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FINAL: UF 30, UT 6

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- Tennessee certainly helped UF today, giving the ball away twice on the goal line. Still, UF's defense played exceptionally well for the third-straight game and Florida quarterback Tim Tebow managed the game.

--Thoughts? I'll give you mine before I start writing for tomorrow's paper:

1. Emmanuel Moody led UF in rushing (55 yards). He should get more carries.

2. CB Janoris Jenkins should start next week.

3. Miami Herald correspondent Mike McCall spoke with UF linebacker Brandon Spikes as he walked off the field and this is what Spikes said: "They're not tough enough. They don't work as hard as us."

--Thoughts, anyone?



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The defense looks pretty stout to me. I didn't see them giving up much cheap yardage.

I hope Spikes does not talk trash and just play the game. Win/lose with class.

Spikes has the walk to go along with that talk...it isn't often that you see that.

I agree, Wondy has serious tackling issues. Maybe Jenkins gets a shot.

Moody looked good, got the yards even when they knew we were going to run.

Tebow is doing his thing...but i wished he would have handed the ball off on some of those runs...Harvin looked like he had some room on a few but Tebow kept it...I guess he saw something from the D that I didn't. It's hard to see in real time I will have to rewatch the game.

Well, we sure have great special teams and a pretty good defense! Is that what we want to say after a big win? I can't believe the play calling. Again, why can't we get our speed guys out in open space and let them work? Why can't we at least throw a couple of post patterns way down the field and loosen up the defense? Why can't we throw a quick crossing route to the tight end or even the wideouts? Why can't our offensive line BLOCK! I thought they were going to be one of the strengths of this team and they are lousy! We need lots of work. If we barely beat Tennessee with all their mistakes we better get busy!

A couple of questions for Jo:

Do you think that the Gators are holding off some of the offensive schemes/plays so they can surprise LSU and the dawgs? I just can't believe how plain vanilla our offense has become.

Also, do you think that, despite Brandon James small frame, he can make it to the pros? What a waste of talent if he can't go to the next level.

Also, do you think that, despite Brandon James small frame, he can make it to the pros? What a waste of talent if he can't go to the next level.

Posted by: GuamGator | September 21, 2008 at 10:48 AM

hows jesse palmer doing with that.. lol

what about rex grossman lmao!!!!!!!!!!!

wheres cris leak nowadays lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chad jackson did any one pick him up yet. lol!!! i dont think so

i wouldint hold my breath with little man BJ


Can you grow some man parts and ask Urban Meyer why he has Tebow (who is the most important college player on any team) in the game late in the 4th when the game is decided?

Maybe also ask him about Percy Harvin who is still not 100 percent (6 touches in Miami game, 8 in Tennessee) why he is on the punt team? Would he want Harvin to get hurt on a special teams play? Maybe throw Rainey or Demps back there but not Harvin?

Ask him about which WR is ready to step up and take over Cooper's spot? Thompson, Moore, a freshman? Cooper has one pattern, a fly, and he does well against weak competition he can run by but not against the top teams. Cant anyone take his spot out of all the WRs?

Can you grow some man parts and ask Urban Meyer why he has Tebow (who is the most important college player on any team) in the game late in the 4th when the game is decided?

ubran lier is CLASSLESS What do u expect. The GAYTURDS sold their soul to the devil when they signed ubran crier

I don't know how a 9-4 team thinks they are the cream of the crop. lol you guys make me laugh. every body sayin miami could of beat yall! you guys suck. Man it feels good to be defending champs. GAYTURDS = LOSERS


Is your name an ode to the LSU past time of paying their players?

no but we are mmmmmmuuullllaaaaaaaaaaaa$$$$$$$ money baby but u should know that already seeing how we just want the national championship and the gayturds went 9-4 with a hiesman trophy winner and couldn't beat a michigan team that lost to who???? i forgot

Gators Daddy!


Cant wait for the UF/LSU game. You corndog-eating morons will be emptying out of the stadium in the 3rd quarter so you can get home in time to watch "My Redneck Wedding". You think your QB was seeing stars on Saturday? Just wait until Spikes lays the wood on that scrub.

My Redneck Wedding? That's airing right now in Gainseville aka Hickville. Spikes will only be laying wood on the bench.

Our QB saw stars but still passed the ball, how about your running up the middle QB who tried to throw the ball like 16 times?

Florida's O has been figured out and now the passing game won't work!!!!!

LSU Who = Canesrule

Hey bucko. You're almost as uninformed about LSU as you are about Miami.


I do think Florida's offense is holding back. Why show your complete hand if you're already up 17-0 in the second quarter against a terrible team. Tennessee was an absolute joke, by the way.

Can Bradon James be a productive pro? Several playes in the NFL have made careers out of returning kicks. Why not James?


Ligthen up, bro. Tebow was in the game at the end but he was just handing it off. It's not like he was in any danger. Cameron Newton had a spained ankle.

Also, Riley Cooper is Florida's best blocking receiver. That should fact should not be overlooked.


Didn't see the game but was wondering what happened to the O? They were this high powered spread now Tebow is only passing 16 times?
Maybe they are holding back? I think they are trying to establish the run, but they are going to have problems doing this in the spread.

Brandon James is like 5 4 and 145lbs, not sure if he could even make it as a kick returner. I'm trying to compare him to other pro's but there are non his size?

TXCane, not a thing you said om that post was either accurate or sensical.

First, Florida averaged 200+ yards per game on the ground last year and were second only to the McFadden/Jones Razorbacks in the SEC.

Second, James is 5'7" and 187 pounds. He will be just fine.

As for Tebow, we were ahead by 3 touchdowns 4 minutes into the 2nd quarter after only 3 offensive possessions to that point. Why would he be throwing?

Cokecanes, (love the drug reference, it's fitting)

How about tending to your own team. Ours is just fine. Grow a set and tell RS to quit being a whiney baby.

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