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Percy Harvin says he's ready to be cut loose

GAINESVILLE -- Percy Harvin spoke with reporters for more than 10 minutes on Monday during the Gators' weekly media day. Harvin says his doctor "cut the chains loose" on his playing time, so expect a full dose of Harvin on Saturday against Tennessee.

Harvin said that his limited role against Miami was planned by coaches and doctors to see how his surgically repaired heel performed. The heel responded well and Harvin says he feels healthier right now than he has since his sophomore year of high school.

So, basically, if you thought Harvin was pretty good before the surgery just wait until Saturday. Florida coach Urban Meyer said that Harvin had a great week of practice last week.

"I think six touches was to see if I still had my explosiveness," Harvin said. "Was it going to ache after the game and things like that. So, I think I'm ready to go."



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I smell another 59 spot. People must be squirming in Knoxville.

Squirming to smash that gimmick O!

Well Rocky Top, you did a great job of "smashing" it in 07.

Rocky Top = canesrule tosses 9 salads


You could also say:

Rocky Top = TXCane tosses 9 salads

Percy is a great player (when he plays) but I'm tired of hearing he will be turned loose? That foot will never get better, it's been a problem since HS.

thats actually a pretty scary thought considering hes put up gaudy numbers being injurred .... i dont even want to imagine percy 100%; wont look good for the opposing team

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