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Urban Meyer spotted at St. Thomas Aquinas

GAINESVILLE -- Florida football coach Urban Meyer attended the South Florida heavyweight high school match-up on Friday night between Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas and Deerfield Beach. Florida is recruiting players from both schools, including Deerfield Beach quarterback Denard Robinson.

Robinson has been offered a scholarship by Florida and he would likely be converted to a defensive back if he committed to the Gators.

Meyer arrived near the end of the first half, according to Miami Herald writer Bob Emanuel Jr., and stood on the St. Thomas sideline. Florida's coach has built a pipeline of sorts from St. Thomas to UF. Redshirt sophomore offensive lineman Marcus Gilbert and sophomore free safety Major Wright are St. Thomas grads.

The Florida men's basketball team's medical training staff cleared sophomore guard Nick Calathes for practice on Friday, the first day of preseason basketball practice.

Calathes injured his hip several weeks ago during a training drill. Florida coach Billy Donovan said on Wednesday that Calathes could be limited for as many as three weeks.

That's all I've got today. In Birmingham, Ala., this weekend visiting family. Attending a Hoover Bucs youth football game on Saturday. Just had Thai food in Montgomery, Ala. This was a bad idea.



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Go get 'em Urban. No reason not to recruit from a high school that recruits on their own!

Just thinking out loud this morning: If Tennessee loses to Sly Croom and Mississippi State today, will Tennessee make a coaching move during the middle of the season? Croom has been the death nail of several SEC coaches in recent years. Ron Zook (UF), Mike Shula (Alabama) and Ed Orgeron (Ole Miss) were all fired after losing to State.


It's tough for UT to fire Fulmer. Aside from the fact that he won them a national title, he did get them to the SEC Championship (granted by default) last season. I believe they extended him last season or in this past off-season as well.

I have two opinions on this. 1) This guy sucks and deserves to be fired. Problem with this is UT might hire a really good coach to replace him making the SEC even tougher. 2) I want him to stay at UT and fail forever giving us a free win every season.

But, in the end, he doesn't deserve to have a job there and should be gone already. If he loses to Miss St. it is the nail in the coffin, IMO.

Sly is at the tattoo parlor right now getting "KILLA" across his abs in an arch in Olde English .

I can only imagine what they're saying on UT message boards. I saw a fiery pre-game speech by Fulmer on Youtube and I grabbed a nap half way through it. Woke up and he was still yambering on.

Adam, it's fun to joke about him staying and them continuing as a doormat. But I want the SEC to have the best, not doormats. There is a reason that the winner of the SEC figures prominently into the NC game. And there is also a reason that the winner of the Big East doesn't. You do the math.

This season is pretty much a wash for UT and Fulmer is practically an institution there. I'm predicting they let him ride the season out and put him out to pasture when it's over. That said, it wouldn't surprise me to see him get his walking papers if UT gets a drubbing.

The bright side of this is that if he does get the axe, the Hurricanes could pick him up..BWAHAHAHAAAHA.

13-1, that's what it was, a joke.

If you think about the quality of coaches in the SEC right now, it is a scary thought to add another high-caliber one, especially for a rival.

It boggles the mind that Fulmer was given a new contract, and if they keep him after this season is over, I won't know what to think about the decision-makers in Knoxville.

Thank God the Canes won. I want to see Randy Shannon on the Canes sideline forever!!!

Celebrate a victory over UCF, and Duke.

Give Randy Shannon a contract extension NOW. What are you waiting for AD? Get him a contract for 10 years. The Canes have a two game winning streak. Sure it is against some of the worst teams in college football next to Washington State but give Randy an extension now!

Urban needs to stay his crybaby a** in g-ville and out of s fla. He can have central and n fla, but dont let him come here and steal our players. I know he will get players from STA because coach Smith wants his players to go to high profile schools and uf is in a good position right now. How long will that last though? Teams are catching up to the spread and urban's days in g-ville will be numbered once tebow and harvin are gone.

Regardless of the offense @ UF, it is a dramatically superior school for all the reasons you can go research.....Canes were good, now they are not...try Scrabble.

DWJ is canesrule in drag. This foamy mouth loser is so uncontrollably jealous of the Mighty Gators that he seethes with anger. UF is enjoying success in every area. Go ahead canesrule, keep posting your bitter vitriol. WE LAUGH AT U. Keep it up muttonhead.

DWJ, you're not doing so well with "your players." How are teams catching up with the spread and Urban? Apparently you don't realize we're a top 5 team in the country and you're scraping the bottom of the barrel. Get a real team before you trash the Gators and our coaches and players. Pathetic.

Randy Shannon is DEAD MAN WALKING! He's a joke - waaaayyyyyy over his head in the big leagues (even though you could now argue that Miami is NOT in the big leagues any more)

I guarantee you that he will not be at Miami in 2 years!

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