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Is Tebow secretly playing through pain?

GAINESVILLE -- Is anyone out there other than me convinced that Florida quarterback Tim Tebow is playing despite chronic soreness in his back?

I asked Tebow the question on Saturday after the 38-7 win against Ole Miss and Tebow smiled, paused for a moment and said, "I was all right."

Thoughts, anyone? From the press box, I couldn't help but notice Tebow constantly stretching on the sidelines during the game, as if his back was stiff.

I've been cruising through the Florida message boards this morning and fans are in complete meltdown mode about the Gators' offense. A quick thought before I board my plane for Gainesville: Despite the offense's inconsistent play, the Gators are among the SEC leaders in scoring. According to secsports.com this morning, Florida's offense is tied with LSU for second in the SEC at 35.5 points per game.

According to Florida's sports information department, the Gators are practicing on Sunday night and will take Monday off.



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Its always good to win an SEC game, especially on the road, but it is now painfully clear we are not one of the elite, and that is why everybody is a little sad. It believe it all begins and end with our offense line. It's just not that good, especially with the injuries. Now we still have tons of talent, but the play calling needs ot be adjusted to accept the fact that we cannot run up the middle on even a fair defense.We need to attack the perimeter with fast developing plays and cut the number of off tackle runs in half. If we use the game plan on offense we had for this week, we lose LSU, Georgia, maybe Vandy and FSU. We are trying to make the off tackle run out bread and butter and rely on big plays off tackle which dont occur on decent defenses. Your thoughts?

I saw Tebow stretching his back too a couple times. Not sure, maybe it's just stiff. I don't think we need to make excuses for Tebow, he will get things turned around. There were a couple drives that we can really build on from that game. I saw some improvements, but some stupid things...like running Rainey up the middle on third and short...that we still need to work out, but I am feeling positive about this week.

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Please stop covering the Gators and go write a short story about your beloved Canes while canoeing with your wife...

Apparently, NaplesGator has no life.


Good comeback jojo....

Jo doesn't like the Canes, he is a Bama fan...hahahahaha! JK

Hey Naples, thanks for adding absolutely nothing to this site. You also win the "most annoying award" this week.

I went to UAB. Calling me an Alabama fan is pretty much the worst insult in the history of football. In other words, you just graded out at 64 percent.


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