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HOOPS: Donovan not too happy with Calathes

GAINESVILLE -- UF guard Nick Calathes might be the Gators' best player but he's no leader, according to UF coach Billy Donovan. Not yet anyway.

Donovan, straight talker extraordinaire, said on Wednesday that his basketball team lacks a leader right now. He did say, however, that several players have leadership tendencies.

What exactly does that mean? It means UF's coach isn't too happy at present with guard Nick Calathes. Calathes has been injured for several weeks with a hip flexor. The sophomore suffered the injury two weeks after returning from Greece, where he spent more than a month training with the Greek national basketball team. Calathes tried out for Greece's Olympic team but didn't make it. (Never had a chance is what I heard. Not a knock on Calathes. Greece just had a good point guard.)

ANYWAY, Donovan pointed out on Wednesday during the Gators' preseason media day that Calathes hasn't been available for 12 weeks due to the Greece trip and the hip injury. Donovan went on to say that being unavailable has prevented Calathes from establishing himself as a leader.

"It's very, very difficult to turn into a leader when you're not around all the time," Donovan said.

Ouch. Apparently Donovan doesn't have the same love for the Motherland as Calathes, whose grandfather was Greek. In Calathes' defense, he did train constantly while in Greece. According to Calathes, he practiced three times a day while overseas. Some speculated that Calathes injured his hip while in Greece but the guard said on Wednesday he injured it upon returning to Gainesville.

Basketball practice begins on Friday and Calathes says he expects to participate. Meanwhile, Donovan said that Calathes' injury with limit the player for possibly three more weeks.



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I hope this team is not as soft as last years team

that would be a shame...

Bad decision going to Greece. However, as long as he's ready for the season, he can work out those kinks in practice and our first few cupcake games. Hopefully it's not serious.

Goody, what's your very early projection on the season? Make the tournament, out in the first two rounds?

Will Tim stay or go? : Great blog topic

Gator basketball in October? Meh...

Let me axe you this question Gator Nation.

Will the Florida D shut down Knowshon November 1st? Will they at least contain him? It's hard to imagine this guy with his tornado spinning not gashing them here and there. I've seen him do this spin move over and over. How do coaches prepare defenders to tackle a guy with those moves in his game? He is the real deal. He has a combination of power and dazzle that is tough to stop. I can't help but think that UF's coaching staff will brew up something to contain KM.

Beat the rush. Hate Georgia early by watching this link


Basketball practice begins on Friday and media day was Wednesday. I'm sure there are a few UF hoops fans out there who appreciate the preseason news. And it's not like we never talk football here. I've been blogging about UF football non stop for about three months now.


"I've been blogging about UF football non stop for about three months now." -jo-

You are absolutely correct sir. And may I add that you do an excellent job at it. But I just can't help myself when it comes to being a smartass, especially on the heels of yesterdays whirlwind Tebow discussion.

But we really need is for you to blog about football for about three more months Jo. That would stretch nicely into January if you know what I mean.

Post about basketball all ya want.

Jo, what's the good word on this news I just got texted to me:

"RB turned LB Mon Williams will request a transffer from Florida to a school closer to home."

Does he have no patience (esp. considering he's the one that got injured) or does he feel that he won't be able to get enough playing time next season?

Also, do you think the transition to LB this year hurt him overall because he's now a secondary thought on two positions, one of which he was learning from the beginning?

I'll check on it. When you're a running back and you get moved to linebacker, the writing is on the wall. They talked about moving Bo Williams to linebacker and he transferred last year.


That's true. I thought Bo and Mon were both going to be real solid contributors here...kinda disappointed.

I think Donovan is trying to challenge Nick. He knows too that training in Greece and participating in the European Championship of under 20 gives a bigger boost to CAlathes as a player and as a person than practicing in Florida. Things are pretty tough in Europe and especially in Greece. Nick learned a lot of things in Greece and next summer he'll be ready for the men's team! That would be something, when you have next to you players like Diamantidis, Papaloukas and Spanoulis. And I am pretty sure that he'll do a terrific job as a leader of UF!
Go Gators!

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