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RECRUITING: If the Gators can land Patchan they can land anyone

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GAINESVILLE -- UF defensive lineman Matt Patchan grew up a Miami Hurricanes fan. His dad played for the 'Canes and so did his uncle. Why, then, did Patchan end up a Florida Gator? Maybe it had something to do with Miami's embarrassing 48-0 loss to Virginia last season in the Hurricanes' last game at the Orange Bowl.

I bring this up only to supplement my story in today's Miami Herald about how the Gators plan on impressing recruits from South Florida this weekend when the football team hosts Miami. Most recruits will tell you that when they attend a game as a guest of the home team, it doesn't matter if the team wins or loses. Guess what, folks? That's bologna!

About a dozen high-profile recruits from South Florida are attending Saturday's game as guests of the Florida Gators. You better believe it matters who wins and who loses. A Florida blowout WILL sway recruits. A Miami upset WILL sway recruits.

Florida coach Urban Meyer refers to the recruitment of Patchan as one of the most intense battles of his career. Patchan was such a Miami Hurricanes fan that it pained him to watch the 'Canes get blanked by Virginia last season. Everyone remembers these quote, right?

"There's too many guys that it doesn't bother them that they lost the game," Patchan told the Internet fan website, canesport.com. "There's too many guys now at the U that [say], `It's OK we lost. Well, what am I going to do tonight?' Like it doesn't mean anything. They need to get rid of those types of guys. Half those guys in Miami uniforms shouldn't be there -- they physically don't cut it.''

With that in mind, landing Patchan would have helped the 'Canes. The Gators' coaching staff is in love with the kid and his effort level. Patchan played more than 20 snaps in the Gators' season opener and Meyer said on Monday that Patchan deserves even more playing time against the 'Canes. Besides that, Meyer said that Patchan is "out of his mind" with emotion this week to play Miami.

Florida defensive line coach Dan McCarney didn't help recruit Patchan but he certainly appreciates him. McCarney is one of the guys who helped morph South Florida defensive end George Selvie into one of the best players in the country. McCarney thinks he can do the same with Patchan.

“If we could bring four Matt Patchans into the program every year, if I’m guaranteed four Patchans, then I’ll promise you we will be making a run at the national championship on the defensive line,” McCarney said.

If Florida can successfully recruit the Matt Patchans of the world, then why can't Florida make a dent in UM coach Randy Shannon's recruiting monopoly in Miami-Dade County? A shutout on Saturday certainly would help the cause. Miami is starting a freshman quarterback with no experience. It could happen.

And you can go ahead and mark down a 15-yard penalty for excessive celebration if Patchan sacks Robert Marve.


Here's a list of South Florida recruits who are expected to attend Saturday's game, according to Rivals.com recruiting expert Adam Gorney: Denard Robinson (senior quarterback, Deerfield Beach), Jared Wheeler (senior offensive tackle, Plantation American Heritage), Jaamal Berry (senior running back, Miami Palmetto), Eugene Smith (senior quarterback, Miramar), Antwan Lowery (senior defensive tackle, Miami Columbus), Michael Carter (senior cornerback, Pompano Beach Blanche Ely), Rantavious Wooten (junior receiver, Belle Glade), Korvin Lamb (junior running back, Miami Northwestern), Todd Chandler (junior defensive tackle, Miami Northwestern), Eduardo Clements (junior receiver, Miami Booker T. Washington), Frankie Telfort (senior linebacker, Miami Gulliver Prep).


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I thought Lawrence Marsh looked very impressive in the Hawaii game. The D-line definitely didn't look like a liability. Maybe better competition will show us more about them. Miami won't be providing that. It'll be funny if Patchan decleats Marve. Marve will be crapping his pants.

Urban is thanking God these days for Lawrence Marsh. Did anyone find it interesting that UF started the game in its 3-3-5 defense? It was the defense de jour against Hawaii. I don't think that will be the case against Miami, which Meyer expects to run first and pass second. Obviously, right? Miami has two great backs and the Canes' redshirt freshman quarterback is starting the first game of his career.

Marve will certainly be nervous. With that said, would anyone be totally surprised if the Canes go for a home run on the first or second play of the game? Not me.


If recruiting S FLA is so important to the Gators then they should go ahead and expect to lose in the future because they will only get 10% of the recruits from S FLA. The rest will go to the U. As for Patchan, I wish him luck at Florida but I'm sure this has caused problems in the family. His dad and uncle will root for their family to play good but down deep the are in the U family. My dad would have kicked my a** if I pulled that.

Come on. Give it a rest. Matt Patchan Sr. loves his Canes and his son, end of story.


Hey Goodman Your horrible i bet you would love to see the gators in the lockeroom because you love men

Jo, I don't think we will see much of the 3-3-5, that seemed like something they put in for Hawaii since they are so pass heavy on O.

I hope they try a deep ball early, that way Ahmad Black can add to his interception total.

Jo, I don't think we will see much of the 3-3-5, that seemed like something they put in for Hawaii since they are so pass heavy on O.

I hope they try a deep ball early, that way Ahmad Black can add to his interception total.

Posted by: Jay

AMEN brother. Black was my pick for the biggest "sigh of relief" for the whole unit. He looked very capable of playing high level ball.


you are sneaky. You make the title sound as if it was a direct quote. I saw the video of the press conference and how you tried to get a quote out of Meyer on the Major wright recruiting. Why do you have to always sound as if you are trying to find something instigatory against the UF coaches and the players? The only quote Urban made was that it was a tough battle to land Patchan. I dont see how one goes from that quote to a title that implies the gators can get anyone from SoFL? Urban even mentioned that he would not waste time on kid who was a lifelong fan and there was no chance for UF. Why dont include that in your article/blogs?

You are forgetting that as a beat writer if you dont earn the trust of the players/coaches you may not get good info in the future. I like how Urban gave a stock answer when you asked what he told Major wright's mom. Dont kill the goose that lays the egg in this situation or you will lose readership and information.


I used the quote you're referring to in today's Herald. This blog post was meant to supplement that article. The link to that story is at the top of this blog post. You guys have more conspiracy theories than I do. Now that's impressive!


Yeah, that was a bit of a stretch, Jack. Don't worry about those black helicopters outside your house...

urban and foley paid PANCAKED PATCHAN's girlfriend a college tuition to attend fla with the turd...matt u will learn that you made a bad mistake going to that school, have fun in a arena league ...

Gaturds I am ready for the excuse, "The weather was bad, and we could not do anything on offense!"


Jo, take "DrtyCane" off of this sit. Like most Hurricanes, he's embarrasing!

We don't remove many posts, GatorBud. That's a slippery slope we don't want to go down.


The Mid-Fla team can have Patchan because who they do not have is Marcus "Shock the World" Forston. Come draft day, I guarantee he will go before Patchan. Bet it. That's why he was scared to come to the U!!!!!!

Just wanted to add something to this blog post. Miami South Dade coach John Herron emailed me today and told me that Miami South Dade defensive end Ed Stinson "will attend the game." And that, "UF has turned up the recruitment of him."

Stinson's teammate, Dontravious Floyd is also making the trip to the Gainesville, according to Herron.

Does anyone out there know if Ed Stinson is related to Xavier Stinson, the running back who starred at Hollywood Chaminade-Madonna?



Do you think Patchan will make back to O Tackle next year, or did he find a permenant home on D Line? I know he wants to, but I can't see him playing both positions. Hopefully Omar, Brown, and T. Davis pan out and Patch can go back to be an O Tackle. I sure hope John Brown is not a bust as you think he is, b/c that guy dominated high level of competition in high school (What's interesting is I though he was the most important Lakeland recruit we got, but is contributing some of the least to date).

As a Gator Alum and huge fan...here are the unbiased truths - #1. This game is going be close, very close. #2. Miami may will, if they stick to the run, and use the pass just to prevent FLA from 8 men in the box defense. #3. Miami will be able to pass. Florida's 4 int's vs Hawaii were not due to great athletic ability on FLA's part - they were most terrible errant throws. #4. FLORIDA's playcalling is still is suspect, particularly on 3rd and long, Tebow back to pass gets sacked. Tebow's 9 runs against Hawaii should tell you something. That is ridiculous. How do you call Tebow running (or let him run on his own)9 times against Hawaii???

I know the game that the Miami hacks are playing. Asking Shannon about a UF blow-out when everyone knows Miami's talent is at least equal to (if not slightly better)than FLORIDA's talent. Lets get real and stop all the crap/hype/over-rating.

Does anybody really doubt that this game will be won by a score in the last minute?

Every time FLORIDA plays miami, miami wins in the last minutes.

Why will this game be any different? And please don't tell me about miami record last year!!! Last year has nada to do with this year. Both teams are off blow-outs (40+ point wins) over lesser opponents.

Whoever believes that FLA has better personnel needs their head examined. Do you really think that Coker stopped being able to recruit after winning about 30 of his firs 31 games and a N.C. and a penalty call from 2 N.C.'s? Do you understand that miami brought in 30 great great freshman this past year and 17 great freshman the year before. That's 47 great players plus Coker's great players.

Please get real here. This is going to be intense and close. MARK IT DOWN. miami will probably kick a 56 yard record FG in the last 10 seconds to win 38-35.

Hello. Is there anybody with any brains out here?
Who really understands this like I do.
Come and talk to me on Monday when you see that I am prophet. Miami will win in the last minute by kicking FG. Miami wins 38-35. FLORIDA is over-rated, has terrible playcalling and Tebow is average qb. Tebow got stats last year b/c he kept the ball to himself so often when he should have been throwing and handing off more. We had 4 losses last year - that's AVERAGE in my book. We score 17 points and lose in the swamp against Auburn, a team that South Florida beat in Auburn. Please stop with Tebow hype. I love Tim Tebow and what he stands for and what he has accomplished in 2 years. But he is not a great qb. He has not led his team to "squat". No SEC titles, no NC. So lets be real here.


It's probably wait and see at this point if Patchan moves back to O-Line. My guess is yes, considering the Gators' lose two senior tackles after this season. But, who can really predict something like that one year ahead of time? Too many factors are involved.


Let's be real ... Tebow IS a great QB.


So mark it down folks - I am getting real with you. Everyone else plays the stupid smack talk disrespect game. Not me. Here is real for you:
#1. I am GATOR alum and fan.
#2. Miami will beat FLORIDA on Saturday b/c of good running game, some big play passes, some great scrambling (much of this is due to FLORIDA's average defense.
#3. FLORIDA defense should be better than last year, but not enough to help FlORIDA beat miami or tenn or georgia or LSU or f$u.
#4. FLORIDA playcalling sucks. Who remembers last year vs LSU. FLORIDA winning 24-10 at the end of 3Q. Moore fumbles after gashing LSU for 7 yards and 5 yards on 2 previous carries. FLORIDA stops calling on Moore to run, Tebow throws a ball that bounces off Gator helmet. LSU intercepts the ball. Etc... All Florida had to do was run run run to win the game. Even without any first downs FLORIDA probably wins the game just by taking time off the clock and not giving LSU momentum.

^^^^^^^ i would listen to that guy.....

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