got flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct because of what they did. They could've started a brawl. Something like that NEVER happens. Running up the score with a late field goal happens multiple times every week and isn't against any rule in all of college football. You might as well compare dishonesty to murder -- "they're both wrong!"




"Posted by: DrtyCane | September 08, 2008 at 10:12 PM "

Lol. Is this guy for real? First of all, we know you recruit the pimps and thugs of Miami. That's why you're called Thug U and everyone in the country hates you. It's also why you guys trying to take the moral high ground on ANYTHING -- see: running up the score -- is hilariously ridiculous.

Second of all, the Gators have smacked FSU up multiple years in a row now. We beat them by like 30 points last year. At least they had the dignity to not whine about us running up the score on them, though. Bowden gave credit where credit is due.

And finally, Va Tech and Clemson are horrible. If you can't beat East Carolina or Bama, you can't beat Florida.

we have done what you have not YET...so don't act like you HAD pal.
2 championships in 100 yrs....and should of, could of had.......
Yea they would beat you....the way u looked at home this past weekend. Thug U lives on....
BTW another loss should have been vs. S.Carolina but Javaris Moss so happened to play and block a kick (FG or PAT) who cares....you homey are a luckylittle gatorboy...i have talked enough...
tell your little homeboys to stay off the cane blog and to get a life...

You call yourself drtycane and your telling me to learn how to spell? Dude are you and your homeboys from CC writing from a computer on the MDC campus?

Jo, I disagree with you. You don't play football to score points, you play to win. I don't care what he did, but with 23 seconds left, it just says that you aren't someone with great sportmanship. Game was over. Don't get me wrong, you play to win, but you are a leader and you teach your kids to win with class.

Are you 100 years old? Yeah, me neither. What happened 40 years ago doesn't matter to me. I'm 27. I started watching college football when I was 11. Know how many championships UM has won since then? One. Know how many UF has won since then? Two. Know how many Heisman winners UM has had since then? None. Torretta won it before I started watching. Know how many Heisman winners UF has had since then? Two. Know how many conference championships UM has won in their crappy Big East and ACC conferences since I started watching? 4. I'm not including their 3 "co-champions" bullsh*t. You're the champ or you're not. Otherwise I'd count UF's division championships, which is like 10. Know how many conference championships UF has won IN THE SEC, the best conference in college football, since I started watching? 6.

UF also has the longest streak in the nation of finishing the season ranked in the top 25 in the Coach's Poll by like 5 years. They've been FAR more successful than UM since I've been watching college football. So I don't really care what UM did before then. Kind of like I don't care how Princeton used to be a powerhouse. Take your tradition, use it for recruiting, enjoy it. But it don't mean sh*t to me as a rival fan.


You make a good point. I don't agree with the poor-sportsmanship idea, but you make a good point. Thanks. I think it's just gamesmanship. Just like this silly tiff between Shannon and Meyer. It's the game within the game. Meyer apparently likes playing that game, too.


dude, kyle, you are frikkin hilarious man. notice how the Gator fans are witty and bright while the canes are...well...canes.

from fatigues and fire extinguishers to crying about a late field goal...oh how the mighty have fallen

Haha, thanks dude. And yeah, there's a clear IQ threshold when you're a Cane fan. They don't value that book-learnin' much.

(Before some Cane fan bothers telling me about the selective Hurricane admissions department, let me remind you that none of the actual alum make up the Cane fan-base. Just the guys that get television privelages from 12:00 to 3:00 at the Miami-Dade Correctional Facility).

And seriously. I wasn't around for UM dominance, but at least I saw them when they were good enough to be a proud football program. Now they're whining about us leaving our starters in like they're Akron. And they're proud and encouraged by the fact that they "only" lost 26-3. Pathetic.

kyle what great cut and pasting you do from the internet with all your statistical shi*
...the gators are not winning another title for a long time....pal. you don't have the sack to do it anymore....let espn, kirk and lee hang from the nuts of the gators nd urban. the cfb nation knows your stock went down this past wknd..not because you beat a young talented miami hurricane team, but you were unable to dominate on both sides of the ball....at home, with a heisman trophy winner, with 90k people, at night in the swamp...blah blah blah....
jo u should take this greenhorn and put him to work....


I don't understand why you come over here and tell people to stay off the cane boards when you camp out over here. It was a great game and if Miami didn't want Florida at that end of the field kicking the field goal they should have stopped them earlier. The point is to score get over it. You should be proud of that young team and build off them instead of trying to tear UF's program and coaches down. You should be proud the state of Florida's football is strong and we are becoming national elite once more like 8 years ago. It's a rivalry it was hard fought and not move on.


I'm from Illinois also Northern Illinois Univ student, but always a gator.

"the cfb nation knows your stock went down this past wknd.." -drtycane,
Yet we still move up in the poles. By far the dumbest fans in the nation.

...there is no rivalry when you don't play a team every year.

because OSU almost lost at home to Ohio...

smartguy....with a cowardly name

Hey Kyle:

I love your subjective ass timeline. You're 27 and didn't start watching football until you were 11? What, mommy, or auntie (I don't know what you inbreds chose to call that figure of your family), didn't let you watch your Gators until Spurrier came along and right after a title by Miami? LOL. Its alright though, I guess, because you guys probably didn't have a TV in the trailer park, huh?

Well, I'm 25 and I've been watching football since I was 5, so I've seen my Canes whip that Gator ass 4 times to the one on your end. I've seen Brock freakin Berlin do the Gator chomp after coming back on the Gators from 30 down. I've seen 2 championships (out of the 5), to the Gators two (which btw I'll still put that 2000 non-championship Canes team against that last Gators championship team), I've seen 2 undefeated seasons, to the Gators none, and I've seen Canes dominating all over the NFL while the Gators consistently scrub it up.

I also remember the Ron Zook years, so please don't get so high and mighty.

And about the Thug U thing, check the police blotter, I think another Gator just got arrested. But don't worry, he'll start against Tennessee.

You can have all the Heisman's you want (I'm sure I can buy Eric Crouch's or Jason White's or Chris Weinke's online). Still doesn't change the fact that in Florida, since 1983, you guys will always have to make due playing second (or third) fiddle to the Canes.

ricky...nice work.

We don't have the "take a knee" formation in our playbook. Seems like Nix sure has it though. He can't even muster up 150 total yards...that's right, 79 yards passing and 61 rushing. Even Hawaii got almost 250 yards and 10 pts. Oh and, by the way, they were playing 3 quarterbacks with no experience.

You see, when you have nothing good to say about your teams performance, you start looking for moral victories and try to attack you opponent any way you can. Poor Randy has to resort to making things personal with Meyer because he knows his job is on the line this year. Maybe he'll pull a Coker and blame it on the coordinator.

It amazes me how Canes' fans continue to bring up the past to validate who they are in the present. Princeton, Harvard, and Yale dominated college football at one time. It's HISTORY. Florida beating Tennessee each year that Payton Manning was there was relevant because the current players had played those games. Winning the last 6, especially during the Zook years, doesn't mean anything now. Right now the Gators are dominant in college football. They, and specifically Tebow, dominate the 'face of college football' as much as USC. The 'Canes are a mediocre team in the present. They will compete in their weak conference and the Gators will compete for a title in their powerhouse conference. The Gators have had top 3 recruiting classes the past 3 years - the current players so it's all relevant. The 'Canes, under Shannon, are doing good in recruiting, but that may be like saying Zook was a good recruiter too. He was a bad coach with great athletes. The 'Canes defense was impressive Saturday, but their offense was pathetic. Marve looked poised, but the RBs couldn't do anything and the receivers dropped lots of balls.

If it makes you feel relevant to talk about past National Championships then have at it. I'm sure there are Nebraska fans still talking smack about the 'good old days' too. What is now is worth talking about. The Gators ARE contending for an SEC and National Title THIS year. Urban is laying a foundation to become the USC of the East Coast. Miami is the one trying to 'get there'!

It amazes me how Gators fans love to tell the Canes fans to stop looking at the past, but everyone of them will swear by his Spurrier visor and talk about 1996 and 2006 like the Canes haven't won anything in 50 years. Sorry, but the since the last time you guys were in a national title race, it can be argued the only player of significance that's still around is Percy Harvin. And good luck keeping him after this season. You guys were 9 and 4 last year even with the Heisman trophy winner. You guys just beat a team fielding 22 freshmen throughout the game and the win wasn't even that convincing. You guys have lost ground on the Canes and Seminoles in the in state recruiting battle. So please don't thumb your nose at Canes fans.

While I agree that the individual games or occurences of the past are not relevant to the present and that the Gators are a better team right now, the history and legacy of each and every college team definitely means something. Those 5 rings, the encyclopedia of NFL stars (current and past), the history of a winning tradition, it might not mean as much to fans (especially rival fans) it means something to recruits, which means something for the future.

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