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Why Florida lost to Georgia and how to prevent it, according to Meyer

GAINESVILLE -- Florida coach Urban Meyer deflected questions today about Georgia's end-zone celebration on Monday during his weekly press conference. He did, however, offer a reason for last season's loss to the Georgia. The Bulldogs beat Florida 42-30.

"I think we lost that game because we didn't tackle very well," Meyer said. "We were very soft, very selfish outfit a year ago. And we didn't protect the quarterback and we dropped the ball twice. That's how we lost that game.

"That's why Tuesday and Wednesday were going to practice so hard. We're going to have really hard practices Tuesday and Wednesday and make sure those same things don't happen again."

Florida cornerback Janoris Jenkins did not practice on Sunday, a day after Florida coach Urban Meyer said Jenkins is probable for Saturday's game against Georgia despite a leg injury.

Jenkins limped off the practice field with an extensive wrap around his right leg. (It looked like it really hurt.) According to Meyer, Jenkins bruised his shin in the 63-5 win against Kentucky. Jenkins left the game in the first quarter and sat on the trainer's table for most of the first half. He stayed inside the Gators' football facility for the second half.

The good news here is that Jenkins' right knee wasn't wrapped and he wasn't using crutches. This means the trainers want him to use his leg to help with the recovery process.

While Florida has several veteran cornerbacks who could take Jenkins' place in the starting line-up against Georgia, the coaching staff would prefer to face Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford with Jenkins on the edge. Cornerback Wondy Pierre-Louis started last season against Georgia. He had and interception return for a touchdown (Anyone remember the flip?) and was this season's initial starter. Coaches benched him during the Tennessee game.

Here's a link to my story in today's paper: Publicly ignoring 2007 end-zone celebration doesn't mean Gators aren't thinking about it.



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Thanks for the update, jo. We NEED Jenkins for Saturday. He's part of the reason this secondary is so improved. Jenkins, Black, Wright and Haden are scary, filthy good. Will Hill coming in as the third safety is also ridiculous.

jo, where do you think this secondary ranks nationally?

Meyer said it was a "shin bruise?" C'mon Urban, why then was his knee wrapped? Looks like Urban pulled a play out of the Randy Shannon play book. RS would have described it as a "leg injury."

Once again, we see UF's offense showing outstandiang blocking. Combine Demps amazing elusiveness with good blocking and you get...well you get huge plays. They should match up Demps against Brandon James in the "juke off."

Good point Adam, filthy,nasty, dirty secondary. Those fools in GA think Stafford is going to roast florida's defense. Good luck. Stafford throw the prettiest incompletion I've ever seen.

The Gators seem to be peaking nicely for next weekends madness.

Go Gators

i heard there was a Micheal Vick siting in Gangstaville today. The word is, he's in town to show Percy Harvin and Tim Tebow how to kill Ga.Bulldawgs. GO GATORS!!!! 49-28

I hope my tampon does not fall out at the UGA game!

Oh look, the foamy mouth cane troll reared his head.



cause gator fans can't read!!!!


cause gator fans can't read!!!!

Good quotes from Urban...but how about...WE DIDN'T PLAY DEFENSE! This year we do. Different story.

Did the FLA defense have to do 188 push-ups daily in the off season (1 for every yard Moreno ran for) and then run 42 stadium steps up and down daily. 1 step for every point Georgia scored last season. I read this but didn't know if it was true. That is awesome if it is. Find a way to let the big loss serve as motivation.

Virginia defeated Miami 48-0 in the final home game at the Orange Bowl!


Maybe the "yew" will score this year.....LOL

No one will ever forget that sorry VIRGINIA TOOLED UM in their FINAL home game at the storied URINE BOWL. That loss is more humiliating than anything I have ever witnessed in college football.


I forgot it! Who cares?

Go Gators!

we all know tebow, is loose cannon when game starts..but he should be miami Dolphins QB in a few yrs..but, that means miami has to lose the rest of yr..and GA always plays great game..so tebow better be ready for a wupping..

lets face it, gators are not super men..they play smart, and have a great defense..but some time tebow gets carried away..he wants to be the best, but lots of guys want to be better..so he may get into a little trouble, every now and then..like to see overtime game, it would be intresting...

Rick, not really sure what you're talking about. First, in order for him to be the Dolphins QB, they'd have to use a first round pick on a QB. That would mean Henne isn't working out, and I am pretty damn confident that he will. That would also mean the Dolphins would have a relatively early pick, which isn't going to happen this year or next year (Tebow's senior season).

"he wants to be the best, but lots of guys want to be better" What does that mean? How can one guy want to be better than another? They all want to be the best. Tebow does not get carried away, he stays in control of his emotions while pumping his teammates up. He's the ultimate captain and motivator.

Our offensive line is the biggest group of fat, soft, slow bodies I have ever seen. I would rather have 280 guys who are in shape and have nastiness than these cream puffs. They have been the problem this season. I hope we have 5 JUCO starters next year and get rid of all of these wussies. BLOCK SOMEONE YOU WIMPS!!!!!BRING BACK KEHOE!!!!!!!!

Rick - You need tell truth. you no Rick. You Tonto.

LOL...Tonto. Ah, man. That made me laugh out loud.


Is it fair to steal Florida's offensive coordinator in the midst of the season, the bowl season, and even causing a distraction going into the National Championship?

Click this link to get your point across

And why would Mullen take the job at this time? Is he to blame for the distraction as well?

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