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Tebow says he'll try harder; Is he trying too hard already?

GAINESVILLE -- Florida quarterback Tim Tebow needs to lighten up. After losing to Ole Miss, Tebow said he's going to work harder than anyone else in the country. But maybe he's already working too hard.

Tebow was asked on Wednesday if anyone suggested this week that he play "looser" than he did against Ole Miss. It seemed like a valid question. After all, Tebow did over throw more targets last Saturday than Vladimir Lenin and Che Guevara combined. Upon processing the word "looser," Tebow looked at the reporter like he had five eyeballs.

"I don't know," Tebow said. "I don't know, really, technically, 'looser.'"

Yes, "looser," Timmy. I realize it's not a very technical term. It's one of those intangible ideas, like Kansas coach Mark Mangino's neck. To quote the great Sidney Deane, some people listen to Jimi and some people hear Jimi. In other words, some people play loose and some people don't. Brett Favre hears Jimi. Favre plays loose. Football is a dance and good quarterbacks play it with rhythm.

In competitive sports, playing "loose" is sometimes the difference between winning and losing. Earlier this week, Florida coach Urban Meyer came close to saying Tebow let his nerves get the best of him against Ole Miss. "I don't want to say he's pressing," Meyer said.

Well, actually coach, I think you do. Address the problem. Don't hide from it and hope it goes away. If no one has told Tebow to loosen up in the pocket, then UF's coaches are doing the player a great disservice. OK, I know it's not in my job description, but I'll do it.

Timmy, if you're reading this, lighten up a little bit. Have some fun. Your post-game speech last Saturday kind of freaked me out. It was almost like you had a mini nervous breakdown.

In case you missed it, Tebow apologized to Florida fans for Saturday's loss and vowed to work harder than anyone in the country and also lead his team like no other leader has ever led a team since Scott Howard. (OK, Tebow didn't reference Scott Howard. That, of course, is an example of lightening the mood.)

Tebow, don't get me started. You, of all people, should never apologize to anyone. Especially a bunch of football fans. Does anyone realize how much money the University of Florida makes off of Tebow? Does anyone realize how much enjoyment Tebow brings to Florida fans?

ANYWAY, Tebow needs to figure out what this confusing word "looser" means and then quit trying so hard. Take an off day. Go on a date. Go to the beach. Play a practical joke on Percy. Eat sugar. Go to the mall and buy some new Crocs. Do anything except waste your time worrying about working harder.



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