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GameDay is here! And meet Senator Ahmad

GAINESVILLE -- ESPN GameDay in da' house! I snapped this picture a few minutes ago after listening to UF coach Urban Meyer address the press one last time before Saturday.

No Lee Corso sighting on Thursday afternoon.

Ahmad Black calls himself The Senator. Click the play button.

Girls, nice coconuts.

Check back tomorrow for THE ULTIMATE PREVIEW!



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Thankfully those girls are wearing shirts under their coconuts...not our finest talent just sayin.

Where exactly on campus is this located. I cannot exactly tell by this picture.

-jo- your prediction sucks, Go Gators

Miami Gator,

ESPN GameDay is setting up right in front of the stadium on University Blvd. That's the stadium in the back ground.

Go Gators,

Check the blog from last week. My prediction for UF-Hawaii was pretty close.


Those are my sisters, bro.


Nice post Jo. And though player comment bytes usually bore me to tears, Ahmad's comments were actually enjoyable. One of those rare moments when an athlete is candid and something listenable ensues.

I listened to you take the "Senator" and run with it. Hopefully that name sticks for the right reasons. Excellent work honorable purveyor of thy KrispyKreme. . We're alway on board with dubbing someone with the perfect nickname.

If Ahmad Black doesn't produce, he'll be the butt end of a nickname and all the yukkin it up gets hushed. I had great concerns about his skill this summer. The honorable representative of The University of Florida is speaking with great confidence right now. Let's hope his play is all that.

Who's the babe at the presser? I think I could get up wit her.

No Jay, the talent in the pic is not all conference, but the two gator clad breathlessly hot girls that walked by me at the express checkout in Publix last night were truly sent from the hand of god. When they're twenty two years old AND have bolt-ons? It's just amazing.

You're beautiful Gator Nation.

In truth, I've got no clue who they are. Just asked them if they wanted to take a picture for my blog.


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