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What's wrong with Tim Tebow?

GAINESVILLE -- Maybe you guys can help me out today. I'm working on a story this week comparing last year's UF quarterback and the guy under center this season. Obviously, it's the same person, junior Tim Tebow, but not much else is similar about the two players.

What's wrong with Tebow? Maybe nothing. Maybe you think he's better this season. Maybe you've noticed something I haven't.

Now taking suggestions...

Monday-morning links...
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The problem is a combination of things.
#1 He had a bad game vs. Ole Miss. Overthrew wide open guys, fumbled, etc.. We can dress it up but he just had a bad game.
#2 No Percy for 2 games
#3. Brandon James has given Tebow and offense the short field (nice problem to have) bottom line is the stats aren't there because James is so good.
#4 New clock rules
#5 No Ingram and Caldwell. Murphy is very good, Hernandez is very good and the depth and quality of WR is perhaps the best on the team but nobody else has stepped up. Hello Deonte? Carl Moore etc. Tebow has no go-to guy when Percy is covered.
#6. Maybe the most important. The opponents defenses are now taking away the deep ball and big pass plays by playing back. The are daring UF to run and dink their way down the field. It's a good strategy vs. an explosive Florida team, keep everyone in front of you. *To be honest, Tebow is probably playing a little better this season because he's not forcing a lot into deep coverage nor is he trying to shoulder all the load. He's been programed to use all his offensive weapons and not force the ball into coverage.
To be fair, he did have some deep ball chances against Ole Miss but he missed them, he's human and had a bad day. Like the home run hitter who never see's a good pitch but then when he gets one to drive he wiff's.
His post game promise also means nothing to me. I love Tebow, he's a stud and the man. But until he brings the team back from defeat once, I don't want to hear how hard he'll now try. Am I to believe that late in the game under 2:00 to go and losing by just a point he wanted to overthrow the wide open WR? Am I also to believe he didn't really want to get that 4th & 1 on their last play of the game. He wanted it bad then, he wants it bad now but bottom line is he has not brought his team back when they've need him most.
Again, I love the guy he's a great competitor and QB but that post game comment means nothing. I don't need an apology just go out their and win a game when the team is behind.
Those are my thoughts.

I think the coaches killed his desire and passion by over coaching him to stay in the pocket and be a different player than he is. He doesn't look like the same player at all from last year. Dan Mullen's play calling has been terrible. They claim they have so many weapons and defenses can't lock in on any one player. Well it's just been Percy Harvin show once again and they have not progressed at all from that. Moody has looked good when they have given him chances to run, but they always go away form it and go five wide. They should have a back in the backfield a majority of the time. It reminds me of the 2006 offense and that was hard to watch. They are preaching being conservative one offense, which I think is a mistake. I understand they want to play well on offense and defense, but don't cut the balls of the offense because the defense is much better. Be great on offense and defense don't be content on being good on one faucet.

Moody left the Ole Miss game early with a high-ankle sprain. He probably won't play against Arkansas.


Why doesn't someone just start www.firedanmullen.com ?? Give me a break !! Did Dan Mullen call a fumble by Tebow? Did he ask Percy to fumble in the third quarter, too?

Yes, I know the doubts. I agree that everyone in the country knew that Tebow was running the ball. Hell, I even agree with all the "why the heck do we put him in the shotgun there" critics.

But the bottom line is that Mullen called two wide open pass plays that were overthrown and he sure as heck didn't call a blown 86-yard TD by Ole Miss or the turnovers.

It's life Gator Fans, grow up. We didn't execute and there are no excuses for that. While Mullen has his downfalls and I'm not the biggest proponent of his play calling, either, he's not to blame for this loss.

Tebow is the same. The defenses are changing the way they play against him. We just need to adjust and I think that we will.

Wow... Rich I played for the Gators and I won't make that many excuses... Tebow is an average QB when he is forced to pass down field. He has yet to move the team in a two-minute situation and is co-dependent on Harvin. Look around, Murphy is projected to go in the first 3- rounds of the draft, Thompson was THE BEST RECEIVER in the state two years ago, but you think THEY are the problems? Football is very simple game, if you have a power running attack you can throw deep, when you don't, you are forced to dink and dunk all night. Either Meyer has to develop a running attack or we bang Tebow down the field until the deep ball opens up (or Tebow gets injured). The bottom line is Tebow was sooo effective last year b/c he was such an awesome runner between the tackles, until that happens he has to read coverages and throw accurately!

We turned into Tennessee last week in the 2nd half of this game. Those 2 turnovers in the 3rd were absolutely unforgivable. Our offensive line hasn't played very well either, but then again give credit to Hardy (future top 15 pick, maybe top 10) and that Ole Miss D line.

I think losing Caldwell and Ingram has really taken its toll. Percy is not a "true" WR yet, but losing a GREAT route runner in Bubba and a great possession receiver (and huge target) in Ingram has left us with guys like Murphy, Thompson & Harvin - all great speedy, deep-threats, but not exactly possession guys. Harvin is the closest thing with his crossing routes, but I don't see any great route runners. So if you don't give Tebow time, guys aren't going to get open. And I have to say superman has been off-target all season. Who knows why, but he hasn't been great.

I'm sorry but that 4th and 1 call was pitiful. With all the speedy tailbacks, you push Tebow behind a line that was getting pushed back by Ole Miss' D when the option and outside runs had been working all day??? Overconfidence, methinks.

As I stated many times before, it's a gimmick O that has been figured out. Wait until you play LSU and Georgia, they have the D to shut them out. Zooks players have left the building and now the losing has started.

Yeah TX, Urban hasn't recruited any good players. They were all Zook..
Meyer has only recruited:
On and on and on and on
Worry about your own team. Nice job at UNC. LOL

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