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UF 26, UM 3: Post-game thoughts and notes

FIRST, UF-related links in The Miami Herald...All these stories in today's paper. This is why the Herald is the best of the best, folks...

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Greg Cote's column: What's the difference between UM-UF? One great quarterback
Israel Gutierrez's column: Despite the loss, Miami Hurricanes show promising signs

GAINESVILLE -- Top 5 things to think about after UF 26, UM 3. By me, Joseph Goodman, and the fearless Mike-Mike McCall (Miami Herald correspondent).

5. The defensive line played extremely well. The Canes only rushed for 61 total yards. Miami had 140 total offensive yards.

4. Do people still think Florida's offense is unstoppable? Tebow said the last time the Gators offense had to rely on the defense was his freshman season. And we all know what happened that year.

3. Should Harvin have had more touches or considering his offseason surgery was his limited role appropriate? Meyer said he knew he could do more with Harvin and Meyer says he will. Harvin rushed for 27 yards on five carries and a touchdown and had one catch for 12 yards. He only touched the ball twice in the first half.

2. Urban Meyer is 11-0 at Florida when the Gators' block a punt and 18-2 overall. Florida has blocked 39 kicks since 2001. What's more, Florida blocked eight kicks in 2006 when the Gators won the national title. Saturday was certainly a good start. Jeff Demps block at the end of the first half swung the momentum in the Gators' favor for the rest of the game.

On the blocked punt: “We called (the play) once earlier and they kept screaming at me to run it again because it was wide open,” said Meyer, who cited Demps’ and Chris Rainey’s 100-meter times. They did a great job with that.”

1. Let's hope Carl Moore is not severely injured. Moore left the game with an apparent hip pointer (according to Meyer) after his incredible reception at the end of the third quarter.

“[Moore] is not used to running that route," Florida quarterback Tim Tebow said. "I don’t think it was actually planned for him to be there. I wasn’t really expecting him to be there, so it was a little bit of a miscommunication. I just waited for him to turn so I could throw it.”

-jo- and mike-mike


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Gators will lose at least 2 more games (UGA), and LSU, if not 3 (FSU).

Dan Mullen is not an elite OC. His play-calling and in-game adjustments
are not very good. His offensive scheme is not elite. This offensive has seen it's time passed.
This offense can not run up the middle. Now I know why we can't get an elite running back in recruiting.
Moody = zero caries. Rainey = consistently blown up. This offense is not designed for running backs.

Percy Harvin brings it all. After the first drive, Mullen went away from
Percy, then finally wised up in 2nd half with play-calling. Do you notice that he makes things happen every
time he touches the ball?

Are the Canes back? Hard to say. Will have to see how the rest of the season
goes. We can only hope they belley-up and lose more games, for Gator recruiting purposes

Sean Spence is a baller. Can Urban dip into Miami and recruit some ballers like that?

Gator Oline will be why we are not going to win SEC. I don't think
its' the Oline players, as much as the zone blocking scheme. Although,
Gilbert does seem to be the "weak Link". It is embarrsing watching this O line.
The SEC will beat up this scheme yet again. It doesn't work in the SEC.

This defense reminds me of 2006. The light at end of the tunnel for GAtor fans is defense wins

The Swamp is not as electric as the mid-90's. Part of this has to do with the
type of student at UF these days-- the University is more selective and not as
many party-animals are students as we used to have.

What a difference Brandon Spikes makes. This guy should be a Top 15 draft pick.

The Carl Moore catch reversal was a toss up. I'm sure Cane fans will point
to this as a turning point in the game. It was probably the right call,
but still a ballsey reversal. The Percy Harvin pass-interference was clearly
the right call.

I saw a lot of holding by both teams. I watch a lot of College Football and I find
it very interesting that you don't see much holding called in games anymore.
I remember when Spurrier was here, his teams always got called for holding.


What's your take on Shannon avoiding Meyer for post-game handshake? Did that last FG really make Randy that mad? I didn't see it as that big of a deal (get the FG kicker practice) and it wasn't a RUTS situation. RUTS was Alabama throwing that ill-fated pass to Prothro...

Congrats Gators, but I am happy the way we played. A couple of ACC officials away from possibly winning the game in the 4th qtr (what the hell did they see on replay of the Moore catch that ESPN didn't see?). We weren't expected to hang, but we did. Nice move by Urban also, kicking the field goal at the end of the game. Come national signing day all us Canes can thank him for pulling a classless act in front of all those recruits. Have a feeling that we pull more of those recruits than Urban does. Congrats on the W boys.


Sping it however you want, but I wouldn't cry too much about that last FG. All teams try until the very end.

It's amazing all the Canes fans. You'd think they won the game about how positive they are about keeping it close and the Gators lost about how negative we are. A win is a win and a loss is a loss. No moral victories. Did FL have a good season in 2003 after keeping it close to Miami with Zooker in the Orange Bowl? No, and in 2004 we actually got worse. It will be very interesting to see how Miami does in the ACC this year.

This "keeping it close" was all about coaching, and unfortunately, the Gator Offensive coaches and schemes are not very good right now. Thankfully, they have a bye week to get some things "corrected".

Congrats gator fans...this was a good game that wasn't expected to be one by many.Our D is nasty again,but Nix needs some tuteledge or something,he was killin me tonight.did that call by refs swing things for you guys?i'd have to say yes.football is a game of momentum,and it swung to you guys after that call-just stating the obvious.would you still have beaten us?maybe,but it would be more like 9-3 rather than 26-3.and yes the throwing and the field goal at the end was classless and i wouldn't shake hands with a guy like that either.he could have run the ball at the end.why not? isn't that what you guys need to work on?and the field goal just didn't make sense no matter how you try and spin it-take the blinders off,ur coach is a sleaze ball,and you'll end up payin for his actions if he keeps it up,trust me(see dennis erickson,but urban is a sleazier version). not bashing u guys or the players,but ur coach will ruin this team in time.good win for you guys and yes we can and will take it as a moral victory with all the young pups we have on the team.it was a bunch of 18 and 19 year olds straight from high school that held their own against u guys.our future does look bright.

For UM fans that congratulated the Gators, thank you. For ones that did not, STFU.

If UM is actually good it bodes well for the Gators. No doubt they need Harvin to get healthy, and the Oline needs to improve.

I thought the FG at the end of the game was unnecessary.

Miami will be good and it's the speed and youngsters that will lead them back. They have a bright future.

The Gator defense was awesome tonight, they bring it every play.

Florida's offensive line has some work to do, they were dominated most of the night.

Why don't Cane fans just accept the loss, instead of trying to find reasons to show they are the better team? You lost, we won-- accept it. If Urban's FG was classeless, what do you call Shannon not shaking hands after game? If Shannon is the "better man", at least he could of nutted up and showed the world he is a better man by shaking hands. Or even confronted Urban about it at mid-field with a conversation as most veteran coaches would have done. Instead, he ran off the field like a sissy. Belecheck would have been proud-- LOL. Now the Canes fans go back and say "we're angry" and "Gators are classless", etc. Hey, at least 1) we don't throw debris on the field in the middle of the game 2) run off the field before shaking another man's hand b/c you didn't like his actions ("I don't like you, so I can't shake your hand"... 3) Start brawls in middle of game like last year 4) have our players murdered like Bryan Pata 5) Hang out with 2 Live Crew

By the way, Shannon did give Meyer a quick handshake at the end of the game and then ran away without congratulating him. I think OC's for both teams need a lot of improvement. Gator OC overall had a better plan but still wasn't the greatest with their "mature" talent. As far as Nix (Cane OC) I can understand the playcalling in 1st half (wanting to keep team in game and not overwhelm freshmen) but 2nd half Cane's were in this game and yet no agressive playcalls. A few more agressive plays (and less sabotage from officials) might have produced a closer ending. Fieldgoal at end was gutless by Meyer but congrats Gators on a great victory.

One more thing - Shannon talks in his post game conference about players needing to be hungry after crossing their 40 to score points but if he and Nix don't give them the meat and potatoes how are they supposed to be hungry?

As a Gator fan eventhough the first half was close, I never felt like Miami was threatening, EVER, to take the lead. I was never concerned. I knew we would wear them down. I knew they would RUN, RUN, RUN, PUNT but didnt think the extent of it would be as it really turned out. The Miami coaches did not coach to win that game. Well, maybe I should say Bill Young did but the rest of them leave a lot to be desired. I really believe Miami could be back if they get a real head coach and keep Young. Shannon will not do it at Miami. Much too passive, much too scared. Not head coach material but let him stay there as long as Bobby Bowden. As a Gator fan, I hope he does. (You know when opposing teams want you to keep your head coach, that is not a good sign).

Florida is fine. Percy Harvin is obviously not 100 percent and that effected this offense. When he did touch the ball he busted through the line pretty easy. You cant help to think if he was 100 percent healthy, and he got more touches how much difference that would have made. I say BIG.
I thought the offensive line needs work. They are not where they need to be for SEC play.
Tebow was great. Taking the runs that were there. Passes were on.
Florida's special teams is the real difference between the Spurrier era and now. They are very good.
Florida is young as well which gets overlooked and I believe as the season goes on, players get healthy, they will be one of the top teams in the country.


I think Randy Shannon was pretty upset about the field goal. I didn't get a chance to attend the post-game presser (was on melt-my-brain deadline at the time) but, according to Herald writer Manny Navarro, Shannon refused to answer a question about the final field goal.

Was it a poor show of sportsmanship by UF coach Urban Meyer? I don't think so. Just gamesmanship. The guy isn't making $3.5 million per year to play nice with an instate rival.


Thanks for alerting me of the misspelled word. I deleted your ugly comment. (I already know I'm a moron, so that's not news.) Lighten up, dude. I worked about 15 hours yesterday and the blog was the last thing I did. Spelling severely "severally" is not that big of a deal. (I win writing awards not spelling bees.)


Classless? I guess that you cane fans are too young to know about Snellenberger calling a time out, seconds before the end of the game, to kick a field goal so that he could run up the score. Now that's classless. Stop your whinning - accept the loss and move on!

i can not believe canes fans are whining about 1) a "bad call and 2) a late FG.

how were you planning on winning after that "bad call" anyway? with more 2 yard dump off passes from marve (70 total passing yards for the game is not good, gentlemen)? you had 3 total points the entire game!!!

if you don't like the fact that we kicked a late FG then don't let us inside the 20 in the first place. try stopping us yourselves instead of asking us to stop ourselves.


Hey, Urban knows what the point spread is and knows that our Boosters have money on the game. Meyer works for Bull Gators (as do all college coaches work for boosters), and when he's a asking for donars for Gateway of Champions, he can say he beat his rivals as he was supposed to.

No one will be talking about this in 1 week anyhow.

Great game!

1) Miami proved they are a young up and coming team with great talent.

2) Florida has a great D.

3) The O needs a lot of work. You will never see this O in the pros because it wouldn't work and this will hurt recruiting. Miami runs a pro style O that recruits will want to play in.

4) Shannon did shake Meyers hand at the end of the game. And yes it was classless to kick that FG. Every ESPN analist (most are ex coaches) said the game was over and they would have not tried to score under 1 min. They also said that this would come back to bite them because voters do not like coaches who do this.

5) Wish this series would continue, because it was a great game.

6) Tebow is a great player and even better person. I wish him all the luck in the future.

If I was a Gator fan I would be real worried about my team, this O has no power running game and if Miami had a good O and scored 28 or more points then could Florida keep up with them? I think not!

jo! if you think misspelling by a journalist isn't a big deal, then you are in the wrong profession btother!


You got me, dude. Way to go! Guess I should be castrated.


I was thinking the same thing. MEYER COVERS SPREADS is pretty good info for the gamblers out there. By the way, I was just in Original Pizza Palace (classic G'ville spot) picking up some pies for the Fins game. Thought you would appreciate that.


Sorry but be objective here.

Why would any offensive high school recruit be excited about going to the Canes? That is horrible offensive coaching! I am not saying they should pick the Gators but go to a school where you can put up some numbers and the coaches have confidence in you. They were running the ball into 8 and 9 man fronts. Their offense is a joke and not because of skill either but because of their coaching. Miami's coaching (not Bill Young) leaves a lot to be desired.

If you are a defensive high school recruit you will not see the field with all those freshmen at Miami. Sorry.

However the Canes have a serious problem on the offensive side and special teams and it has to do with coaching not players. You think recruits were saying, "If I was there, I would have made a difference?" Heck NO, they could have had Tom Brady, Randy Moss, and Terrell Owens and it would not have mattered because the playcalling was sickening. I cannot imagine there was a single person feeling, the Canes are going to pull this game out with that offense you saw the entire game. They didnt have a chance and their coaches didnt give them a chance. They definitely coached NOT TO WIN. You want to play for a scared coach??? I do think if the Canes can get a solid head coach with recruiting skills they could return but they arent returning with this current coaching staff.

When Miami had the ball, it was inevitable they would punt and it was inevitable Florida would pull away. It was actually a pretty boring game.

We heard all this talk about Miami's young defense but Florida's can be argued to be just as young, if not younger.

The way I see it was Miami started
4 Sr's, 4 Jr's, 2-Soph's and 1 Frosh.

Florida started
ZERO Sr's, 4 Jr's and 7 Soph's yesterday. Florida also used about 6 additional players on Defense almost all being Fr or Soph's.

1) That was not a great game last night. The reason for me was that Miami while keeping the game close for 3 quarters did not even get me to think their offense was going to punch it in. I dont think they even got inside Florida's 20. It required some ridiculously long field goal to even put 3 on the board otherwise they would have put up a gooseegg against a defense that was abused two games ago by Michigan (yes the same Michigan that lost to Applachian State, so what does that say about Miami's O and how far they need to go)

2) Bill Young was a very good hire. If not for him, this game would have been ugly from the start. He confused the Gator O-line and put pressure on their offense. He had the gameplan to make the Gators work and prevent the big play.

3) The two goals of Miami last night was prevent the big play and run clock that would keep them from getting blown out of the water. Their goal was never to win the game. Sorry but if they wanted to win the game they would have had something of a nutsack later in the game and went for it rather than coaching scared. They never even attempted to go for the win. They just wanted to get out with a respectable loss. I really was amazed with this scared coaching.

4) Tim Tebow is amazing. He is the returning Heisman winner and everyone knows it. They try and go after him, cheap shot him (several no call roughing the passers), try and hurt him but he keeps getting stronger as the game goes on. He is never intimidated by anyone. Urban and Mullen should just let him be Tebow.

5) The Gator O-line better improve because LSU and Georgia has much better defenses than what we saw last night.

6) Percy Harvin is the best player in college football. Its too bad they were being cautious bringing him back otherwise it would have been uglier. Its obvious he is not ready to play every down and may take him another month before he is back to himself. Everytime he touches the ball its an easy 9-10 yards, if not more. Just blazing speed and makes people look silly. He gets a bye to rest up and get ready for the rest of the year.

7) Randy Shannon is not a very good head football coach. He coached to not get blown out and never had any confidence in his team to go out and win the football game. I mean how many times are you going to run up the middle into an 8 man front? Also, mix in some special teams coaching. Everyone saw that hole in your punt formation. Soon the youth excuse and Coker player excuse and Patrick Nix excuse will run dry and it will be left with him. Hopefully it takes Miami 10-20 years to figure it out.


Exactly. Dooley said it best: Any Miami fans complaining about the last FG is b/c they had money on the Gators not covering. Letting Phillips kick his first college FG at home as opposed to on the SEC road was the #1 goal.

I would worry more about Texas A&M then their constant infatuation with the Gators.

Its not the fg that was classless in my mind, but rather the throwing into the endzone over and over again when UF should have run the ball and clock.

Urban showed his mettle last night. I don't know how any of you can defend that.

Gumby, not as many party animals???? The school was just voted #1 party school in America, so not sure where you came up with that. Are you really a Gator fan, because your fist post doesn't make you sound like one. Marcus Gilbert is ONLY in there, because the best and most experienced lineman (Jim Tart) is injured. You'll see A LOT better line when he returns.

Canezitis, lets say we did run the ball and scored a TD, you'd be calling for his head more so than you are now for kicking the field goal. Maybe next time we should just take a knee and give it back to the Canes, huh?? You guys really are RIDICULOUS, and I can't wait for the time you guys do the same thing to another team, and you DEFINITELY will, because you have before.

As the old ball coach used to say it is the defense's job to stop the offense. Canes should stop the dribble about the extra three points.
Coach Shannon didn't ask his players to stop trying to score on the previous Hurricane series. You play the game until the clock runs out. His anemic handshake at the end of the game was the classless act.

As the old ball coach used to say it is the defense's job to stop the offense. Canes should stop the dribble about the extra three points.
Coach Shannon didn't ask his players to stop trying to score on the previous Hurricane series. You play the game until the clock runs out. His anemic handshake at the end of the game was the classless act.

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