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Gators back in title hunt? Not yet

A few things to take away from UF 51, LSU 21...

GAINESVILLE -- Is it just my idiot brain that thinks this, or is the most successful play in the Gators' offensive playbook that option sweep to [fill in the name of a UF speedster here]?

Seriously, every time the Gators run that play -- you know the one -- UF picks up huge chunks of yards. Like last night when Jeffrey Demps raced for a 42-yard score. The receivers always block downfield, the pulling guard always finds his man and Florida always seems to gain at least a first down but usually much more.

Want a ridiculous stat? Demps is averaging 47 yards per touchdown run this season.

Are the Gators back in the national title hunt? Not yet. Florida still needs a few more undefeated teams to lose before the Gators can once again be considered one of the top two teams in the country. But after three Top 5 teams lost this weekend, it only seems like a matter of time before a one-loss team is vaulted back into the national title race.

Speaking of one-loss teams, are the Gators the best one-loss team in the country? Let's take a look.

Florida jumped from No.11 in the AP Top 25 to No.5 on Sunday. The Gators are ranked No.7 in the coaches' poll. One-loss Oklahoma is ranked No.4 while undefeated teams Texas, Alabama and Penn State are ranked 1, 2 and 3. Florida still needs a one or two more teams to stumble to get back into the national title game.

Assuming UF doesn't vomit all over itself again like it did against Ole Miss, the Gators' season now comes down to two games. Nov.1 vs. Georgia and Nov. 29 at Florida State.

Here's the most important thing Urban Meyer said in his post-game press conference on Saturday: "We all know what happens when you're not ready."

Meyer was talking about not overlooking Kentucky like the Gators did three weeks ago when UF overlooked Ole Miss. Florida is off this week before a home game against the Wildcats.

According to UF officials, Florida is not practicing on Sunday and will also take Monday off.


P.S. Told you Vanderbilt was a fraud and that LSU would get smoked.


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Florida is a long way away. They need to win out first which will not be easy in the SEC. This isnt the ACC where you can show up with half a team and play your C game and win. You better bring your A game in the SEC every single week or you will lose.

Florida finally put a full game together with offense, defense and special teams.

Basically what Florida needs to get to the NC is:

1) Win out: which definitely wont be easy
2) Have Penn State lose
3) If Penn State wins out then the Gators will need Texas to lose 1. If Texas loses 2 than Oklahoma is right back in it and the Gators might need them to lose.

Florida has a tough schedule left and if Alabama goes undefeated (which would help the Gators tremendously) beating an undefeated Alabama should push them in (assuming a loss by either Texas or Penn State).

Pretty easy scenario however there is a lot of football left and a lot of things can happen between now and then.

You also told us Brandon Antwine would never play another snap for the Gators...

If Florida wins out they will be there at the end. Winning out will place them in an enormous prime time SEC championship game. The last two NC's came from the winner of that game. There is still half a season left for the 4 teams ahead of UF to falter. Win and we're in.

And oh yeah, good job on the prediction Goody. UF definitely "smoked" LSU.

I never thought FLA would do that to LSU. I'm not worried about the National Title hunt, I just want to show up each week and keep getting better. Still looks like the UGA/FLA winner will represent the east. That will be the game that matters most in Florida's SEC title quest. Still a lot of ball left to play though. Kentucky is better, South Carolina is getting better, FSU is getting better.. Should be a wild finish in the SEC.
Good prediction Joe, I was too scared to pick FLA

It will be quite a bit easier for every team currently ahead to UF to lose, than for UF to win out.

That being said, the top 1 or 2 loss teams the SEC will be better than any of the remaining top 4 teams. For those with short memories or limited vision....no other conference currently is even close to the SEC.

UF was the favorite against LSU...they were expected to win...just not so convincingly.

If we can win out things will work itself out, PSU is the worry, easy conf, may not loose, TX will loose in a good big 12, our schedule when we win out will put us in the title game.

Even if PSU wins...the BCS will use the OSU factor on them, and drop their ranking based on expected failure in an NC game


What is the injury status for players like Rainey, Moody and Murphy? Also I think Hernandez left the game but he might have returned.

In my opinion, a one-loss Big 10 team will not be in the NC game if a Big 12 and an SEC team with one loss are close - they've done that twice (OSU) and have proven the Big 10 stinks. Don't believe the hype. As for the Gators, if they take care of business during the regular season and then win the SEC Championship Game, everything else will take care of itself.

What is Joe on a BYE week along with the Gators?

Where is this guy?

The Gators have made their biggest move and Joe is kicking back sipping beers with LeBatard finding their inner soul.

I understand why Manny disappeared but you Joe? Come on?


Yes, Joe was on a bye day. Will be back on Tuesday morning with a weekly report card, injury reports and other stuff. Players and coaches are only available one day this week (Wednesday).


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