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Percy Harvin clarifies his position; Hernandez plays coy; Meyer bites my head off

FIRST, UF-related links in today's sports section of The Miami Herald:
UF's Harvin fully healthy for SEC opener
LINK: UF's Moody speaks about lack of playing time

GAINESVILLE -- One of the most interesting things from Monday's interview with UF receiver Percy Harvin that didn't make the newspaper was Harvin's clarification of his position. Harvin is listed as a "slash" player on the Gators' official roster (RB/WR), but Harvin told me on Monday that he still considers himself a receiver.

Harvin had five carries and one catch against Miami. Thoughts?

When asked on Monday if he was getting annoyed with Rocky Top, UF tight end Aaron Hernandez said, "Who's Rocky Top?"

Come on, Aaron. We know you don't like giving credit to an opponent for anything but at least act like you know Tennessee has a very famous fight song entitled Rocky Top. As is the custom every year, Florida's football support staff is blaring Tennessee's fight song inside the Gators' football facility all week.

"They play Rocky Top probably 100 million times before we play the game," UF cornerback Joe Haden said. "The whole week that's all that's on and we just listen to that song. When we get there, I'll know the song by heart. I'll probably start singing."

Can we have a little perspective, people? Several media outlets are covering the story about UF running back Emmanuel Moody not playing against Miami like it's some kind of personal tragedy for Moody.

The guy is going to play. He's too good to be left out of the line-up much longer. The Miami Herald wrote last week that Moody will get his big shot against Tennessee. Florida must out rush Tennessee to win the game. No one expects running back Kestahn Moore to establish a running game. Pretty sure Moody will have to help out on Saturday.

Good news for sports writers and bad news for fans: UF's home game against Ole Miss in two weeks will begin at 12:30 p.m. and air live on Raycom Sports.

Urban Meyer, always terse with reporters, was particularly brusque on Monday. He reminded beat hacks that he didn't like answering questions from the media, especially the week before playing a big SEC rival.

Here's the answer I received when I pointed out that 10 SEC defenses are allowing 17 points or less through the first three weeks of the season and, related to that fact, I asked Meyer about the importance of attention to detail in this league.

"We got a game to play here. That's why sometimes I'm short with your questions," Meyer said. "Because, really, if you spend any amount of time even thinking about, like, the gentleman's question here (Not me, someone else). Come on. Let's go. Let's go. ... We got enough things to worry about. The key to winning this game is what I told you: Play great defense. You got to be tough. And you got to take care of the football. If there's any focus on anything else other than that, then there is a chance we'll fail. And that's a bad job on me. So, let me answer your question: That's great about all the defenses. I just told you what our focus is going to be. I made it real clear today."

Well, coach, at least you made one thing crystal clear.



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haha..if anyone deserves that answer from Urban its you Goodman. Maybe if you had built a level trust with the coach and not try to undermine his program with every article or blog you write, then maybe Urban will give you some tidbits now an then. Keep pandering to cane propaganda machine tough...

At least Haden is confident enough to speak the truth. He should have went to UT. Go Rocky Top!


Let's get one thing clear: I'm not here to befriend a football coach with my coverage. (That would be an example of pandering.) And Meyer's response was actually a good answer to my question. Otherwise I wouldn't have posted it, duh. ANYTIME you can get Meyer to show emotion is a good thing, as far as I'm concerned. And, please, could you drop the Cane-fan nonsense? That is so stupid.

Also, Meyer wasn't referring to me when he said, "this gentleman's question," or whatever it was he said. He was talking about a previous question from a different reporter. Sorry, guess I should have pointed that out.


no one says you should befriend Urban. Even if you tried, he will keep you at arms length. But, when a 50-50 judgement situation comes up and you try to paint a negative picture on these 18-20 yr old kids, you wont get another interview with these kids and the coach. All of them will be wary of you trying to misinterpret/spin their quotes to suit your agenda. However if you give them the benefit of doubt instead of suspecting them, you might get more information. That is how beat writers all over the place do it. Learn Manny Navarro. He is the champion of the canes cause at the herald.

If a kid gets arrested or something go at it. But when you question the integrity of a coach whom you know nothing about, you start sounding like Randy 'liar' shannon or his cronies.

Aaron "Whoever" Hernandez is going to be hearing Rocky Top plenty on Saturday. Let's get it on.

Jo, this dude is more paranoid than a schizo in a house of mirrors. Get over Jack. You obviously have your own agenda here. You also don't read Jo's stories much I guess. Other people take cheap shots at Florida and Jo keeps it real.

Whoever Hernandez? very funny. This person is a tight end and he is better than any receiver at tenn. Hernandez had more receptions against UM than anyone. Hey bluetick, go get it on with your cousin or sister.


As far as I'm concerned, it's my job to question the integrity of everyone I cover. (And maybe you should go back and read what I wrote about Meyer's late field goal. Clearly, you missed it.)


What stupid, whiney, cry-baby, erroneous second guessing, and LOSER mentality. I said it before and I'll say it again: The heart and mind of a champion goes like this: I'm am going to give everything I have to beat you, to score on you and to defeat you in whatever game we play. I want and demand you, my opponent to do the same thing to me. Score on my if you can, beat me every way you can, and never ever let up on me. In the final seconds of a Football game, please continue to try and score and/or stop me from scoring. This is a GAME, a CONTEST, and this is what I want/need from a GAME, a CONTEST. Anyone questioning an opponent scoring every single second of every single game/event, should have their head examined as to the purpose and interpretation of life. Please, all you you heretofore ignorant babies, go GET A LIFE. So what if FLORIDA kicked a FG in the last minute (or seconds). I don't give a darn, and nor should any champion sports person. DO YOU GET IT YET?

How far have we fallen in the good old USA? How far have we regressed in Political Correctness? Consider this: Georgia Tech beat Cumberland 222-0 a few years ago. I LOVE IT. I LOVE IT. I LOVE THAT SCORE!!! Nothing to be ashamed about by either GT for scoring 222 points or by Cumberland for allowing 222 points. IT WAS A GAME - remember folks - it IS A GAME STILL TODAY!!!
GT had the heart and mind of a CHAMPION. I salute you Georgia Tech. Thank you for providing us with the excitement of scoring and stopping your opponent all of the way through the entire GAME. Thank you Cumberland for not saying: "Oh that Steve Spurrier or Urban Meyer, they were running up the score and they are classless, or it did me more good than you will ever know because my recruits see the person for what he is, or yada yada yada."
NEWSFLASH - Bart Starr as Coach of the Green Bay Packers did the same whiney thing and he was FIRED within 3 years of his whining (with a losing record I might add).


What I wrote last week about this: "Personally, I could care less. You play football games to score points."

Now, could we move on?


Forget these bozos, jo. They don't want to talk about football. They just want to pay to be members of stupid message boards and then try to act like they know what your job is supposed to be. Keep up the good work. Can we get a "Keys to the Game" tomorrow from you like you did for Miami game? You have pretty good insights.

My question, is Percy going to run more than receive this season?

I hope Percy doesn't line up as much in the back field. With him lining up wide you spread the defense and have a better chance to open up the run.

I think we need to see what moody brings to the table. Let him play, and if he did something wrong and his suspended or they are not letting him play for that, let us know (the fans), so we stop thinking that there is something different to hope for in our run game.

All Clowns,

Good question. For Percy's sake, I hope not. But Percy bulked up in the offseason, in part, because he wanted to be able to take the pounding of a running back this season. My opinion, the bottom line is Florida coach Urban Meyer wants to get the ball in the hands of the best player in college football as much as possible. If that means Percy gets 10 carries a game and catches 10 passes a game, then so be it.

UF Peru,

I really don't think Moody is suspended and Florida just isn't telling us. (Wouldn't be surprised that Florida would do this, but I don't think that's the case this time.) With that said, if Florida doesn't let Moody play against Tennessee, then the questions are going to have to be asked...Well, really one question is going to have to be asked: Why tell Moody to come to Florida and waste his time and eligibility if he's not going to play?


You dumbasses. If you read a tenth as much as you write, you`d know that Moody isn`t playing more because HE HASN`T LEARNED THE DAMNED PLAY BOOK!!!! He`s apparently a bit retarded, (or lazy), on this point. And if you don`t know your play responsiblities, you don`t play for Meyer. Geez, did any of you guys even learn to read in HS/equivalency certificate class? Word.

Wow, Brian believes everything he reads… Rainy has set plays understands the offense, Demps has a package of plays, but we are to believe that Moody can’t grasp the playbook? Read between the lines Moody is in the doghouse for some reason; Meyer said he hurt his ankle AND one week later he said he can’t grasp the playbook. Anyone who has played sports at a higher level understands you shut you mouth and keep your head down when your coach is a control-freak. Meyer is a very good coach, but he doesn’t like to have his authority challenged, and this situation challenges the way he will run his offense the remainder of the year!

Well, Brian, I commend you for bringing it strong, any way.


"My opinion, the bottom line is Florida coach Urban Meyer wants to get the ball in the hands of the best player in college football as much as possible."

I hope that's true. Should be an easy game in Jacksonville if Meyer insists on giving Knowshon the ball. ; )

Sometimes when you want to get the best answers/comments out of coaches, you need to push their buttons a little. One of the things I hate more than anything is "coach speak". Meyer could get up there are give you the ol' "they are very talented" and "they have a lot of speed" crap all day long. I would rather hear some emotion any day, and if you need to piss him off a little to get that hen job well done.

Jo, when is this drivel going to end? You are a poor writer with no future. Take your lame shtick to TMZ, where you can clean toilets and dump out 2-day old coffee.

I wonder where all these other douchebags like Chuck and Jay will scurry off to if that were to happen.

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