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NOTEBOOK: Tebow back in the Heisman hunt?

GAINESVILLE -- Can Sir Timmy climb back into the hunt for the Heisman Trophy with a strong second-half of the regular season? That's THE question I want answered.

If you think Tebow is out of the Heisman race never to return, you're wrong. Here's why. The Heisman Trophy is voted upon by human beings. And every human being I've ever met likes Tebow. Even fans of Florida's rivals -- the people who hate UF more than dirt hates soap -- come clean when it comes to admitting they like Timmy.

So, no. I'll answer my own question before anyone else does. No, Tebow is not out of the Heisman race. What does Tim need to do during the second half of the season to find himself back in New York come December? Tebow needs to reach Atlanta and the SEC championship game to get another free vacation to Times Square. (Just a prediction.) To actually win the award, Tebow needs to do something special in the final six games of the Gators' regular season. And by special I mean toss about 25 more touchdowns and beat Georgia by 25.

Plenty of people are honoring Brandon Spikes this week for punting a ball into the south end zone seats at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium on Saturday. After the SEC named Spikes its defensive player of the week, Spikes was named national defensive player of the week by the Army. Spikes is also up for another national defensive player of the week award.

Maybe more people should start punting things to get recognized and praised? Maybe I'll punt my laptop out of press row in two weeks after I finish writing my UF-Kentucky game story. Maybe you should punt your boss right in his dirty face when you go into work tomorrow. Do it. You'll get a raise.

Kentucky vs. Florida is set for 12:30 p.m. and will be televised by -- Oh, joy! -- Raycom. Florida vs. Georgia is scheduled to kickoff at 3:30 p.m. and be televised by CBS.

Florida is ranked No.6 in the Harris Poll, which serves as one-third of the BCS rankings. The Gators are ranked No.5 in the writers' poll and No.7 in the coaches' poll. The Harris poll, the coaches' poll and an average of six computer rankings combine to make up the BCS standings, which will be released on Oct. 19.

Florida did not practice today, according to Florida sports information office. The Gators will resume practicing on Wednesday.



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Florida #8 in the pre-BCS right now.


Brandon Spikes defensive player of the week? Pffft. He's clearly the special teams player of the week with his punting. Even with his short punting average, he leads the nation with zero return yards.

Tebow for Heisman? Nothing would make me happier than to see Tim's potential numbers get spread around to the entire offense in a more balanced attack. Not that the balance has been bad the last few weeks. But I'd like to see the burgers get spread around more. That said, if Florida TAKES CARE OF BUSINESS and emerges as the winner of the SEC, Tim will be right in the thick of the conversation at the Downtown Athletic Club.

I just watched the youtube video of UGA's end zone celebration. If that doesn't get you fired up to go crush those Smell Dawgs, nothing will. I saw something on another blog about UGA losing both of their starting OT's to injury. Could you shed some light on that Jo? I've always thought Stafford was mediocre in pressure spots as he has a knack for throwing picks in those spots. Combine that with UGA injuries that could have Cunningham and Dunlap all up in his grill for 4 quarters and this thing could get ugly. I hope UF places heavy emphasis on shutting down Knowhson( it would be suicide not to do that). I say make Matt "throw a pick in tight spots" Stafford beat them with his strong but inconsistent arm. And oh yeah...beat Kentucky

For those of you who seek a little more motivation to get up for the UGA game, watch this


Roll on Gator Nation.

Tebow doesn't win it this year, even with better numbers. He would have had to have better numbers this year from last year (if that's even possible) to win it again. If we win out, he might make it as a finalist, but no trophy this year.

I don't necessarily agree with you, Jay. I think Tebow would simply have to have significantly better *passing* numbers. It is impossible to duplicate his rushing totals from last season and don't forget, no QB had ever done that before him.

I'm 100% unconcerned with Tebow getting another Heisman. All that matters is the SEC Championship and a BCS bowl (hopefully the N.C.)

He very well may have a 2nd chance at a 2nd Heisman next season anyway.

Excellent point, Adam. But does Tebow even return for his senior season?


I say without question Tebow comes back for his senior year. Knowing the religious background of his family and their influence on Timmy, he must receive extreme pressure from that front to finish his education and graduate. Further, "experts" routinely express concern over Timmy's ability to play qb at the next level combined with his jesus-like status in Gville all lead to him coming back. If he doesnt come back, I will eat my hat. Then it will be off to the NFL to prove he is the Lefty White Duante Culpepper (you know the one before the knee surgeries made him suck).

Tebow definitley returns for his senior season, IMO. Adam M. makes good points, but I am not even taking into account his religion. He's said a number of times that family and education take precedence for him over football. His family will want him to stay, Urban will want him to stay and Tim himself will want to stay. He's goal in life was to be the starting QB at Florida while spreading the word. Not to be a multi-million dollar NFL QB.

Adam M.'s point of his NFL stock is also correct. Very few project him as being a great or very good NFL QB. If he was to come out this year with all the good QBs that will be, his pick projection could end up pretty low...even if he wins another Heisman or a National Championship.

The ONLY way I would think he'd consider leaving is if he does win the N.C., because I'm sure academically he's close enough to graduating that he could finish over the summer or in his rookie season. Even then, I think he'd want to repeat and try to win three.

Tebow stays all four years, plain and simple.

Adam M.,

Do you mind explaining a little better for me why you think Tebow's religious beliefs will factor into him returning for his senior season? I think I know where you're trying to go with this but it needs a little more clarity.


I see Tim coming back for senior season too. The wild card being if he wins the NC. If UF does go on to take the title imagine what legacy he could be staring at. Coming back for a stab at a 3rd NC and pulling it off would put him squarely in the mix of greatest college QB ever. Granted I'm putting the cart before the horse but the discussion isn't out of the realm of possibilities.

Tim seems to truly enjoy himself as the QB of UF. He is also ,as mentioned above, not really a dazzling NFL prospect at this point. He wouldn't get drafted for his running and his passing could use much refinement. All the accolades and impressive play aside, Tim could still become a much better QB. Scary.

The clincher will be when Donovan and Noah show up at his pad and they puff a purple haze fatty and discuss his legacy. He'll come back.

Another point is Tebow LOVES playing football. Chances are if he leaves early he is wasting away on an NFL bench next year "learning" the pro game from some vet. Only way he is playing right away next year is staying at UF or at a dif position in the nfl. Granted he will most likely have to switch positions or sit after his senior season as well. I don't think someone who loves the game like Timmy will want to sacrifice being the leader on a team competing for the N.C., playing every weekend as the starting qb in the swamp, for a secondary or bench role. He'll wanna postpone that as long as possible.

I think his religious beliefs come into play in the sense that they make him believe he should always do what is viewed by society as "right" and the whole wholesome christian qb deal make him somewhat as a "role model". It is clear he cherishes this role model title through his multiple charitable events, from speaking at prisons on how to right ones life to going to the phillipines to help those less fortunate. Although it is common ground for players to leave early nowadays, leaving school early would be Timmy not finishing something he started. Timmy often preaches religion, education, and football (almost always in that order), and by leaving school early he could be in danger if tainting what he preaches.

I understand this isn't really the religion itself making him comeback for his senior year, but rather the values instilled in him through his religion, that as a an overly religious person he would refuse to bend.

100% correct Adam M.

Your missing the bus Adam M. NFL QB prospects don't look at the situation as going to the league for a "secondary bench role" OH NO. They look at a 5 year $12,000,000 contract with a THREE MILLION DOLLAR SIGNING BONUS. Three mil will buy a few truckloads of bibles fella. Even guys who rely heavily on their faith will take a very long look at that kind of coin. So would I . So would you. It's called lifetime security.

To assert that Tim would "switch positions" in the NFL is ludicrous.

Adam M.,

I think you make some very valid points. Tebow is definitely not hardwired like most people and the reasons for him staying would be much more complex than most. That said, if the NFL Draft evaluation committee tells him he's a projected first-round pick, then he and Bob would be remiss to not consider leaving school early. You've also got to consider that Tebow the NFL first-round pick would reach many more people with his message than Tebow the college quarterback. Then again, I don't think Tebow would be a first-round pick if he came out this season.


Lift Trophy,

Your are amiss in your evaluation of what i said. First I did not assert he would switch positions. I just stated that it is a strong possibility. As a qb he would be almost guaranteed to start off his career as a backup. It is not strange for a qb of tebows athleticism to switch positions in the nfl (see Matt Jones and if the Titans are smart VY). The decision to switch positions would ultimately be the decisions of NFL personnel, not Tebow. Again I made no assertions, just recognized the possibility having heard "experts" talk about his pro potential (i for one think he will be a successful nfl qb).

Second, the money is not really an issue because he doesnt give that up coming back for school, just postpones it a year. Coming back for his senior year would not damage his stock because it is impossible to forsee a complete collapse in UF's offense next year because of all the weapons around, but perhaps he would come back more accurate and increase the perception of him as a qb and raise his stock. As Adam S mentioned there is a potentially strong class of Qbs coming out this year that would make it very hard for Timmy to find a spot in the first round. That being said the insane lifetime security money comes in the first round, second round is amazing money, then there is a huge drop off in payday. A half million dollar contract is awesome, but doesnt provide lifetime security when its in a profession the average player lasts 3 years in. SO therefore in addition to the reasons in the above posts, money is another reason he should STAY because he is gonna have a hard time at this point in his career beating out Stafford, Sam Bradford, Mark Sanchez, Curtis Painter and any other small school de jour that comes around for a spot in the first round.

Winning it the first time is hard enough, the second time is even harder. Look at Matt Leinart, he had more yards and a better passer rating in 2005 than he did in 2004 when he won, yet he could not beat out Bush. Tebow will not be able to beat out Bradford, McCoy, and Harrell when their numbers will be better, unless we drop our running attack and let him throw it 50 times a game.

WHY WOULD WE WANT TEBOW TO WIN THE HEISMAN? WHO CARES ABOUT THAT STUPID TROPHY!!! What did that get us last year, a crappy bowl and a hurt quarterback. If Tebow gets second half numbers like last year then it means that we are not using the other players, who have proved they can make big plays. MEYER and MULLIN should be fired if Tebow was too even come close to getting those numbers. As a matter of fact they should be fired now!!! I'm losing my hair watching those two crack heads ruin my team. Ole Miss should not have happened. Are you kidding me with that play calling, lets run Tebow up the middle, wow that is an interesting idea, nobody know we are going to do that. They play Tebow like he is there favorite player in a video game. Meyer can recruit, I give him that but he can't coach, he has done nothing since he has been here except make our offense predictable, oh and we won the National Championship despite that clown. Here is a thought on short yardage: line up in the I-formation, get the fullback out in front and run it up the gut with oh I don't know....maybe....a running back!

As Dan Mullen said a few weeks ago. We had a ton of stats last season and finished 9-4. I don't care about the Heisman, I just want Tebow to get the ball to guys in space, like he's doing. He has a Heisman, lets go win the SEC.

Tebow might get drafted in the first round for the hype not for his talent. Of course he would make more money coming in as a quarterback and coming off the bench, but he would be more succesful as a tight end. Truth is as much as we like Tebow and cheer for him, he can't throw.

Lift, you're definitley off on this one, sorry. The money is not an issue. If Tim is slated to be a top pick if he comes out this year, of course he and Bob will consider it. But not for long. There are plenty of people who can leave early and get picked high (see Leinart, Daniels) and decide to stay for their senior season. Tebow's not going anywhere. And like MiamiGator and some others said, I could care less about Tebow winning the Heisman this year.

Where I disagree with MiamiGator is in him saying Tebow can't throw. That's ridiculous. He may not have the tightest spiral, but the guy can throw the ball.

Adam S, you may want to reread what I said. I think Tim will stay. I was refuting M's assertion that his faith, great guy,,,blah blah blah will trump him going to the NFL. Split hairs all you like on the amount, it's safe to say its millions of dollars over the life of the contract. With Tim's commitment to excellence and a half decent agent, he could negotiate a sweet signing bonus. So yes it is lifetime security. Don't give me "half million dollar" talk. I personally think he will stay but it's foolish to dismiss that he wouldn't take a strong look at cashing in.

Look what you kicked off with one single question Jo. Nice job. Most posts I've ever seen on this blog.

Tomorrow's question: Who is more evil? Urban Meyer or Joseph Goodman.

He'll give it a look, because nobody would just ignore it all-together. But we're all on the same page, he's staying four years.

But what about Percy? I think he'll be a goner.

Percy is good as done. Everyone knows he is awesome, huge injury risk, cash in before one of those minor things takes him out for good. He will def be a first rounder, the only thing form keeping him from being a top 5 is the injury risk.

When I talk about Tebow not being able to throw I mean his arm is not NFL caliber. That first TD to Percy was underthrown, Percy had to come back for it. He does that alot, over thrown too, his misses the mark alot. I watched some of his games on video from high school and his spiral was much tighter then. Not sure if they messed up his throwing motion a few years back when they tried to adjust his throwing mechanics. I don't man, I just want us to win, we have so much talent and I hate watching us become predictable. At least now we are kind of spreading the ball around, but this short yardage crap has to stop!!!

Oh and while I'm at it where is Cameron Newton, why is Brantley in the game? Meyer brought in Tebow to spell Leak. Leak graduates then Tebow plays enough to win that stupid trophy and you never see Newton, Meyer could have easily used Newton last year and this year the way he used Tebow as a freshman.

Actually the first TD to Percy was not overthrown, it was purpousely lofted over the DB based on where Percy was on the field. Percy even said in a quote, I believe, that he knew it would drop into his hand, he just didn't think the DB was going to be able to tip it.

Tebow's arm is fine for the NFL...especially if Pennington's and some of these other guy's are.

Adam M. is right, Percy is gone as long as he's healthy at the end of the season. I think he'll go in the top half of the first round.

I meant, NOT UNDERthrown.

Wow, its amazing how blind the Gator Nation is! Are you kidding me, of course Percy said that. Tebow does not have enough confidence in his arm to purposely loft it over the DB. He got lucky. KEEP DRINKING THAT KOOLAID!

Nobody's drinking any Kool-Aid. Just listening to what comes out of the players' mouths instead of making a claim that a guy has no arm strength when he certainly does.

The only blind college sports fans that I know in this state are Canes fans who think that program is actually moving in the right direction with Randy Shannon.

Do UF fans drink Kool-Aid or Gatorade?


I never said he did not have any arm strength, I said he could not throw. He has plenty of arm strength, you can see it every time he throws ducks down the field.

Whatever, MiamiGator. He can throw just fine. Like I said, he doesn't have the best arm, but he makes it up in other ways.

I drink Vitamin Water...and I will take a duck for a touchdown any day. I mean. let's look at Chris Leak. He threw one of the most beautiful spirals I have ever seen, yet you was a terrible long ball thrower.

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