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UF mistakes lead to Ole Miss' upset

GAINESVILLE -- The Florida Gators made a laundry list of mistakes on Saturday. How bad was Ole Miss 31, UF 30? Let's see...
--The blocked extra point.
--Three fumbles led to 10 Ole Miss points.
--Joe Haden's fourth-quarter error in judgement, leaving UM receiver Shay Hodge wide open for an 86-yard touchdown catch.
--Meyer twice passed on field goals that could have won the game, a 47-yarder in the first quarter and a 49-yarder in the second.
--Ole Miss' fourth-and-2 in the second half led to a 40-yard touchdown run for McCluster.
--Tebow was off on Saturday. He missed Percy Harvin and Louis Murphy on the last drive of the game and missed Riley Cooper and Harvin on the first drive of the game.
--Florida converted just 1-of-11 third downs, and was 0-for-5 in the second half.

Thoughts, anyone? Am I leaving anything out? Oh, yeah, Ole Miss fake punt...Does Florida have any hope of beating LSU in two week? Are the Gators' national title hopes gone?



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I only saw the highlights since I had class all day but judging from you said, I think you nailed the loss on the head. Lots of mistakes but give Miss plenty of credit, they came to win and did what they had to, to win.

The Gator don't play LSU next week, they play Arkansas. Next question?

I think you pretty much covered all the mistakes. The turnovers were fatal, especially since they set up a short field for Ole Miss.

Of course we are still in the national title race. We have as favorable an SEC schedule as any team can get - LSU at home and Georgia are the two toughest teams we have left (on paper at least).

I still believe a one-loss SEC champion is more deserving of a spot in the BCS title game than a one-loss team from any other conference (I'm looking at you, USC). As long as we control our destiny in the SEC, we are alive. Today's loss just means there is no room for error.

First thing is first though. Let's beat Arkansas. Hopefully Emmanuel Moody will be healthy, so we can give him at least 15 carries. And maybe, just maybe Louis Murphy will emerge as the potent threat we know he can be.

Man, I am really missing Cornelius Ingram. He really would've opened up the passing game.

Feel better now, post pedantic interlude without adding anything to the various posed questions? Idiot.

Oline - played poorly against the Hurricrimes, played poorly against Ole Miss. Clearly not a one game aberration, this unit is just not as good as we had all hoped it would be. There are various theories to this, however one i subscribe to is one I've seen before at UF, under HBC. in the post Rhett years, we threw the ball so much and de-emphasized the run to the point that the Olinemen simply lost their angry/nasty edge. For all you Zook haters, he alleviated that with big nasty plowers like Snell and Starks, brawlers I'm pretty certain he brought into the fold. Our line are playing like some WAC softies. That goes on the coach for not chopping wood/pounding the rock whatever stupid phrase you want to use for lining up in a Fukin I formation and crushing people. How could anyone not watch the Bama game last night and not absolutely love the way their O looked? It statrs up front, and they, plainly, are playing like pu55ies this year.

Tebow, love him, but one must question whether the different schedule and persepective of being the HTW has affected his focus. How can anyone not believe he is not as crisp in his decision making and throwing this year? He still works hard, I don't believe anyone would be foolish enought o question his effort or desire, I just don't think he's making his reads. He either had an exceptional year last year, or he has lost his focus between magazine cover shoots and interviews.

Dan Mullen - Sucks. Despite what you say Goodie, he is straying away from basics, trying to outsmart himself. You make Phillips kick v Hurricrimes for reasons such as this, then you go for the kill 2 times when posessions were at a premium, instead of heading for the corners to get him closer. you tell everyone you have no confidence in your kicker when you do that at home against an unranked opoonenet. If you are not willing to let the PK take the shot at winning under that circumstance, when the hell are you going to do it? Bad coaching all the way around. Nutt got more out of his troops then our staff. Our D staff should be embarrasses that the Wild Rebvel formation was not contained with appropriate adjustments at the the half.


finally, went to the Ole Miss game at Oxford last year, great fans, good folks woh deserve to find the renewed success there. I'm happy for them and congratulate them for their well deserved win.

3 fumbles are tough to overcome, we almost did. Without those fumbles, I don't see this game even being close. Tebow was off on the plays that counted. He still had a decent game. That 4th down play still has me scratching my head. It was arrogant to believe you could basically show them exactly what you were going to do, yet still expect to get the first down. 4th and inches maybe, but not 4th and a LONG yard. This is a game we should not have lost...it sucks.

Actually it was Major Wright who was supposed to cover Hodge deep. Joe Haden did not mess up- Major did.

This was a total team loss. However, you kick the field goal. I think even gutsy Les Miles would have kicked the field goal. Do they know something about the kicker that we do not know?!

Florida can beat LSU if they play well. No doubt about it. Our O line is the biggest concern right now. We are still losing a lot of players to injuries- like Tartt and Moody. You have to wonder if they were ready to get back in there. Moody looks like he could be great but can he stay healthy? Our offense cannot be great if the O line is no good. They look to be the weakest link. They need to take those boys to the wood shed!


Good post, particularly the riff about the O-line. If there's no real commitment to the running game, that element of the offense starts to atrophy. I also find it remarkable that not one of our RB's has emerged as the true starter. I realize we have a lot of weapons, but a RB needs at least 15 carries to get into the flow of the game and break a few nice ones from time to time. Yes, Percy needs to be getting lots of touches, but I think he opens up the passing game for us when we line him up as receiver. We just need Moody, Moore, or whoever to emerge as the man.

I also love Tim Tebow, but I see him holding the ball too long and getting sacked as a result. Is it that our receivers aren't getting open, or he's missing the reads? Hard to tell by watching the games on TV.

Lastly, you could go either way on the decision to go for it vs. the FG. You expect Tebow to get the yard on 4th and 1. I would've optioned left to give him a chance to run, pitch, or complete a short pass. That, or do the fake run, drop back and pass.

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