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Ronnie Wilson's status uncertain

GAINESVILLE -- Florida coach Urban Meyer indicated on Wednesday that UF lineman Ronnie Wilson has been suspended from the team. Asked if Wilson was still on the team, Meyer said, "I don't know."

"He's just got to take care of some business," Meyer said. "We just have some expectations and he has to meet them."

A former Pompano Beach Blanche Ely standout, Wilson was reinstated to the team this season after being suspended from the team and the University of Florida for one year after being arrested for discharging a firearm in public after a confrontation at a Gainesville nightclub.

The charge was originally a felony but was reduced and later dropped. Upon returning to Gainesville in January after successfully completing his community service -- He was an assistant line coach for the Ely football team in 2007. -- Wilson was arrested for misdeamnor possession of marijuana. That charge was also dropped despite Wilson being on probation for his original arrest.

Wilson did not respond to a cell phone text message on Wednesday evening.

Clourophobia: An exaggerated fear of clowns.
Pedophobia: Fear of children or infants or childhood.

"You like to be around professionals," Meyer said. "I like to be around media people who are professional. I like to be around coaches who are professional. I like to be around players who are professional. It's the clowns and the children -- it doesn't interest me. Right now I don't have too many of those guys on my team."

Seriously, Meyer offered this response to a question about the maturity on his team this season compared to last season's squad.

UF quarterback Tim Tebow played injured during the Gators' 42-30 loss to UGA in 2007. I asked Meyer on Wednesday if Tebow's injury led to Georgia's six sacks.

"No," Meyer said. "Tim has an unique ability to get out of a bad play, so I don't know that. It's all speculative. I think probably it did. I don't know that. He was limited. He was not as elusive as he normally is."

Meyer said that offensive lineman Jim Tartt (shoulder) and cornerback Janoris Jenkins (shin) will be available for Saturday's game. Meyer also said that defensive lineman Torrey Davis will also be available for action. Davis did not dress last week against Kentucky.



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Charge was originally a felony but was reduced and later dropped?

That's the norm at Florida.

Get in trouble just call Meyers and all will be ok!

7/2007 Two Florida Gators, a basketball player and a football player have been arrested on drug charges. Authorities arrested Brandon James and Brandon Powell during an undercover drug sting Monday night. Both face charges of possession of a controlled substance and possession of less than 20 grams of cannabis.

What ever became of this?

I bet the charges were dropped!

10/2007 Starting strong safety and team captain Tony Joiner's status with the University of Florida football team is uncertain following his arrest Tuesday morning for felony burglary of a business.

What about this?

Charges dropped?

04/2007 Florida offensive lineman Ronnie Matthew Wilson was arrested Thursday, accused of firing a semiautomatic rifle in the air during a dispute with another man that started in a nightclub.

Wilson again.

One website, Every Day Should Be Saturday (EDSBS.com) even keeps a scorecard ranking on football teams with bad acting players and calls it “The Fulmer Cup.” Penn State was No. 1, but likely lost the honor when charges against the four were dropped. Ron Zook’s Illinois team was No. 2, Michigan No. 4, Florida No. 5 and LSU No. 7 at last look.

Florida Ranked #5

12/2007 Florida defensive end Jermaine Cunningham and a former teammate were arrested Wednesday on a misdemeanor battery charge because they allegedly hit a restaurant worker with a sandwich and cups, police said.

Hope it was a bad sandwich.

Meyer, who has had nine players arrested since January, said he spoke to his team about making better decisions.

Just call me and I will get you off the hook.

05/2008 A University of Florida football player
is accused of using a dead girl's credit card.

Jamar Hornsby turned himself in Friday morning on charges of credit card theft and fraudulent use of a credit card.

Great kids!

To Ronnie Wilson's credit, he did complete his community service and successfully returned to UF. He worked hard in the offseason. At the beginning of the season, Meyer said that the No.1 reason he allowed Wilson back on the team was for Wilson to complete his degree. If you believe any of that, then it was worth the risk in Meyer's mind to take a chance on Wilson simply to help Wilson.


And you trust to call Miami "Thug U".

5 rings,

Clarify please. That comment didn't make any sense.


Matt Patchan: He's playing more and more at defensive tackle, and he brings great energy and intensity to the defensive front. This guy is going to get better and better down the stretch. Urban Meyer said at his weekly press conference Monday that there will be a decision to make after the season whether Patchan stays on defense or moves back to offensive tackle. Meyer said Patchan definitely has an NFL future if he stays at defensive tackle.

That kid is going to be filthy before long. He's the same kid that laughed at UM during recruiting. Hey canestool 9 chips, I was doing bong hits with Patchan last night and told me to say hi to you. He also asked me why you are such a foamy mouth loser. I told him you can't help yourself. Peace out fool.

Please spare us comments about UF players getting into trouble. First of all, yes, they did, IN 2007. That is over now and aside from (I believe) one incident this year with that girl's credit card, all of that has been corrected.

If you look at the long-standing history of miami, it is leaps and bounds worse than Florida. Give it a rest and enjoy being at the bottom of the ACC.

I see Meyer made reference to clowns. Clearly His Urbanness was reading Gator Clause and saw my comments on motivation. That guy is just smart.

Urban , if you need any other advice about team issues drop me an email. We'll get together at Satchel's and I'll buy.

Sincerely, Lift

Adam, you are much better off just ignoring the foamy mouth dolt we all know as Canesrule 9'ships. He has about 87 posting names including Cokecanes. Any attempt to reason with him is futile as he doesn't have a shred of honesty in him. He is just obsessed with all things Gator. Even the Hurricane fans abhor this cretin. It's more fun to just laugh at him from afar. He only brings one thing to the table. Hate. Ignore him.

Thanks Micron...wasn't really trying to reason with anyone, the guy is insane. Was simply pointing out the facts. But you're right, it's not worth the energy.

Satchel's Pizza: Where people sit and wait three hours for a pie and absolutely love it. Such displays of patience and sacrifice restore my faith in mankind.

My favorite toppings on a Satchel's deep dish: meatballs, fresh garlic, shredded basil and artichoke hearts.


It should be illegal to order ANY pizza at Satchel's that doesn't have the roasted red peppers on it.

Surely as a man about town, you've dined in the van Jo? I have yet to take in the van experience. It's always hotter than hell outside when I'm there. Gimme A/C.

Satchels! Actually only found out about it and went senior year. Was pretty depressed that I missed 3 years of that pizza. I am not all about toppings, but I had the plain and meatball and both were great.

The roasted-pepper experience, eh? I once saw the Red Hot Chili Peppers in New Orleans on Halloween. Does that count?


5th grade teacher: RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS?? This isn't a comedy skit young man. This is serious Satchel's chat. Do you want to go to the principal's office Mr. Goodman.

5th grade Goody: Umm...Mars Volta was the opening act.......

So to sum up Meyer's answer to your Tebow injured shoulder sacks question:

"No. I don't know. Who knows. Yes. I don't know. Maybe."

Would it kill the guy to think for a second before answering questions?

I'd say he pretty much covered all the bases.


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