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Mon Williams to seek transfer, according to report

GAINESVILLE -- Florida linebacker Mon Williams plans to transfer after this semester, according to a report in the Gainesville Sun by writer and blogger Edward Aschoff.

According to the report, Williams is upset with his move to linebacker and wants to seek a transfer to a school closer to home. Williams was the No.12 ranked running back in the nation for the 2006 recruiting cycle, according to Rivals. Williams tore his ACL prior to the 2007 season and has been an afterthought ever since.

If Williams indeed transfers, he will be the third running back in less than a year to leave the Gators. Last offseason, South Florida native Bo Williams transferred and so did Chevon Walker. Of course, Mon Williams could always change his mind and stay put, a la offensive lineman James Wilson. Does anyone see that happening after Mon said that UF running backs coach Kenny Carter ignores him? Here's what Mon said about Kenny Carter:

"I feel like since we got this new coach, everything's been downhill," Williams said. "We never talk. Even when he comes around, we never talk. He'll only comment when something bad goes down."

In case you haven't noticed, Florida's offense is trending towards using small and speedy running backs compared to more traditional duel-threat backs. Scatbacks Jeffrey Demps (true freshman) and Chris Rainey (redshirt freshman) both weigh about 175 pounds. Mon Williams, a hulking running back with an imposing physique, doesn't fit that mold.

You know those measuring sticks at amusement parks that determine whether short kids can ride rollercoasters. The entrance way of the Gators' locker room should have one of those red lines next to the door. The sign would read, "Running back recruits taller than this red line not wanted."

Seriously, UF does not want a running back that isn't in the mold of Jeff Demps or Chris Rainey. This is why I can almost say with a certainty that Miami Northwestern junior Corvin Lamb (5-10, 180 pounds, 4.31 seconds in the 40) will consider committing to Florida next season, which will be a major coup for the Gators.

UF coach Urban Meyer has made it clear what he wants in a running back -- small and fast people.

"I talked to a high school coach today of a young guy like that," Meyer said on Wednesday during the weekly SEC coaches teleconference. "We had a staff meeting, about a two-hour recruiting meeting this morning. I'd like somebody to put a plan together without Rainey, Demps, Brandon James and Percy Harvin. Let me see that game plan, it probably wouldn't be very dynamic.

"Size doesn't matter. Part of our staff's reason and part of my reason for taking this job is the ability to recruit some of the finest athletes in the country. The game has changed a little bit. Our way of playing is we believe in space, we believe in speed and we believe in big plays."



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Mon who?


Don't be surprised if Mon transfers to Oklahoma State or Texas A&M and has a productive senior season. I think he's a talented kid that's gotten lost in the shuffle at UF.

In my opinion, the best thing for Mon to do is stay put at UF and try to earn some playing time unless he knows for sure that he can transfer to another school, sit out and then be guaranteed playing time his redshirt senior season. That will be a tough thing to do at a decent school (just my opinion).

In this blog posts, I wrote that UF only wants scatbacks for its offense. Here's an interesting quote from Mon Williams when he committed to Florid coach Urban Meyer back in 2005. Meyer visited Mon at his high school.

“It was like a superstar coming to the school,” said Williams, according to a 2005 story by Scout.com. “Everybody at school was pointing [Meyer] out. He was saying they need a scat running back, someone that can break loose and no one can catch them.

"[Meyer] is a great person. He is straight forward and not going to cut corners with you. I met his family too, his two daughters and their son. I am going to see them grow up, that was something [Meyer] thought was important."


Kid looked like a stud before he tore his ACL. But now we have a glut with Moody, Rainey and Demps, so see yah!

I always wondered what happened to Mon. Aside from his name getting sprinkled in here and there in the preseason, he has been pretty much non-existent at UF. I guess an injury can do that to you.

The emphasis on scatbacks has me surprised. I was sooo looking forward to UF utilizing an inside-outside running attack with the little guys and Moody/Moore. Maybe that's still to come after some injuries heal but it sure doesn't look that way judging by your comments above. I see Knowshon as a big obstacle to the Gators goals. I reasoned that grinding out the clock with ball control by running the big guys between the tackles would keep KM off the field. I probably should be happy with Demps "grinding out" 13.1 per carry between the tackles. LOL.

All this considered, it doesn't look as though Mon will get an opportunity to excel on this team. It would be hard to blame the guy for going elsewhere.

Although Mon appears to have a change in heart, it's still a nice job by you Jo to post some of his positive statements regarding UF.

If you do transfer, good luck to you Mr. Williams. I wish you the best. And even though you are looking elsewhere, thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the University of Florida

The three-headed monster of Mon Williams, Bo Williams and Chevon Walker were three guys I was really excited about when they committed. All gone.

But I was more pretty upset that Jerimy Finch transferred after hurting himself early in the season and then not being able to play. Always thought he could be a great secondary player.

It was bound to happen. I remember when that guy got in last year he made some plays. But I guess he does not fill the mold of Meyer's back anymore. We still need and should have bigger backs for short yardage situations, or we can just continue to run Tebow up the middle, nobody is looking for that, WE SHOULD SURPRISE THEM, or wait here is a great idea, lets run 170lb backs up the middle, oh wait that's not such a good idea either now with Rainey's shoulder, oh here is a better idea lets run Harvin into the ground like last year and get him hurt.

Big Shot Bob,

Before you write off Mon, just take a look at Florida's situation at safety right now for proof that the depth chart can change in a hurry.


That's true, jo. Our secondary was awful last year and after a year of maturation and a solid recruiting class, they're looking pretty damn good.

I'm with MiamiGator on his comments, these 170 lb. backs are going to wear down real quick...there needs to be a guy like Moody there to spell them and keep the defenses honest, especially on short-yardage situations.

I disagree though with his statement about Harvin. He gets hurt no matter what you do with him...which stems from him never actually getting healthy last season.

@Adam s

Keep defenses honest? If you have top athletes (I think UF has a few of those) and you execute Urban's spread correctly. There is not much any defense can do. They might be able to slow it down, but they can't stop it. And even if it is defended well, the offense will still tear off some huge plays. It's all about execution.

Adam S.,

My point wasn't that the safety position is better this season. My point was that a third-string cornerback from '07 is starting and a '07 receiver is a second-string back-up. Speaking of Justin Williams, is this the next guy to speak openly about transferring? He was recruited as a receiver but now he's a back-up safety. Next season, Williams will be pushed back further on the depth chart (presumably) when Dee Finley makes it to campus.


13-1, yes, keep them honest...because a 170 lb. RB could get murdered in a 3rd-and-1 situation if we were to do a straight run...so they automatically know the only way that's coming is with Tebow...like in the Ole Miss game. If you have a bigger RB like Moody back there along with a speedy guy and Tebow, it gives you three rushing options and, of course, the passing options as well.

jo, OK I see what you're saying. Thought you were simply discussing the improvement of the position through maturation and recruiting.

I hope Justin Williams moves back to receiver next season. With Harvin and Murphy leaving he would have an oppurtunity for playing time right away. I think he's a talented receiver in the mold of Murphy and would give us another down field threat next season.

We'll still have Carl Moore and Deonte Thompson not to mention Hammond, Hines, Lawrence, Cooper, Nelson, Frazier, etc...and whoever we recruit.

I really wish we had gotten Tolliver, seeing him play at LSU is just a dagger...kid's gonna be real good.

Getting Lamb is not a major coup. He is not the best South Florida RB in the 2010 class. Getting Gore would be the coup but that ain't happening.

Why would Gore or Lamb want to go to UM and join the other 10 RB's they have on the roster? I thought Mon was going to be a stud for us this year, and honestly I don't get why he hasn't seen more playing time.

Lamb is the kind of player UF wants at running back. If Florida lands a running back from Miami Northwestern who runs a 4.31 in the 40, that is a very big deal in my opinion.

By the way, the Florida sports information office tells me that Mon Williams has not asked the compliance office for transfer papers or to be released from his scholarship.


We need receivers in this coming class. we lose harvin, murphy and cooper (to the mlb). Moore has shown me nothing. He plays soft IMO. Deonte is money and looks to be the guy next season. The remaining receivers have done nothing to date (well nelson batted the onside kick try out of bounds vs. lsu)

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