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HOT TOPICS: Why does LSU out-recruit UF in Miami?

GAINESVILLE -- Here's a good question to discuss in the days leading up to this Saturday's game: Why does LSU out-recruit UF in Miami?

ByrdFlorida hasn't landed a recruit from the 305 area code since Dorian Munroe of Miami Coral Reef signed with the Gators in February of 2005. Some of LSU's best players are from Miami. What's the deal? Miami is loaded with high school talent and the University of Florida is a major state university with a great football program. Shouldn't UF be able to land at least one or two players from Miami-Dade every February?

And don't give me the line about Miami and UM coach Randy Shannon shutting everyone out. Other SEC schools have had success in Miami. The team Florida is playing this week, LSU, is one of those teams. LSU routinely raids Miami-Dade for some of its best players. Defensive lineman Ricky Jean-Francois of Carol City is a star at LSU and so is receiver Demetrius Byrd [PICTURED, NO.2] of Miami Central.

And what about Patrick Peterson -- formerly Patrick Johnson -- of Pompano Beach Blanche Ely? Peterson claims that UF coach Urban Meyer was so upset that Peterson Patrick_johnson_dpoy1 [PICTURED, NO.7] chose LSU over Florida that Meyer alerted the NCAA Clearinghouse of Peterson's low ACT test scores. The NCAA flagged Peterson's academic record last year.

Here's what Peterson told the New Orleans Times-Picayune about the incident: "I'm not upset. Florida made an issue about the ACT score. They're cowards. They had to go behind my back. But that's OK. We play them this year."

Some blame former UF assistant Doc Holliday for Florida's lack of recruiting success in Miami. I'm not buying that. Why? Because Holliday left for West Virginia this offseason and he already has one commitment from Miami-Dade (Miami Northwestern running back Daquan Hargrett).

Can somebody give me a rational reason why LSU has success recruiting Miami-Dade County and Florida does not?

JeanfrancoisJean-Francois apparently told the Orlando Sentinel last week that he is going to try his best to take UF quarterback Tim Tebow out of the game on Saturday.

"If we get a good shot on [Tebow], we're going to try out best to take him out of the game," Jean-Francois was quoted as saying. "With his size and his heart, it's hard to get a clean shot. I think every lineman wants to get a good hit on a Heisman Trophy winner."

Does anyone have a problem with Jean-Francois [PICTURED, NO.90] saying this? LSU apparently does. They have made Jean-Francois (and for that matter Demetrius Byrd) off limits to the media this week.



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The same reason RJF, Byrd, Dwayne Bowe, Highsmith ect. didn't go to Miami. They couldn't get into school at either.

If I remember correctly, Ricky Jean-Francois was originally committed to Miami. He skipped his own signing-day ceremony at Carol City and later signed with LSU.

As for Byrd, he was junior-college guy, which means he could have gone anywhere he wanted to after attending prep school.

Bowe played in 13 games for LSU his freshman season (2003) and led all freshman in receptions.

Highsmith played in 12 games his freshman season and started two.


Miami players are brainwashed into going to Miami first of all. In all honesty why a recruit would chose Miami is way beyond me. The only thing Miami has going for them is they put guys in the NFL in the 1980s. To me the players that chose Miami are ignorant and are definitely not open minded. Why chose a school now that has a coach who will be on his way out within 3 years in Miami, that plays in front of small crowds (with the exception of FSU), with sorry facilties and a joke of a campus in a weak conference without much national exposure? I am not even saying to pick Florida but pick a school with a campus, great facilities, a proven head coach, with loud, wild and passionate fans, great competition and national exposure. Basically pick one of the many SEC schools. You couldnt go wrong with Florida, LSU, Alabama, Georgia, Auburn.

Now the fact that the kids in South Florida are brainwashed by the Canes coaches and their fans, freinds and family means they hate Florida with a passion. So basically Miami is on their list and if Miami either does not have a spot or has plenty of players at a certain position they pick schools like LSU.

It is really very simple.

You dont think some of these guys wish they were open minded that picked the Canes? Best example, Jacory Harris. I will have plenty more in 3 years of great examples of ignorant kids that picked Miami because it was a popular thing to do (influence from family and freinds and other players). Lamar Miller is another one who just chose Miami. Miami is loaded at RB and this kid picked Miami. He will be transfering no doubt unless the new coach that comes in, 2-3 years from now, wants to give him a shot.

I understand why Miami kids choose Miami, but why do Miami kids choose LSU over Florida, or LSU over Miami?


Because of the hate for Florida. These kids grow up in Miami with an almost innate hate for Florida. So if they cant go to Miami, or the ones that actually use their heads and are open minded they choose a team like LSU for all the reasons I mentioned above:

Chance to compete for the National Title
Proven head coach
SEC school--great competition, facilities, fans, stadiums, exposure
Women--forget South Beach have you seen SEC college girls?

They chose LSU over Florida because of the inbred hate for Florida in Miami. If they chose Florida all of their family, friends, and others in Miami would get on them pretty good. So choosing LSU gives them all the benefits of choosing Florida minus the harassment.

"Women -- forget South Beach have you seen SEC college girls?"

Nice one.

You speak of this "inbred hate" for Florida among Miami high school football players, anyone else out there experience anything like this?


They hate the Gators just like CokeCanes hates Miami.

I grew up in Miami and played HS FB in S.Fla. and I was raised to hate Florida because of the crap that they pulled. Ala Meyers calling the NCAA about a players ACT???? Meyers is not respected in FB and it is starting to show in his recruiting and play.

Most S.Fla players will go to Miami if recruited but to get into Miami you have to have a higher GPA and test scores. If they don't meet those standards (ala Highsmith) they have to go to another school.

They choose LSU because LSU has always run a pro style team that puts players in the NFL. NFL scouts don't have time to recoach players that run a gimmick spread that the Gators run, the top HS recruits know this so they go to the teams that put players in the pro's.
Where is Russell? NFL
Where is Leak? Playing flag FB.

Read today's head line on yet another Miami recruit Lamar Miller. He had it down to Florida and Miami but he stated that he knows he has a better shot as a RB to go pro at Miami. Now he is headed to Miami even though they have two other highly recruit RB.

Plus guys like Cokecane give Florida a bad rep! He insults (blogs) all day long about Miami, the only reason he does this is because he knows Miami is on it's way back and he's worried. People read blogs and this type of news makes it's way to recruits.

He bad mouths Shannon all day and Shannon is from Miami, the Miami area loves Shannon so it makes them hate Florida even more. If they don't get an offer from Miami they won't go to Florida. (This is a fact, my brother is a HS teacher and PE coach in SF and they talk about the blogging smack all the time).

LSU 38 FL 10

Why am I worried about a Canes team that is in sole posession of last place in the ACC? Did you know that Duke is higher in the ACC standings than the powerful and mighty Hurricanes?

P.S. Please keep Randy Shannon there FOREVER! He is the best thing to ever happen to the rest of the state of Florida colleges.

Lamar Miller can play catch on the sidelines with Jacory Harris. If they want to ruin their career, go right ahead. How many 1st rounders do the Canes have this year????? That NFL thing is a thing of the past.

Then why do you blog all day about them? There has to be a reason?

How many 1st rounders do the canes have this year? Wait and see.

The NFL thing is a thing of the past? What a dumb comment!

- NFL Draft Record. Most players selected in the first round in a single draft (6, 2004); most first-round draft picks in a two-year period (11, 2003-2004); most first-round draft picks in a three-year period (15, 2002-2004); and most first-round picks in a four-year period (19, 2001-2004).

And........For the past 14 years, Miami has had at least one player selected in the first round of the NFL draft.

We also have the most players in the NFL today.

The NFL thing is a thing of the past??? Not!!!

Your football life must really be bad now. How does it feel to have your college football team-the miami hurricanes-have their season over in week 2???
Now you have to resort coming to the Gator board to find excitement since your team is IRRELEVANT!

Guess what though--The Florida Gators DO NOT need any players from Miami. If they come fine, but we do fine without them. Heck, we just won a National Championship in 2006 and we are consistently in the top 5 in recruiting.

While the Gator games matter week in and week out the Hurricanes only excitement left is what insignificant mid-december bowl will they be playing in, if any at all.

How many first rounders will you have this year????

Keep talking and living in the past because that is all the Canes have.

Florida is turning into a National recruiting power.

Percy Harvin and Carlos Dunlap are two that jump out.

It is almost impossible to get into Miami but again we dont need them. If we get them, fine. We are focused on our area, North-Central Florida and national recruiting.

We recently added a recruit from Miami-Palmetto and may even pull one more this year.

Florida is a very young team and does not have many scholarships right now, about 15.

Never knew Lamar Miller was serious about UF, thought it was mostly an LSU/Miami battle, though I thought WVU was recruiting him hard. Not sure why he would go to Miami, probably thinking with his heart instead of his head. Good luck to him.

Anyways, honestly I think we are going to make a few in roads into South FL over the next couple years. I think Doc Holiday was a poor choice by Meyer for recruiting down here. Holiday gets trashed by a lot of people and really didn't have a good rep down here. Meyer didn;t know any better, and thought Holiday was a good choice because he has a history down here...just not a good one.

Another bad season is not going to help UM, and they are headed on that track again. Signing Day is a long ways away.

We recently added a recruit from Miami-Palmetto and may even pull one more this year?

Wrong, Palmetto, FL which is near Tampa.

As a person who played Highschool Football at Miami Killian, the Hurricanes must have raised there test score standards since Michael Irvin, Jerome Brown and Lamar Thomas played there, TxCane. I think not. All they have to do is open there mouths and you realize the high standards that were required to get them in. Now that standards have been elimanated as a reason for Miami kids to go to UM, move on.

Oh, TxCane, You want a more recent example don't you, since you are most likely a jump on the bandwagon type and didn't actually go there. Santana Thomas (sp.?) ring a bell about academics at UM.He was in UF's 2000 recruiting class. UF would not allow him in. He was refused by admissions and Spurrier wrote a letter complaining to the local paper. What did our protagonist do, he simply went down to the beautiful UM campus and was welcomed into the world of academics, that they are so well known for down there.

Rodney, I can tell your 620 SAT score brain is telling your fingers what to write. Your use of grammar tells me you didn't graduate from Killian High nor any college.

No need for me to reply to your useless jabber!

As a former Gator and MCC Chief Player I can tell you first-hand why athletes choose LSU over Florida. Academic Standards! Florida want student-athletes not just ball players. If parents of football players think more about their child's educational environment and success, then a lot more will choose Florida (The best academic school in the state in my opinion). College is an institution of higher learning, not a NFL sub-division. Florida encourages their student-athletes to be more in life (doctors, teachers, lawyers, and etc.)….That is the theory behind the “The Gator Nation”.

UF needs all Florida student-athletes.

Stop talking from your tail.

TX Cane,

Be nice. Someone who scored a 620 on the SAT would probably try to eat the Internet, not use it to communicate.

As for X-Man,

Just playing devil's advocate here, but have you ever heard of Torrey Davis or John Brown? Just saying...


Historically, UF has never aggressively recruited in the Miami-Dade area, which I think is a mistake given the talent pool there.

The key to creating a pipeline from any region is to pluck a few top notch guys. If the players are successful, coaches can cite them as examples on the recruiting trail about why UF would be a good fit for whoever they are talking to. It seems like we've never managed to do that.

For instance, Lawrence Wright was one of the all-time Gator greats from Miami, but we never built on that. Marquand Manuel went to Miami High, but we never built on that either. When it comes to recruiting in Miami-Dade, these guys have proven to be the exception rather than the rule.

I don't think we need to dominate in Miami-Dade recruiting, but just like we do in the DC/VA area (Harvey, Percy, etc) and other parts of the country, it's always good to steal a few guys from UM's own backyard - just like they did to us with Clinton Portis.

FSU has long been more successful than UF in Miami-Dade, even though most of these kids grew up as Canes fans and considered the Noles a hated rival. Why? Because they've managed to create a pipeline. I can remember being a kid and wondering why FSU LB Marvin Jones, a Miami guy, would ever go to FSU and why others followed in his footsteps. It's because Miami kids can identify with his background. They look at him and say, "If he can grow up in Miami, play ball at FSU and then make it to the NFL, I can do it too."

In the end, we need to do a better job in South Florida. Javi Estopinan was a nice steal a while back, but we can do more.

Carlos Alvarez, one of the all-time greatest Gators, was a Miami Gator.


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