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4th Q: Style points, anyone? UF 63-5

GAINESVILLE -- Florida coach Urban Meyer said after the game that UF freshman cornerback Janoris Jenkins bruised his right shin and is probable for next week against Georgia.

Will the Gators' blowout of Kentucky help the Gators much in the BCS standings? Off to the locker room for post game interviews.

UF 63, UK 5
UF's walk-ons allow a safety in the final minutes of the blowout. UF 63, UK 5.

UF 63, UK 3
UF back-up receiver David Nelson (aka Tiger Woods) just gave UF a 63-3 lead with a 38-yard touchdown reception from back-up quarterback Jon Brantley. That's Brantley's first touchdown pass of his career.

--Florida's 63 points is a record against an SEC opponent under Meyer.

Redshirt freshman quarterback Jonathan Brantley is in the game. No Cam Newton? Is Cam Newton getting the shaft?

--Announced attendance 90,589.

UF 56, UK 3
It's probably time UF coach Urban Meyer took Tebow out of the game. UF just scored with 2:59 left in the third quarter to give the Gators a 56-3 lead on a one-yard rush by senior Kestahn Moore. The drive featured two fourth-down conversions inside the five-yard line. Talk about pouring it on for the homecoming crowd.

After Moore's touchdown, Tebow jogged near the Kentucky sideline and swung his arms in the air to get some cheers out of the Gators' student section. Back-up quarterbacks Cam Newton or Jon Brantley should finish the game.

Ahmad Black returned a UK interception for a 40-yard touchdown on the Wildcats' first offensive play of the second half. That's Black's third interception of the season and UF leads 49-3 with 14:51 left in the third quarter

-UF's three blocked kicks in the first half tied a school record for blocked kicks in a game.
-Demps had six carries for 45 yards rushing and two receptions for 60 yards and a score.
-UF's defense held UK to nine rushing yards in the first half and 70 passing yards.

UF quarterback Tim Tebow's three-yard touchdown run gave UF a 42-3 lead with 26 seconds left in the first half. Florida's offense finished the first half with a methodical drive of 80 yards, which featured hand offs and option pitches to four different running backs (Jeff Demps, Chris Rainey, Kestahn Moore and Brandon James).

--With the 36th rushing touchdown of his career, Tebow ties former UF running back Emmitt Smith with the most rushing touchdowns in Florida history.

TwobitsGeorge Edmondson, UF's 86-year-old cheerleader known as Mr. Two-Bits, is giving up his pregame "Two-Bits" routine after the Gators' final home game of the season against The Citadel, coincidentally Edmondson's alma mater. Mr. Edmondson attended The Citadel before World War II broke out. He joined the Navy and was trained as a night-ops fighter pilot.

He flew night missions in the South Pacific during WW II from the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Saratoga. He has cheered at UF games for 60 years. The first Florida game he attended was in 1949, a home opener against The Citadel.

Randall Cobb now in at quarterback for UK with 5:08 left to play in the half. Cobb led UK on a 76-yard drive, ending with a 27-yard field goal by UK kicker Lones Seiber. UF 35, UK 3

--Will Hill continues played strong safety the entire drive. Giving the freshman some experience is a good idea.

UF 35, UK 0
Jeff Demps has the ability to turn a simple drag route into a 61-yard touchdown. He did this with ease in the second quarter with 11:26 to play.

--Will Hill in the game at strong safety for Florida. Wondy Pierre-Louis at cornerback for an injured Janoris Jenkins (right knee). Safety Ahmad Black on the sideline with his helmet off but he doesn't appear injured.

UF 28, UK 0
Percy Harvin is back in the end zone. This time catching a 33-yard touchdown pass from Tebow. Beautiful throw by Timmy. The route is on.

--Most points ever scored by an Urban Meyer coached team in the first quarter.

--Most point given up in a game this season by UK. AND THE FIRST QUARTER ISN'T EVEN OVER.

The strong-side linebacker was on the training table getting his ankle tapped.

Janoris Jenkins, freshman cornerback has an ice pack on the knee. Javier Estopinan walked up to Jenkins on the sideline and patted the freshman on the back of the helmet. Markihe Anderson is playing cornerback.

For those who know the story of UF defensive tackle Brandon Antwine, then you probably got a little teary eyed when he entered the game on UF's fourth defensive series and slammed UK running back Alfonso Smith for a one-yard gain. Congrats on your recovery, Brandon.

UF 21, UK 0
Percy Harvin scored on a 16-yard with 6:44 left in the first to give UF a 21-0 lead. The drive took four plays and spanned 61 yards. The drive's highlight was a 15-yard option run by Jeff Demps.

UF's defense holds UK to its third consecutive three-and-out. UF secondary is sharp. Joe Haden nearly intercepted a pass intended for Randall Cobb and Major Wright deflected another UK pass attempt on third and long.

--Matt Patchan has played defensive tackle for two consecutive series.

Jenkins was spotted on the training table after UF's third defensive series. Right knee. He's up but limping.

Another UK three-and-out and another UF blocked punt. Simply amazing. Ben Hill Griffin is going bonkers after Jeff Demps squeezed through the UK punt formation and blocked the kick. UF doesn't even need its play offense today, apparently. Deonte Thompson recovers at the UK 1 and Brandon James scores one play later. UF 14, UK 0. 9:22 left in first quarter.

--Fourth blocked kick of the year and second today. That's Demps' second block of the season. He blocked a punt in the end zone against Miami for a safety.

Florida freshman defensive end William Green (Hoover, Ala.) breaks through Kentucky's punt formation and blocks a kick in the red zone. Chris Rainey recovered the fumble at the UK 3. Tebow scores on a QB keeper on first offensive play. UF 7, UK 0. 11:01 in first quarter.

-That's the third blocked kick this season for the Gators as another UF freshman gets involved on special teams.

-Tebow's fourth rushing TD of the season.

--UF's first series of the game...eh. Kentucky safety Matt Lentz nearly picks off a terrible pass by UF QB Tim Tebow on first offensive play of the game. Tebow overthrows a receiver on third and long. Chris Rainey bobbles an option pitch.

--UF RB Jeff Demps started the game at tailback.

--UF running back Emmanuel Moody's ankle is not tapped. Either he has been cleared to play or he's not going in today.

It's rainy in Hogtown today. Does a wet field favor Kentucky or Florida? Will it even matter?

I'll be heading to the field shortly (just finished my morning bagel and coffee) but I wanted to let everyone know that I'll be blogging live today from Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.

I present a few links to get everyone ready for a great day of college football...

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Sniff any upsets out there?



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UK 24 Fla 10

Can't believe were on ESPN360 and the U is on National TV again?

Bad first drive, but great block.

42-3 at half...ouch.

I hope Janoris is OK, please update whatever you find out post-game.

I also wish we would've continued going after the punts instead of laying off...

ESPN360 is bad!!!!!!!!

I decided to watch the U win on National TV.

Kentucky proved everyone's claim that the S.E.C. is extremely overrated!

Look at what Texas Tech did to 22nd ranked Kansas. Look what Texas is doing to 6th ranked Osu. Makes your win over Kentucky a little irrelevant, don't U think. Your confrence sucks. Poor ESPN, they had to find out the hard way!

Well I finally guessed right on the over under as florida easily beat it on their own. All around beautfiul performance. Aside from the sloppy ST at the end the ST's were stellar. I don't see much to criticize about this game. Goody?

Knowshon is working his magic right now. I can't wait to see the spread on that game. Hopefully LSU loses to them but beats the crap out of them.

Beat the rush. HATE GEORGIA NOW !

And watch this video to get a little extra zest in your hate.

Solid win...thorough domination. Georgia is looking pretty decent, but beatable, right now.

Goody is on deadline right now for the newspaper. Will blog some post-game stuff after I'm off deadline. Got a funny post game pic and some other good stuff.


Style points? Looks like LSU is going to get blown out so there goes our computer rankings.
Maybe we aren't as good as I thought?

38-24 (right now) isn't 51-21...LSU would've been good if they had Perriloux, but the QB situation is just too inconsistent.

There goes our BCS computer points. I thought the SEC played defense?

Now if Ole Miss loses......

Nope, 52!

Vandi loss to Duke? Wow, the ACC is 4 real!

Yeah what is up with Newton, I brought this up twice the last two times Brantley has entered the game. I'm not gonna say it but you what it looks like to me...."R"
Meyer was in such a hurry to get the Tebow legend started and spell Leak for short yardage situations. Then the next year its Tebow's team and Meyer could have easily used Newton the way he used Tebow as a freshman but decided he was going to give Tebow video game numbers and not use Newton. Maybe if he used Newton more last year, Tebow would not accepted that stupid worthless trophy with a cast on his hand. Then this year they hardly use Newton at all and throw Brantley in there. What is going on?


Come on. That's a little extreme, don't you think? Newton has spit up all over himself every time he has been put in a pressure situation. Did you see the ball Jon Brantley threw to David Nelson? That was a great pass. Dare I say it: The Swamp hasn't seen a spiral that pretty since Chris Leak. Also, Meyer says Newton still has a linger ankle injury.

Of course, this whole back-up quarterback debate will certainly heat up at some point. Tebow will likely return for his senior season, making Newton and Brantley back-ups for one more season.

I'll be the first to say it. Jon Brantley should have gone to Tennessee.


Miami still sucks


It may be extreme to suggest, but Brantley was not on the team last year. Cameron could have got more playing time so he would have had more experience and be comfortable enough not to "spit up on himself". There was no way the good ole boy alumni was going to be ok with a brutha spelling the golden child. Look at the boos rained down on Leak after he replaced Tebow in the Kentucky game

Yes admit that was a good pass by Brantley, and of course it was the best spiral since Leak, because a spiral has not been thrown in the Swamp since 2006.

In fairness to both Newton and Brantley, if Tebow goes down with an injury, I expect that Newton/Brantley will be used like Leak/Tebow. As it stands now, Tebow plays like two quarterbacks in one (runner and passer).


MiamiGator...with a "brotha spelling the golden child?" Didn't a black QB win us a national championship?

But one thing you said is true, a spiral hadn't been thrown in the swamp since 2006. LOL!

Josh Portis transferred. Ingram moved to tight end....hmmmm.

Although I will admit Ingram before his injury has become a really good tight end, just like Tebow will be in the NFL

Conspiracy theories abound!


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