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PREGAME PODCAST: Will Hill starting at strong safety?

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- Find out what Gator Clause learned today about late changes to the Gators' secondary before Saturday's game with Tennessee. Also, what exactly does it mean to be a Tennessee Volunteer? Maybe it has something to do with why Knoxville was so upset about UF middle linebacker Brandon Spikes' comments earlier this week. Lastly, Gator Clause takes a look at UF quarterback Tim Tebow's stats this season. Run time is five minutes and 30 seconds.


Produced by Joseph Goodman, The Miami Herald


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Just write out a post if you have information. I really don't come on the computer to play a lot of media devices. If I want that I'll go to the stereo or HDTV. I visit a newspaper to READ, not listen. Are you auditioning for a spot on Channel 7 news? WQAM? Then be a newspaper reporter for a change and write!

Nice one, KG. I do a weekly podcast before every game. Just part of the blog. (Write for a change? Seriously? Are you drunk?)


ahmad is injured. he twisted his ankle and is wearing a huge boot on it (right ankle i believe).

Will hill has never played in the defensive secondary? You sure about that?

Did you not watch him play in the secondary against Hawaii in the 4th Quarter?

And I guess you didn't see Hill make special teams tackles in the first two games.

Thanks for your podcasts. This is my first missed TN FB game since 1992 and I miss the night before on Cumberland. Hope you had some for guys like me!
I may not always agree with your opinions (although I usually do) but I appreciate your efforts to get the most and most current info to me as a Gator alum/fan. Plus I enjoy your podcast s t y l e.

P. S. Please don't take offense to my hatin Gator brethren. They just love their Gators and are looking for meanies lurking everywhere.

Black is playing. The boot is precautionary.

joe. I like most of your artice and the podcast (can u put it up ok iTunes?). However I think you jumped the gun on this one - Ahmad will play, from a true inside source.

yea. I spell often

Goody, KG must of woke up with a headache. Probably preparing himself for the 1000th playing of RockyTop. It's like going to Florida ST. and hearing that crapy chant all day.

Revised Score: FL 37 TN 17


For what it's worth, I didn't say Ahmad wasn't going to play. I heard a rumor about Ahmad yesterday (just like everyone else) and then started calling people to track it down. I explained the steps of the reporting in the podcast. Obviously, I trust the source but not enough to say for sure that Will Hill is starting. Florida told me yesterday that Ahmad took a few plays off this week during practice. We'll see what happens. Check back on the blog for pregame notes. Hopefully I'll have a definitive answer by then.

(FYI: It's not uncommon for football players to wear protective boots as a precaution. Brandon Spikes wore a boot a few weeks ago (and didn't play against Hawaii). Tennessee quarterback Jonathan Crompton wore a boot this week but is expected to play.

Will Hill played mop-up duty in the fourth quarter against Hawaii. That's not the same as starting in Knoxville in the first road game of your career.

The tech staff down at The Herald is in charge of the iTunes adaption. (Unless someone out there can tell me how to do it or I figure it out by myself...like this podcast.) The Herald's computer people are busy redesigning the website these days, so nothing is in the works.


I liked that podcast Jo. Good job. I'm now more informed. Enunciate Jo, enunciate.

I'm not too worried about the inexperienced Crompton hurting our safeties. Will hill is a tremendous athlete. You see a lot more of him than we do. Give us your scouting report on Hill please Jo.

In the unlikely event that Foster gets rolling, It would create opportunities to pick on HIll with play action.

Florida stacks the box. UT runs for nothing. This simple game plan has been very effective against the rush deficient Vols. Hey Phil, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Stick to writing, Kermit. Actually, your writing is also pretty bad.

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