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UF isn't getting the job done; Put me in charge of Percy Harvin's Heisman campaign, please

GAINESVILLE -- Florida has only played two games and already Percy Harvin's Heisman campaign is on life support. Bring in the doctor ...

That's me. I'm the marketing genius that is going to resurrect Harvin's Heisman hopes. Here are 10 steps to getting Harvin to New York. And that's what Florida really wants, right? That's what Florida quarterback Tim Tebow has said several times. Tebow wants to cast his vote in December for his good buddy Percy Harvin.

10. Call an emergency meeting with every member of Florida's sports marketing team. It's almost like Florida wants everyone to think Tebow is the best player in college football. It's almost like Florida wants Tebow to win back-to-back Heismans. What happened to the Percy-in-2008 campaign?

9. Percy Harvin is the best player in college football. Direct and to the point. Slap it on a poster.

8. Percy has only spoken with reporters one time this season. One........stinking........time! That's no way to pimp a Heisman hopeful. Note to Percy: Reporters vote for the Heisman.

7. Let Harvin play his real position. And by real position we mean the position Harvin will play in the NFL. Harvin is a receiver yet he only had one reception against Miami. It's a nice gimmick when Harvin lines up in the backfield, but he should never have more rushing attempts than receptions.

6. Percy Harvin should be returning kickoffs. Nothing says Heisman moment like a kickoff return for a touchdown against Georgia.

5. Every time Tim Tebow opens his mouth during a press conference, he should be praising Percy Harvin. "Percy won the game tonight," Tebow said. "Percy is the hardest working man on the team," Tebow said. "Percy is the greatest player in college football," Tebow said. "I'm naming my first born child after Percy Harvin," Tebow said.

4. Everyone knows what Tebow did last summer. What type of charitable work did Percy do? Donate blood, perhaps? Adopt a dog? ESPN College GameDay needs to know!

3. Speaking of ESPN ... Why is Erin Andrews doing a feature on Tebow lifting weights? Harvin is the real story. He's a college receiver who can bench press 400 pounds. As a professional journalist and Heisman Trophy marketing genius, I'm volunteering my services to do an in-depth story on exactly how Harvin got so big and strong this offseason.

2. Talk to reporters, Percy.

1. Repeat after me, Percy. Reporters are my friends.



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Percy is the best player in college football however he needed to play in just about every game to win. I wanted him to win it this year over Tebow but now on this team, Tebow is the only one with a legitimate chance.
Percy is still not 100% and I cant imagine all of a sudden 1 week from now he is going to be the Percy of old. Yes, he will touch the ball more than the Miami game but he is still not there yet. I still believe barring any setbacks he is 2-3 weeks away. Remember the original reports were stating he would return after the Tennessee game.
The bottom line is the Gators can get by against the weaker teams like Hawaii and Miami without Percy but they will need him during week after week of tough SEC play.

Just an observation, but wouldn't you rather win the National championship then go 8-5 and win a Heisman? Maybe Percy just has his priorities in place and is a team player. He is coming off of surgery.

Every teams fans are guilty of this, but let's remember these are kids and it is a team sport, not an individual competition. They are at college to learn. Individual awards should come second and shouldn't be "political". I think they got it right last year when Tebow won by putting up the numbers he did, no matter what Florida's record was. The award should be given to the best player that season, not because someone lobbied for them to win it.

I hear you U2cane, but I ain't listening. Percy in 2008!


The season has a LONG way to go. If Percy lights it up for a four or five game stretch....lookout.

I may be mistaken but I believe you have to talk to win the Heisman. Everyone before him had that quality. LoL

In all seriousness, i'll take a healthy, close to 100% Percy for conference play. That will be good enough for me.

Give me your thoughts. Does the blitz negate the empty backfield spread attack? Miami did a great job bringing heat on Tebow. It seems like the blitz gives Tebow about 2 seconds to make a quick read and possibly throw off his back foot. I know we made some adjustments but since we'll see more of that defense against Tenn, LSU, UGA etc, do we have enough fire power to negate the blitz? Teams can play the WR's loose so as to not give up 1-1 deep options and that leaves us scrambling for swing passes and quick bubbles. Should Mullen do those types of passes earlier to loosen up the middle and blitz or wait to do them in the 4th quarter? Thanks again.


Do they pay you to write this stuff? Must be a shortage of sports journalists in the market if your actually getting compensated for these articles.

Good Post U2Cane! Ok everybody don't have a heart attack, I actually agree with a Cane. Screw the Heismann! I want to win a National Championship or a major bowl. A Heismann last year or this year only gets us farther away from that. Why is everybody so wrapped up in individual awards? Being wrapped up in one individual last year got us to 8-5, actually a struggling defense did too, so there are no excuses this year, our defense so far looks alot better, the only thing keeping us from doing well this year is that garbage predictable offense we seem to try and run week after week, use your playmakers, run the running backs and teach that duck throwing quarterback to throw!! We have so many weapons, please use them!

9-4 last season. Not 8-5.... Not a big difference but we did win 9.


Play-action and bubble screens were enough to beat Miami in the fourth quarter.


Thx for the comment. I expect nothing less from you.


You're ABSOLUTELY RIGHT about letting Harvin play his real position. I can't remember the last time he lined up as a receiver and caught the ball down field. I'm not saying don't line him up in the backfield at all, but a WR screen can be just as effective as handing him the ball. They have actual running backs that are just as fast as Harvin, so move him back out and let those guys handle the running back position. I don't think the talent and speed is being utilized effectively. The offense is getting way too gimmicky.

I agree with your points..here..why dont we see more of Percy in interviews...and that is a great story...how did Percy rehab himself..get so big and strong...Percy needs to open up more to the media..that is funny from what I hear...but he needs to show it more.....in general more players need to learn how to work the media game...its all about marketing yourself...I know alot guys jus wanna play....but havin some exposure can be a good thing

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