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Tebow's Heisman vote might be for Colt McCoy

GAINESVILLE -- Florida quarterback Tim Tebow indicated on Monday that if he had to cast his Heisman Trophy ballot right now, then his No.1 spot might be for Texas quarterback Colt McCoy.

Tebow hasn't spent much time following the accomplishments of other quarterbacks this season but what he's seen from McCoy has been impressive. McCoy has completed 81.2 percent of his throws (160 of 197) for 1,894 yards and 19 touchdowns.

Tebow watched plenty of football during the Gators' bye week, including Texas' dismantling of Missouri. Tebow was impressed by McCoy's performance. The Texas quarterback completed 29 of 32 pass attempts for 337 yards and three touchdowns.

"He's doing a great job handling everything," Tebow said. "His interviews after the game, I watched that too just getting to know him a little bit I was very proud. He represents college football really well and his faith extremely well, never ashamed of that, which I really respect. He's done a great job with everything he's going through.

"Being smart and looking at the guys who are having a good year, he'd probably be my top guy on who I'd vote for right now. He's playing extremely well. He's doing a great job leading his team and he handles himself with a lot of class as well. I don't think you could say two. I haven't seen everybody so I don't know but I don't think there's anybody who's above him right now."

Tebow didn't seem to care much on Monday about the Gators' No.10 ranking in the initial BCS standings. The top two teams at the end of the season play for the BCS national championship.

"I don't care," Tebow said. "That's fine. Nothing really matters too much now. That's really what my attitude was. It doesn't matter to me. I don't care. That's fine that other teams are ahead of us. We still have an opportunity to hopefully play some of them. That's fine.

"It doesn't matter because we still have an opportunity if we take care of business to be in a position that we want at the end of the year so we're fine."

Florida coach Urban Meyer ignored a question about the Gators' BCS rankings and instead pointed out the Gators next opponent has a pretty good defense.

"Here we go," Meyer said. "Kentucky is ranked No. 1 on defense. Thanks guys."

Meyer said that running back Chris Rainey (shoulder) practiced on Monday and that running back Emmanuel Moody (knee) is ahead of schedule but is still questionable for homecoming on Saturday. Running back Kestahn Moore (ankle) is ready for a full return, according to Meyer.

"Rainey should be back today, Kestahn is doing very well and Moody is going to try to practice, maybe not the full practice, but try to practice today," Meyer said.

Freshman kicker Caleb Sturgis (hyper-extended knee) is probable, according to Meyer. 

-Correspondent Mike McCall contributed to this blog post.



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I can't help myself!!!!

Its too bad the Canes dont play in the SEC. If they are next to last in the ACC, you know they would be bottom in the SEC. SEC defenses against the Canes joke of an offense? BAWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

The Canes are a JOKE and IRRELEVANT. All this preseason HYPE and they look like garbage and they have played two teams worth anything and lost to both of them. Wait until they play the other mediocore teams of the ACC in the Techs, and Wake. This season will get ugly! Thank God for scheduling the crap teams like Texas A and M, UCF, and Duke. Beat someone decent for once!

It stinks to have to listen to 8 months of TALK and HYPE from the Canes fans and media (Joe Rose) however once we are IN THE SEASON, all the talk stops, and focuses on the NEXT YEAR or the YEAR AFTER.

I cant wait to hear the EXCUSES next year.



Great job Marve and Harris!!!!

Guess who is dead last #119?

UCF--the team the Canes struggled mightly to beat

OOPPSS.. I forgot, Vandi is 118?

The Canes season is so bad, they have to watch the Gator games to give them any fun this college season.

The Gator games should be easy to find, they are the ones on NATIONAL TV as opposed to the Hurricanes where you couldnt find them with a 1500 Direct TV satellite and every College Football Gameplan known to man. Oh, and if you want to catch the Canes football highlights/lowlights dont turn on ESPN you wont find it there either, you will need local South Florida stations. They might show a highlight or two from the Canes games. Joe Rose will be the guy ducking and hiding as he shows Canes LOWLIGHTS.

How about the Canes bowl games these past two seasons????

Boise Idaho to the Smurf Bowl and

This year???? They are fighting to get back to Boise!!!!

Recruiting season cannot come fast enough for you people. Then the "Canes fans" come out of the woodwork and will immediately go into hiding at the first loss which usually comes in August or September for the Canes.

But you Canes fans got me wrong. I want the Canes to win some games now. I am rooting for them to win so they can extend that loser of a coaches contract. Keep that LOSER there forever!!!

Canes fans please work on getting Randy Shannon an extension!

He has NO SHOT at winning the ACC while the head coach at Miami---NONE and all you losers think next year or the year after is the year?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA what a joke!

I wish I could quit this bad habit of blogging all day while I'm in school. Maybe I should focus on the boy's and stop blogging on the UM message board??

LOL CokeCanes, you said it brother!

The Canes, and especially their fans, are jokes. Shells of their former selves.

But let's not worry about that now. We have real teams with real offenses and defenses to get through. The Canes and their joke of a QB and coach are an afterthought...

Hey Coke, while I couldn't agree with you more, it's better to not flame them on this site else they'll start posting their bunk in here. Actually, "they" is just one guy. He has a dozen or so posting names. Canesrule 9'ships, sarasota cane, and on and on. ALL THE SAME GUY. This foamy mouth loser has so much jealousy/hate for everything UF that he loses control of himself daily and goes on and on and on and on. IGNORE him. Seriously, you can't reason with this guy. Even CANE FANS CAN"T STAND HIM. Lately he just cut and pastes his past posts over and over. IGNORE HIM and he'll go away. Just remember, he's a foamy mouth loser.

How about the HAWAII, OLE MISS, and THE CITADEL...WOW KEEP TALKIN SHI* ma friend...those are some quality teams!!
Gaytor Fans look towards to losing vs. Vandy, USC, FSU and GA.

THE U..Building that dyNASTY, Again.
The Gaytors building the 2008 olympic track team.

Hawaii, Ole Miss and the Citadel are significantly better than Duke, UCF and Charleston Southern. Gimme a break.

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