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Percy breaks his silence...no kidding, we've posted the entire audio file just to prove it

GAINESVILLE -- Florida receiver Percy Harvin spoke with reporters today, something that hasn't happened since 1983. (No one really actually remembers. 1983 is just a guess.) I know, I know. Prove it, you say. OK...CLICK THE PLAY BUTTON BELOW! 

Percy Harvin speaks on Sept. 2, 2008 A.D.

(In a related story, white smoke was seen billowing from the Vatican ... I mean Gateway of Champions.)

Here are some of the highlights from Percy's chat:

1. Percy says he has participated in full contact drills for two days (Monday and Tuesday).
2. He's not sure if he'll play on Saturday but if he keeps progressing then he likely will.
3. Percy has a few aches and pains "but nothing significant."
4. Percy wanted to play against Hawaii but Florida coach Urban Meyer said no.
5. Percy weighs 202 pounds.
6. Percy says there were no setbacks with his rehabilitation. He wasn't cleared to begin running at full speed until mid August.
7. "If I had to redo it all over, I would do it the same way," Harvin said. [Wonder if NFL general managers will feel the same way come April?]
8. Doctors drilled holes in Percy's heel and shaved off some bone. "It was pretty nasty," Harvin said.
9. Percy says "maybe" he would have liked to have the surgery sooner. [Yeah, like in high school.]

--Meyer said on Tuesday that Harvin still isn't back to his old self but is a dynamic player nonetheless.

--Meyer said sophomore tight end Aaron Hernandez was "full go" during practice on Tuesday. No word if Hernandez is playing on Saturday. Meyer told me on Monday that redshirt senior tight end Tate Casey will start in some packages. [I asked Meyer about Casey because, on Sunday, Meyer didn't want to talk about Hernandez.]

--LB Ryan Stamper (broken thumb) and OG Jim Tartt (shoulder) remain questionable for Saturday's game.



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Harvin isn't the only one breaking his silence.......

“Are they going to be able to match up with our defense?” - Canes safety Anthony Reddick

“I think we have as many playmakers as they do” - Reddick

“He (Tebow) may have done that to other teams, but I’m confident we’ll stop him.” - Canes DT Antonio Dixon

“If he (Tebow) wants to run up in there, it’ll be fun to see what happens. He’s a tough kid. Maybe he’ll be able to handle it.” - Canes middle linebacker Glenn Cook

Since when didn't the canes talk smack?

What's going on with Hernandez? If he's suspended, why don't they announce it? Also, I think Kestahn Moore should sit. Nice guy but not good enough to take carries from the speed merchants we have.

Meyer said that Hernandez "wasn't ready" to play last week. That's pretty vague and Meyer wouldn't clarify much, only saying that he never announced that Hernandez was suspended. Meyer said on Tuesday that Hernandez was "full go" in practice, so it seems like he's going to play this week. Meyer also said that reserve tight end Tate Casey will play in some packages. Some is not all. So, again, I'm guessing Hernandez plays.

As for K-Mo ... we all know Meyer has a man crush for Kestahn Moore because of Moore's tireless work ethic and his dedication to the team. Moore will get his carries. I, for one, think Moore is a viable option as long as he can hang onto the ball. He averaged 5.6 yards per carry last season. The real unknown is E-Mo, Emmanuel Moody. When is this guy going to show up?


Best quote of the interview: "I'm calling timeout if I'm the coach" How true that is! Let's just hope all the playmakers can become consisent, every down players that it takes to win the SEC.


That was Percy's response to my question of the interview. [Yes, I'm a low talker.] You're right, great quote! I'm using it right now in a story I'm writing for tomorrow's paper.


Whoops, just listened to the tape again. I asked Percy the question right after that.


I smell fear in this chat room!

I smell fear in this chat room!

Just your own upper lip main vein cane...

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