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It's going to be closer than you think ...

FIRST, your daily UF-related links in sports section of The Miami Herald...
LINK: Ex-Aquinas star gets rare start against his boyhood team
LINK: Marve has UF football in the dark
LINK: UM defense not afraid
LINK: UM players expect taunts from UF fans

GAINESVILLE -- Here's a reassuring fact for Gators fans: Since Florida coach Urban Meyer took over the helm in Hogtown, he has never lost to an instate rival, 5-0. On the other hand, Florida hasn't beaten Miami since 1985. The Gators have lost six straight to the Canes since then.

At least one thing is for sure on the eve of this important rivalry game, one of those streaks will be broken.

And don't think for a second that this rivalry has lost luster because it's not played every year. Actually, it seems like quite the opposite is true. UF-UM is kind of like anticipating the World Cup or the Olympics. It only happens once every four years or so.

According to Rivals.com, more than 30 recruits are traveling to Gainesville on Saturday for this rivalry game. Many of those players are from South Florida. Florida's new $28 million Gateway of Champions is in place to wow those recruits. The Gators are ranked No.5 in country and are favored to beat Miami by three touchdowns. If ever there was a year the Gators could make a major dent in recruiting Miami-Dade County, then this seems like the year.

Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas features four players in this rivalry game: From Uf, safety Major Wright and offensive lineman Marcus Gilbert.  From UM, safety Anthony Reddick and receiver Leonard Hankerson. Reddick, a senior, was a mentor to Wright, a sophomore, when Wright transferred from Tallahassee Godby to St. Thomas his sophomore year.

What's more Wright and Hankerson, a sophomore, are very good friends. The two buddies carpooled to high school together and hung out together on the weekends and summers while in high school.

Wait ... there's more. Gilbert, a redshirt sophomore, is very good friends with Reddick. Reddick grew up behind Gilbert's grandmother's house and, according to Gilbert's older sister, Reddick basically taught Gilbert how to play football when the two were young.

Did anyone watch Vandy vs. South Carolina last night? Stunning. (By the way, Vandy has the best uniforms in the Southeastern Conference.)

There isn't much of a connection here other than UM redshirt freshman quarterback Robert Marve broke all of Tim Tebow's high school records one year after Tebow graduated from Ponte Vedra Beach Nease. Tebow chuckled and then looked like he wanted to rip out my throat when I reminded him of this fact earlier in the week.

While Tebow was busy winning the Heisman Trophy last season, Marve was recovering from surgery to his left (non-throwing) wrist and also getting in trouble with the Coral Gables police for breaking a car's mirror (girl problems). We bring up the surgery and Marve's run-in with Johnny Law to remind everyone why Saturday is the first start of Marve's career. UM coach Randy Shannon suspended Marve for the Canes season opener because of the mirror thing. Now Marve is starting the first game of his career in The Swamp against the No.5 team in the country. Talk about trial by fire.

Florida played some three-linemen sets in the season opener against Hawaii. Don't expect that hybrid stuff on Saturday against The U. Miami's running backs, Javarris James and Graig Cooper, are both talented football players and Miami's offensive line is a formidable. This will be the first test of the season for Florida's defense. The Gators looked great last week against Hawaii (six turnovers) but, let's face it, Hawaii was absolutely terrible.

Stopping Miami's running attack is all Florida needs to do to win this game. I'll repeat that: Stopping Miami's running attack is all Florida needs to do to win this game. Florida will force Marve to throw. That's the plan.

I posted this yesterday. UF 31, Miami 28. A Miami defensive touchdown here, a UF fumble there and this ball game goes undecided until the fourth quarter. Good thing the Gators have that guy named Tim Tebow. Leadership and one year of starting experience pays off for Tebow against the Canes.

Just to remind everyone why we love rivalry games, we'll post the infamous Louis Murphy-dissing-The-U audio file one last time. Everyone has been talking about it, and this is the only place in the world you can listen to it. AND IT'S FOR FREE!

Produced and edited by Joseph Goodman of The Miami Herald 

Check back tomorrow for the PREGAME PODCAST! Me and my buddy Manny Navarro (UM beat writer) will preview Gators vs. Canes with our first co-podcast since we both covered high schools together in South Florida.



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"U" (what a stupid logo) 10

Also, all you good Garors, say goodbye to these ridiculous "canes" that are posting on our site. They will be gone by late Saturday night, licking their wounds!

Headline in the USA Today, on Sunday morning. "Canes upset the gator in the swamp"

Headline in the USA Today, on Sunday morning. "Canes upset the gator in the swamp"

Headline in the USA Today, on Sunday morning. "Canes upset the gator in the swamp"

Headline in the USA Today, on Sunday morning. "Canes upset the gator in the swamp"

DuhU's guys will be reeling trying to adjust to playing at this speed. It all comes a lot faster than high school, which is all many of their playing time team members have. This thing isn't even close.

I still can't believe goody is predicting a THREE POINT game. C'mon. You should head to Vegas with those sandbagging skills.

UM 6
UF 52

How can you predict a game when you haven't seen either team play a capable opponent?

"U" (what a stupid logo)? Are you stupid? It's the most recognized logo in college sports.

Recruits: Did you happen to watch the pro game last night? 6 Starters on the field attended the U, no Florida players!

U go pro!

F won't make dough!

Just ask Tebow, the best QB in Florida history that won't even be a top pick in the pro's.

Here is a prediction for the Gators season:

vs Hawaii (W, obviously)
vs Miami (L)
at Tennessee (L)
vs Mississippi (W)
at Arkansas (W)
vs LSU (W)
vs Kentucky (W)
vs Georgia (L)
at Vanderbilt (L)
vs South Carolina (W)
vs Citadel (W)
at FSU (W)

Bowl game vs Illinois (L)
Finish the season 8-5
Urban Meyer offers a recruit's mother a gymnastics scholarship, gets caught and nothing is done about it. Matt Patchan goes postal on the UF campus following in Ronnie Wilson's footsteps and will start on defense in '09. Tebow goes pro in '09 and releases swimsuit calendar for all his male fans, gets drafted by the San Francisco 49ers. He turns down a party offer from Playboy for a Playgirl party where he meets his future life partner.
Florida buys out Miami for the remaining games on the contract.

i love how all the cane fans know how to do is bash tebow about his good heart and how he rather do good because thats what he believes in ... God forbid that someone do something good for the world ... There are things called morals and values and those happen to be high on his priority list. the funny thing is that tebow can probably get more girls in one night than you can in 3 lifetimes. just because hes not your typical UM thug doesnt mean that you have to bash the BEST PLAYER IN THE COUNTRY ... all the cane fans are just a bunch of tebow haters but tebow is going to go 18 for 24 with 240 pass yards and 3 touchdowns all passing ... mark my words

Great write-up... Most Gator fans I know are oblivious to the real intricacies of football and have a Gators are god mentality. UF is up, Miami is down, but this will not be a blowout. I truly think Miami has a legitimate chance in this one, even though UF should and most likely will win this game. Miami has nothing to lose and the world to gain, while UF it's completely opposite; that's a powerful scenario in a rivalry. I think UF wins by 2 TDs even though it's close most of the game; however, Miami in 2010 could easily be the most talented team in the country, ready for revenge. Here's to a good game, I can't wait.

Weather Forecast for Saturday Night in Gainesville:
Miami Hurricane downgraded to tropical depression.
Talk it all out Canes, embrace all you titles ( only 1 in last 17 seasons) 6 straight wins over Florida, yada, yada, yada, Live it up today and some tomorrow because on Saturday night none of that will help you. Miami and their high-school quarterback are going down and going down hard.

I would have liked to have seen Miami play a team other than Charleston Southern last week, perhaps a decent non-major school so we could really tell how good they are. Miami right now thinks they are better than they are because they ran by a bunch of slow sub-division players. Miami has impressive athletes on their team, but the speed of the game is going to catch them off guard. I see this game getting ugly early while Miami adjusts to how fast things are coming at them. By the time the adjustment is made it will be too late.

what are you saying that we are oblivious? i bet i know more about the canes than you do. all you retards know how to do is throw up the STUPID U (the stupidest sign in college football b/c every school that has the word "university" attached to it can technically throw it up so way to be original)and talk about how you guys won 5 championships while playing in the BIG EASY. and the GATORS want to beat the canes so bad that they have just as much to lose. the canes have a lot to lose as well with all the pressur to beat the canes for the 7th time in a row. i think cane fans are the ones that are oblivious. all you have to do is walk through the crowds. ive had UM season tickets be4 just cuz i love football and sitting up there in the general admission was a JOKE. little havana and little haiti FLOCK to these games. the canes games are just full of TRASH PEOPLE. on the other hand, you go to a game in the swamp and you have tons of rowdy student and tons of class. so we get the best of both worlds. Gators 42 Canes 10

So...this is the weekend we Ibis on U.

Oh you silly Gayturds...when will you stop calling miami thugU...when was the last time a miami player took a deal or was in trouble with the law.When was the last time we had a shady coach like you guys have now...hmmmm.U have to go all the way back to Erickson.Get a life ya bunch of jort wearin t baggers.Btw, i do respect Tebow and what he's all about-except that when he speaks it sounds like his dad helped him rehearse the answer(try to really listen to him talk-it's a lil awkward).And yes you guys are fast,but so are we. We just have the youngest team in the country.So i really do feel sorry for you if U get beat by a bunch of 18 year olds.Get ur lickens in now while ya can,cuz it'll be the last time U even have a chance-peace!

I TXCane admit to being a sissie boy. Please do not be mad at me, because I love the U. I am all about the U. I love the U. I eat Jerk Chicken to the U....I.....I...love the U.....I am going to cry...I love the U so much!

TXCane above, U got that correct, I love the U. I love Jerk Chicken when watching the U beat the go no pro gators. I might cry because not only will the U win I will win much much money!

Who gives a sh*t about the University of Miami (Fla.)? They were 5-7 last year and lost to North Carolina. Hopefully we don't sustain any major injuries. Other than that, I'm not in the least bit concerned about this game.

Also, Jo: I'll give you 7 points and Miami in a $100 bet. However you want to organize it so you're not afraid you're going to get screwed, I'll do it. Paypal, whatever. So how confident are you in your prediction? Are you just playing to the home crowd as usual, or do you actually believe this is going to be a tight game? Not interested in hearing a puss rationalization or explanation to get out of the bet. Just a yes or no. And if it's no, please include "because I'm a homer trying to get readership in a heavily pro-Cane area". Thanks.

•Since 1985, the The Miami Hurricanes have gone 196-6 (97%) in regular-season games in which they held a lead entering the fourth quarter
•The University Of Miami has earned the designation of 'Quarterback U' as a result of the football program turning out a number of high-profile quarterback prospects in succession, including Jim Kelly, Bernie Kosar, Vinny Testaverde, Steve Walsh, Craig Erickson, Gino Torretta, and Ken Dorsey.
As of the 2006 season, the University of Miami has more of its alumni on active NFL rosters than any other college or university in the nation.
•The University Of Miami Hurricanes currently have 54 players in the NFL


the University Of Miami Hurricanes hold the edge with their Rival, University Of Florida Gators, 28-25
The University Of Miami Hurricanes and Florida State Universities 1988 game starred an unbelievable 57 future NFL pros on the combined rosters.
The University Of Miami Hurricane and Florida State Universities rivalry is a television ratings bonanza, having accounted for the two highest rated college football, regular season or bowl game telecasts in ESPN history
•The University Of Miami Hurricanes smoke screen entrance was originally developed in 1950 by school transportation director Bob Nalette. It has since been copied by many NFL and college teams

•The University Of Miami Hurricanes own the record for the longest home winning streak in NCAA history, winning 58 straight games at the Orange Bowl.
•The University of Miami Hurricanes are one of two universities to snap four opponents' win streaks of 20 games or more in its history. The other is Princeton
•The University Of Miami Hurricanes have had 39 consecutive regular season wins (2000-2003)
•The University Of Miami Hurricanes went 188 Consecutive Games without being shut out: (1979-94)
•The University Of Miami Hurricanes set an NFL Draft Record for the most players drafted in the first round in a single year with 6 in 2004
•The University Of Miami Hurricanes have the record for the most first-round draft picks in a two-year period with 11 from 2003-2004
•The University Of Miami Hurricanes have the record for the most first-round draft picks in a three-year period with 15 from 2002-2004
•The University Of Miami Hurricanes have the record for the most first-round picks in a four-year period with 19 from 2001-2004
=During the the past 14 years, the University of Miami Hurricanes have had at least one player selected in the first round of the NFL draft. This is the longest record in NFL draft history

^^^^Now thats some good stuff right there.. you Gayturds want so badly to be like the U.... one losing season (last years debacle) didn't make us or break us. we our back now not tomorrow but now.. lol see U guys tomorrow night..

"The University of Miami Hurricanes are one of two universities to snap four opponents' win streaks of 20 games or more in its history. The other is Princeton"

Lol. Exactly. The University of Miami (Fla.) -- the new Princeton of college football. Enjoy those glory days. Break out the VHS recordings. Because they're gone, pal. And they aren't coming back. You're the third best team in the state, and you better look out for USF.

Erm, UF wants to be like Miami? Why, exactly? Is it the humiliating affiliation with criminals and thugs? Is it the terrible fan-base? Is it the rented-out pro stadium? The bad coaches? The 5-7 seasons? The fact that you peaked in the 80s? The fact that even as a small, expensive private school in a major metropolitan area you still can't match the academics at UF? The fact that you've won 1 (one) national championship in the past 17 years? The fact that you play in the worst major BCS football conference?

I'm just trying to know exactly what it is I'm supposed to be jealous of in the year 2008. Once you let me know, I'll get on it ASAP.

The fact that you've won 1 (one) national championship in the past 17 years?

lol ok so u got me there and the gayturds have won 2 in the last 100 YEARS... lol u making my point for me...you dont know where u going unless u know where U came from and we got 5 enough to fill up a hand head on UM28 uf 25 lol losers lol........... facts not fiction like this guy name says men lie women lie stats dont... and how is jessie palmer doing with his tv career... GAYTURDS cant cut it in the nfl... spread offense is for teams without athletes...lol we run pro style which hepls are kids GET to the next level (NFL)but more importantly STAY THERE.. hows rex grossman doin these days lol..........

you guys have not a one single undefeated season. not one in your whole existence... but hey tim tebow does help circumsize little phillapeno boys lol... my brother is a little sick to U think tebow can come down here to heal em... tim tebow the next coming of Christ...


Some children really should be left behind.

Wait! I am confused. Are we bringing back all of our players that made it to the NFL to play this game? I was under the impression that this was Northwestern High vs The Florida Gators. If it's the NFL players then Miami should win this hands down. Those Miami teams of OLD put out some impressive players. Oh wait! I just saw on Sportscenter that the current college players are going to play. That changes everything... Miami is just a little less awful then they were a year ago. Go Gators!

The Canes will consider this game a victory if the Gators beat them by less than 50 points. That Virginia game last year, the forty something to nothing game at the last game ever at the OB, the Canes fans chalked that up as a win.

Wait! I am confused. Are we bringing back all of our players that made it to the NFL to play this game?


UM 28
UF 25



UF 26

Man i think these canes our starting to make sense to me. Man i got to stop sending Tim Tebow naked pictures of me. Woow how could i let him fool me into falling in love with him. im not gay and the gators cant win this game.

TTSaveMe, glad you got that post off before moms tucked you into bed. No worries about getting served in the Swamp tomorrow night. You can always find comfort in your Randy Shannon body pillow. Made with memory foam, it even remembers last year's blow out defeats like they happened yesterday.

Josephine, are you going to pull the plug on this weak excuse for a blog when the Canes (your team) get humiliated? If not, perhaps you can change the blog name to Sour Grapes w/ Josephine Goodman, sponsored by Tampax.

FYI to all U recruits! You get to the pros and get paid when you join the U.

ESPN Headline: Texans, OT Winston agree on 5-year, $30M extension

Another Miami player getting paid!

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