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PODCAST: Questioning the manhood of the Gators

GAINESVILLE -- In this week's podcast, Gator Clause weighs in on the absurdity of one writer's claim that the Florida Gators' offense isn't man enough. Click the play button ... if you dare.



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Hell yeah...way to bring it Goody...representin

How about reporting on Kirby's short list of Top 5 Candidates Duhhhh U can promote within after Randy's inevitable firing? Dare I say, we need at least a list of 10 potential coaches after the first 9 choices laugh at Kirby for even inquiring. Anwwhooo, here is my Top 10 coaches I think we should promote within to replace Mr. Please Don't Run Duhhhh Score up on us.

1) Katie Meier (Head Women's B-Ball Coach) She has more head coaching experience than Randy & maybe our opponents will be intimidated by her last name alone.

2) Lela Cannon (Head Women's Golf Coach) Maybe she can get us a mulligan with the Bowl Selection Committee.

3) Boban Rankovic (Assistant Rowing Coach) Only beacuse his name ryhmes with Conan and we need a barbarian to motivate our 112th Ranked D.

4) Randy Ableman (Head Diving Coach) He's an expert in teaching our swim team to take dives, so he shoud fit right in with our 7-10 team under the "other Randy".

5) Jeff Thomsen (Assistant Women's Tennis Coach) Our football team already plays like they wear skirts, an easy transition.

6) Calvin Robinson (Track Associate Coach) He may be able to cure what ails the nation's slowest moving offense.

7) Tricia Taliaferro (Head Women's Soccer Coach) Our bandwagon fans may actually show up to watch a real game of futball.

8) Felix Hou (Assistant Volleyball Coach) Since we never can get to the endzone to celebrate TDs to begin with he can at least teach us how to spike the ball.

9) Stewart Cramer (Football Video Coordinator) We all know he has watched more game film than our entire coaching staff combined. Maybe he actually knows how to coach after watching what our opponents have done the past 4 years.

10) Danna Shila (Duhhhhh U Prez) At least we know she can't make any more mistakes than Randy has. And maybe, just maybe, she has enough leverage to get us into the ACC Title Game.


Hell yeah...way to bring it Goody...representin

I think LSU is going to woop our girls!

Nice, I like to hear you defending out boys. Now, is there any way you can take out the trash and get rid of some of these morons who continue to ruin the comments section?

Goodman i hope u dont get pade for dis crap... you are a JOKE.... GO CANES! fu** OBAMA and dats itt.

Looks like UF is "MAN" enough to be favored by 6....

Nice podcast but your still a joke

Thanks, Naples. You're the best. Always said so.


Chronicle the beatdown with a liveblog tonight Goody. Bring it.

I want to see the "your a closet cane" conspiracy mongers listen to your podcast and still bring that garbage. I do know that you are responsible for everything wrong in the world, especially any sub-par gator performances.

I'm convinced that disgruntled UF fans will blame their dear mother if you're not around to blame for any UF football shortcomings.

I'm going to try and blog a few times during the game but don't expect anything out of this world. With an 8 p.m. kickoff, that means my story for tomorrow's paper has to be done and sent to the copy editors at "the buzzer." (Intense pressure, indeed.) That means I have to write for the paper throughout the game (as opposed to writing for the Internet). I will blog after I "get off deadline" for the newspaper, but that won't happen until around 12:45 a.m.


OH the nerve of you to actually prioritize your work responsibilities.

I'll give you a pass on this one as long as you promptly provide a link to your submitted story. Afterall, it will be a glorious account of the beatdown that awaits.

Keep up the good work you evil man. ( my sources tell me you threw a banana peel under the running backs at practice this week)

tell your boy in orlando to prove he is a man...not a plain old wank job after uf scored 51

he should do 50-60 pushups and post the video as apology for being a wank job

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