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Grothe, not Tebow, on my All-Florida ballot

GAINESVILLE -- The Miami Herald's college football writers will pick an All-Florida team after the bowl games. Here's my ballot through four weeks.

QB: Matt Grothe, USF
RB: Graig Cooper, Miami
RB: Phillip Sylvester, Florida A&M
OT: Jason Watkins, Florida
OT: Jason Fox, Miami
OG: Matt Huners, USF
OG: Rodney Hudson, FSU
C: Maurkice Pouncey, Florida
TE: Jamari Grant, FAU
WR: Taurus Johnson, USF
WR: Percy Harvin, Florida

DE: Carlos Dunlap, Florida
DE: George Selvie, USF
DT: Antonio Dixon, Miami
DT: Lawrence Marsh, Florida
SLB: Tyrone McKenzie, USF
MLB: Brandon Spikes, Florida
WLB: Colin McCarthy, Miami
CB: Joe Haden, Florida
CB: Tony Carter, FSU
SS: Myron Rolle, FSU
FS: Nate Allen, USF

Punter: Chas Henry, Florida
Kicker: Maikon Bonani, USF
Kick return: Brandon James, Florida

Here's the team-by-team breakdown: Florida (9), USF (7), Miami (4), FSU (3), FAU (1), Florida A&M (1)



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Nice list, you know in another season or two South Florida will always be mentioned with FLA, FSU and Miami. I'm a Gator fan but I have to admit they are building a great program.

Thanks again for the list that is cool. You should do an updated version during the mid-season and at the end of the season.

Good stuff

Will update my ballot every four games. The Herald did this last season and we really got a lot of great feedback from fans and team around the state.

Always open to opinions and suggestions that could sway my ballot...


Grothe over Tebow is ridiculous. Don't be controversial just for the sake of being controversial. Under no circumstance is USF better with Grothe than they would be with Tebow; nor is Florida worse off with Tebow than they would be with Grothe. All of us rational humans (hopefully you included) know this. So the concept of putting Grothe over Tebow, regardless of statistics through 3 games, is patently absurd.

Also ridiculous: Nate Allen over Major Wright.

Oh, and basically every RB on the Gators and Canes mashes Phillip Sylvester, and Aaron Hernandez has got it all over Jamari Grant. But I understand throwing a bone to FAU and Florida A&M.

Since you have Grothe over Tebow which is obviously done to be controversial, why not throw in Riley Cooper into the starting WR slot. The dude can run a mean fly pattern against teams like Western Kentucky and is one heck of a blocker. Maybe put him on the OL all state team?

Im messin with you Jo. Just tryin to have some fun.

dunlap over jermaine cunningham?

--Grothe led a comeback against Kansas (a very good team) and beat Central Florida in overtime. The kid is having a great year.

--Dunlap over Cunningham, yes. No offense to Cunningham but Dunlap has made just as many plays as any defensive end (besides Selvie) in the state: sacks, pass deflections, fumble recoveries, etc. The guy is a beast.


Did you do this like the MLB All-Star Game? IE having at least one player from every major college football team in the state? I guess not, since FIU has no players on the team.

But if that's not the case, I fail to see how any player on FAMU or FAU could be considered better than their counterparts on the Gators, Canes, Noles, Bulls, and Knights.

Myron Rolle? Why?

He leads FSU in solo tackles. Speaking of FSU, we'll have to keep an eye on defensive end Everette Brown in the next few games. Right now he's the mostly likely candidate to bump someone on the All-Florida team.


i guess u didnt see grothe stuggle against mighty FIU last week!!!

184 yards of total offense for Grothe against FIU. Not bad. It was a big day for the Golden Panthers.


No possibility Grothe is all anything over Tebow

Cute list.

Not a bad list... You seem to put Grothe over Tebow based on stats and play but not reputation, which I can respect; however Percin Harvin has a total of 120 yds and 2 TDs this year, there has to be a more productive WR in Florida so far (even though I'm not willing to look it up lol).

Percy is also lining up in the backfield, so that had to count for something. At the end of the season, we'll have an ATHLETE category, or something. Although, Brandon James probably should be the All-Florida athlete through four weeks. Probably going to have to find a way to put him on the team.


I have to admit both grothe and tebow are average and won't make it to the next level. but they are sure fun to watch. however usf schedule so far unimpressive except ku

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