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ULTIMATE PREVIEW: UF must impress voters this Saturday; Plus an SEC debate...

GAINESVILLE -- Florida coach Urban Meyer says he respects Kentucky's defense. Meyer is apparently the only one.

The betting line on Florida's homecoming against Kentucky has risen from 19.5 to 26 this week. Two things have contributed to the large swing in points. 1. Florida's surging offense. 2. Kentucky's battered starting line-up. At the beginning of the week, 10 Kentucky Wildcats appeared unable to play on Saturday due to injuries.

While a few of Kentucky's hobbled starting defenders have been upgraded to probable, the team will still be competing without its two best offensive weapons. Senior wide receiver Dicky Lyons Jr. is out for the season and so is leading rusher Derrick Locke.

Florida is the heavy favorite but it doesn't take a historian to recall the last time a heavily favored Florida team was upset at home. Ole Miss, which was a 23-point underdog, beat Florida 31-30 earlier this season. All week the Gators told reporters that they learned from that mistake and that the attention to detail that was lacking against Ole Miss has not been overlooked in the preparation for Kentucky.

"We've just got to stay focused and think about taking it one game at a time," safety Ahmad Black said. "[Coaches] make sure we worry about Kentucky and Kentucky only -- not last week, not next week. It starts out with the players, though. We've got to worry about Kentucky."

Florida has had two weeks to prepare for Kentucky.

Florida has beaten Kentucky 21 consecutive times. The streak dates back to 1986 when UF lost to Kentucky 10-3 in Lexington.
"Beat a team that many times, that's incredible," Demps said.

On his success:
"I just go out and ball."

On Kentucky freshman receiver Randall Cobb:
"I really don't know him but they say he's about 6-6. Like I said, go play."

Jenkins, UF's starting freshman cornerback, will certainly be tested on Saturday. Keep an eye on the match-up between Jenkins and Cobb.

The initial BCS standings came out last Sunday and Florida has got some work to do. The Gators are ranked No.10. Since the BCS was created, only one team outside the initial top six teams has gone on to play in the BCS national championship game (LSU was ranked No.12 in 2003).

Style points are recommended this week against a hobbled Kentucky squad. Voters will be watching.

The young Jeff Demps enters Saturday's game riding the momentum of back-to-back 100-yard rushing games. Demps will likely get a shot at another 100-yard effort against Kentucky. Redshirt sophomore running back Emmanuel Moody (high-ankle sprain) is questionable for Saturday's game and so is Chris Rainey (shoulder).

Expect Florida's coaches to keep these players out of the line-up (Rest up for Georgia, guys.) if Demps and senior Kestahn Moore can handle the backfield responsibilities.

"I knew coming in that I would get a couple carries but I didn't think I would have this many carries and leading the team in rushing," Demps said.

Putting the option back in the spread-option offense, by me. CLICK ME!

Janoris Jenkins slaughters rabbits, by me. CLICK ME!

Jeff Demps, fastest man to play football, by the New York Times. Comparing Demps to other speedy football players of the past. CLICK ME! Is Demps actually a better college running back than Auburn's Bo Jackson or Georgia's Herschel Walker in any way? Seems absurd when you think about it that way.

Seven SEC players named to Sporting News midseason All-America team. Find out which Gators made the list. CLICK ME!

The lovable old man is calling it quits after this season. He's 82, so it's probably time to pass the torch to another two-bit cheerleader. UF is honoring Mr. Two Bits before Saturday's homecoming game. Be in your seats by 12:10 to clap for Mr. Two Bits. Or just stay in the parking lot and shoot whiskey.

What: A college football game. UF's homecoming.
Who: UF (5-1, 3-1 in SEC) vs. Kentucky (5-2, 1-2)
Where: Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, E University Blvd, Gainesville, Fla., U.S.A., Earth
When: 12:30 p.m. Saturday
TV: Raycom (Oh, joy!)

Is the SEC the best conference this season? Most seasons I wouldn't even have to ask this question but this time around doesn't seem like the SEC's best effort. Many people thought at the beginning of the season that this would be the best year in the history of the league. People thought this for several reasons but mainly because the league has more high-profile coaches than ever before and the SEC is being taken over by ESPN and therefore the SEC is on TV all the time. But the SEC hasn't lived up to the hype, in my opinion. Through eight weeks, the Big 12 seems to be the toughest league.

Let's take a look at the SEC from top to bottom.

No.2 Alabama...The Crimson Tide (7-0, 4-0) has surprised many and is now considered the best team in the SEC. Considering the Tide is less than one season removed from losing to La.-Lafayette, is this actually a good sign for the SEC?

No.5 Florida...The Gators (5-1, 3-1) lost to Ole Miss at home and murdered LSU, which was supposed to be a good team.

No.9 Georgia...The Bulldogs (6-1, 3-1) haven't lived up to their hype, get arrested too much, aren't very good along the offensive line and have a coach with a bad haircat. Other than that, the Dawgs are great.

No.11 LSU...The Tigers (5-1, 3-1) have problems at quarterback...Speaking of LSU quarterbacks, did anyone see Ryan Perrilloux on ESPNU last night playing for Jacksonville State? I have it on good authority that no university east of the Mississippi smokes more weed than JSU.

Vanderbilt...When the Commodores (5-2, 3-2) are the fifth-best football team in your conference, that's not a good thing.

Kentucky...The Wildcats (5-2, 1-2) are already looking forward to basketball season.

South Carolina...The Gamecocks (5-3, 2-3) are on their third quarterback and Stephen Garcia is a knucklehead.

Auburn...The Tigers (4-3, 2-3) are absolutely terrible, yet they're the third-best team in the SEC West.

Ole Miss...The Rebels (3-4, 1-3) are an excellent bad team!

Arkansas...The Hogs (3-4, 1-3) beat Auburn.

Tennessee...I don't care what anyone says. When the Vols (3-4, 1-3) are one of the worst teams in the SEC, it's not a good year for the SEC.

Mississippi State...The Croomers (2-5, 1-3) are back at the bottom.

Waffle House freeloaders unit! CLICK ME!



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Nice long and detailed preview.

"I just go out and ball." - Love it!

The SEC is the best in most seasons. But not this season. The Big 12 is clearly better. That's what happens when you return 11 of 12 QB starters (as the Big 12 did this year)... while Auburn/Tennessee completely go in the tank.

Way to bring the goods ....Goody.

Those guys at JSU smoke weed? Incredible. That reminds me of the "discovery intervention" that's bound to take place at Tebow's apartment. You know, It's the meeting where Donovan and Noah and Horford show up and they all fog a hog leg and agree that Tim should return. When C.I. shows up later with a printout of Tim's low draft potential it seals the deal. One more year TIM-MAY !

Seriously, the Gators should put a beatdown on Kentucky reminiscent of early 90's Spurrier. I think everyone noticed USC's lopsided score last week. Dropping back to back 50-spots can't hurt UF's visibility. The over/under is 48.5 this week. And while I always predict these wrong, I say UF beats that total by themselves.

Nice job Brandon James on the AA list.

Beat Kentucky. Unleash the hounds!


Your blog is the best. Love the perspective. Didn't Rainy beat West Virginia's Devine in a foot race? Look how successful Devine was last night. I would love to see if Demps can have a day like that. Keep feeding him the rock and let Rainy rest up for UGA.

I don't know how anyone can say the Big 12 is clearly better? Why? There is ZERO defense in that conference. Because Texas, TT, Oklahoma, OK St. and Missouri are ranked? Mizzou is a joke, Texas Tech will lose a game if not two.

Granted LSU and Auburn are having down years, but Alabama stepped up and replaced one of them. The SEC as a whole, from top-to-bottom, is still significantly stronger IMO.


The rumors are true. Chris Rainey did indeed beat Noel Devine in a footrace when the two tailbacks were in high school. As the story goes, the race took place in a Lakeland parking lot. It was a movie theater parking lot, I think. Fitting for such a show. ANYWAY, Rainey claims he beat Devine by two steps. Rainey also beat Demps in a footrace behind the Springs dorms at UF. (Demps beat Rainey the first time.) Rainey has been clocked at 4.25 in the 40. This happened inside Ben Hill Griffin Stadium before the Gators' Orange & Blue Game.


I don't know if the Big 12 is better than the SEC but it's hard to argue against the fact that the SEC is a bit down this season, or at least falling well short of preseason projections. We'll know for sure which conference is better in a few more weeks. Auburn absolutely giving up in the fourth quarter on Thursday against West Virginia didn't help the SEC's cause. Tennessee lost to UCLA and Ole Miss lost to Wake Forest. Florida, however, held up its end of the deal by punching Miami in the mouth and Georgia handled Arizona State convincingly. Also, Bama clobbered Clemson.

Let's run through a match-up of the SEC and the Big 12. My opinions here only, of course:

No.2 Alabama (7-0) vs. No.1 Texas (7-0) ADVANTAGE TEXAS

No.5 Florida (5-1) vs. No.4 Oklahoma (6-1) ADVANTAGE OKLAHOMA

No.9 Georgia (6-1) vs. No.7 Oklahoma State (7-0) ADVANTAGE UGA

No.11 LSU (5-1) vs. No.8 Texas Tech (7-0) ADVANTAGE TEXAS TECH

Vanderbilt (5-2) vs. No.16 Missouri (5-2) ADVANTAGE MISSOURI

Kentucky (5-2) vs. No.19 Kansas (5-2) ADVANTAGE KANSAS

South Carolina (5-3) vs. Nebraska (5-3) ADVANTAGE SOUTH CAROLINA

Auburn (4-3) vs. Colorado (4-3) ADVANTAGE AUBURN

Ole Miss (3-4) vs. Kansas State (4-3) ADVANTAGE KANSAS STATE

Arkansas (3-4) vs. Baylor (3-4) ADVANTAGE ARKANSAS

Tennessee (3-4) vs. Texas A&M (2-5) ADVANTAGE TEXAS A&M

Mississippi State (2-5) vs. Iowa State (2-5) ADVANTAGE MISSISSIPPI STATE

If I'm counting correctly, then that's Big 12 7, SEC 5. Now, granted, there's no way to debate this concretely, but for the sake of argument: Texas is the best team in the country and just knocked off Oklahoma and Missouri back-to-back.

Oklahoma's only loss was to Texas while Florida lost to Ole Miss at home.

I give UGA the edge just because I'm not totally sold on Oklahoma State just yet and UGA might have the best quarterback, running back and receiver tandem in college football.

Both Texas Tech and LSU are overrated, in my opinion, but the Red Raiders are still undefeated.

Mizzou beats Vandy hands down.

Kansas is a very good team. Kentucky is banged up.

South Carolina's defense would give them the edge against Nebraska.

Auburn and Colorado are really similar teams. They're both average to below average.

Kansas State vs. Ole Miss would probably be a great game but I give the advantage to KSU because of their quarterback.

I'm not even about to analyze the last three match-ups.


That was a very ESPN-ish breakdown...I think I saw the same one last Saturday on Game Day...but I get your point. But that's if you're trying to match the teams up, which I don't think is the best way to compare them. (BTW, I think Florida's defense would stifle Oklahoma, and so did ESPN).

ESPN? What is this ESPN I keep hearing about? I was watching Hoover youth football last Saturday morning in Morris, Ala.

Sadly, I must report that the 95-pound Hoover Raiders lost to the 95-pound Morris Rednecks 12-6.


Some place in Bristol, Conn. that refuses to acknowldge stories they don't personally break and didn't give any legitimate love to the SEC until the middle of last season.

I mostly agree with you Adam S. However, ESPiN does a non stop sukjob on anything Tim Tebow. Not that I particularly mind seeing Tim-MAY get the love, it's just that the rest of the country's Tebow tolerance meter has smoke pouring out of it. In Tim's defense, when you put up numbers never before seen in college football, you deserve extra love. I'd be happy to never see him on The World Wide Leader again and see him instead read defenses with precision and pick them apart. By and large, the individual accolades are mostly annoying. Sure weekly performance awards and All american teams are great. But putting players on a national pedestal gets old real fast for me. I think the heisman is the most over blown award in the history of THE WOOOOORLD !

But I still have to nominate Joseph Goodman for Best Gator Beatwriter Who Is Responsible For All Crisis In The World. He'll run away with that one.

Go Gators. Beat (flog,mutilate,humiliate, then ejac....no..nevermind) Kentucky

Sounds about right considering the SEC recently sold its soul to ESPN.


I agree 13-1...they do slurp Tebow. And jo, you're right too, the SEC did sell their soul. But it's great, because I would rather watch our games on ESPN or ESPN2 than crappy Raycom or Lincon Fi.

I give broadcasters tremendous leeway. It takes a lot to really annoy me.
But some of these guys just can't get out of their own way. see: Emmitt Smith, Tim McCarver, JOE STINKIN MORGAN, and all those clowns at Raycom/Lincoln.

What have you become of Emmitt? In his "Cowboy retirement press conference he must have said, " and I have to thank Mr. Jones for taking a chance on a kid from Pensacola" ten times! I swear I stuck a fork in my eye.
McCarver and Morgan both like to tell you what the athlete is thinking. Those guys take bad to a new level.

And as for the three Daves,...... white noise would make a better broadcast than listening to those guys.

I should probably throw Nat Moore under the bus too. For a guy that makes his living speaking, well, speaking seems to elude him.

Go Gators

13-1 you missed the worst of them all: MARK MAY. By far the worst and least knowledgeable college football analyst on ESPN. He has such a Pac-10 (read: USC) and Big 10 bias that it is ridiculous. He constantly undervalues SEC teams and says they're overrated. Then, at halftime (or after the game) when they go back in the studio, he never admits that he called the game wrong. Instead, he just recounts what happened.

Here's my dream team: Keith Jackson (play-by-play), Joe Maddon (color analyst), Lou Holtz (color analyst). Make it happen!


As far as the Big 12 vs the SEC, when it is all said and done, the #1 SEC team, whoever that may be, will beat the #1 Big 12 team.


Because you win games on the line and with defense not offense.

The Big 12 is very suspect on the defensive side of the ball.
Texas Tech is brutal. They are not a good football team. Missouri isnt either. Both those teams have atrocious defenses. ATROCIOUS. I can tell you with a 100% fact that Texas Tech will not be going undefeated. Not with that defense. Missouri was another one that was not getting by with that defense.

You need to at least attempt to play defense.

Texas and Oklahoma State can play a little D but again their D's are still very questionable. Definitely not as bad as Tech or Missouri but definitely not anything intimidating.

Texas Tech is a major league pretender and they would definitely NOT beat LSU.

Can't believe the BCS has Gators 10th. I guess they need more "style points". Should have put 30 more on Hawaii I guess, then maybe they would be up there with USC. I still find it hard to stomach that it seems the BCS ranks you higher for racking up points, like Notre Dame used to do, on helpless opponents. The less class you show, the higher you're ranked. Some system.

Here's a Kentucky injury update for the Gator Clause faithful...

According to the UK website:

LEXINGTON, Ky. – Starting linebackers Braxton Kelley, Johnny Williams and Micah Johnson, cornerback David Jones and free safety Marcus McClinton, who are recovering from injuries, are expected to be available to play at Florida on Saturday, although none will be 100 percent recovered, Coach Rich Brooks said after Thursday morning’s practice.

Brooks also said that offensive tackle Justin Jeffries, who has missed the last three games because of a knee injury, has sustained a setback and will not play at Florida.

Apparently the Wildcats aren't as dinged up as previously expected. Other than Pryor at DT, the Wildcats' No.1-ranked scoring defense in the SEC appears to be making the trip to Gainesville.


Looks like Kentucky took a page out of the Patriots injury report book, huh?

BTW, jo, don't hate on Lou Holtz. Maybe his lisp hurts...but the guy has earned enough respect to make a commentating mistake from time-to-time. I give him a free pass.

Mark May, on the other hand, shouldn't have a job.

Everyone of the top SEC teams match up very well with Big 12.....The Big 12 came out of no where...the top SEC teams have as many overall losses as conference losses.

What factual basis makes Texas favored over Bama? Conjecture both ways. UF would likely pound the puter out of Oklahoma. No D against UF has a very small shot at beating UF.

Until the SEC is dethroned those other conferences mean jack squat.

Holtz knows more about football, and winning, than any of us will know for decades, if at all.


I was being serious about my dream team. I love all three of those guys. I hate the TV guys who try to act like know-it-alls. It's football not international economics!


Oh...I could've sworn you were being sarcastic!


Now I don't know what to say about KJ and JM...except they're not on my dream team.

I really like what Mike Tirico is doing on Mondays. Nothing will be better for me than Bob Costas doing baseball.

It is a damn shame that NBC let these networks buy up the NFL, NBA and MLB programming. (Yes, I know they have SNF, the Olympics and some other crap.) I used to love NBC coverage.

For the record the S.E.C. has the weakest out-of confrence schedule of any bcs confrence in the country. Once again I ask, "Where would the S.E.C. be without Ohio State? How many bowl games did UF win before beating Ohio State this decade? U were destroyed by Meechigan twice in the past few years, and don't even get me started on the ass-whuppin's U took from the U this decade. Now here is the part where U talk about how U have more fans show up for a UF game cause there is nothin' else to do in Gainsville...I mean Canesville other than go to a Shindigg...I mean Uf game.lol

I know something the Canes are #1 at.


Please let me know what the excuses will be next year since this year is already OVER.

Posted by: CokeCanes | October 24, 2008 at 05:24 PM

CokeCanes is a loser along with the gaytors!

As far as the Big 12 vs the SEC, when it is all said and done, the #1 SEC team, whoever that may be, will beat the #1 Big 12 team.


Because you win games on the line and with defense not offense.

The Big 12 is very suspect on the defensive side of the ball.
Texas Tech is brutal. They are not a good football team. Missouri isnt either. Both those teams have atrocious defenses. ATROCIOUS. I can tell you with a 100% fact that Texas Tech will not be going undefeated. Not with that defense. Missouri was another one that was not getting by with that defense.

You need to at least attempt to play defense.

Texas and Oklahoma State can play a little D but again their D's are still very questionable. Definitely not as bad as Tech or Missouri but definitely not anything intimidating.

Texas Tech is a major league pretender and they would definitely NOT beat LSU.

Posted by: CokeCanes | October 24, 2008 at 05:36 PM

Loser! The big12 will kick the SEC's butt!

CokeCanes=Bored child who can't keep off the U boards! Keep it up loser!

There is nothing U UF fans can say or do to change the fact that UM owns your arrses! We lead the overall series, have more titles and definitely can't be touched when it comes to the nfl. Win 3 more titles then we can talk!

Nice ink on the spread-option offense column Jo. Aside from Demps mentioning that his carries start by reading his blocks, I didn't see any mention of the work the O line is doing. When Demps busted off that 42 yard score didn't somebody pull and throw a key initial block? Didn't MoPo scoot down field and also throw a key block? My point is that, even with the crispy speed that these backs have, I think they still need blocking help from the big guys to bust these huge runs.

I remember reading a story in the preseason where Addazio talked about rotating O line guys massively. And while It looked like the O line would be a strength they certainly have struggled at times.

Have ,in your opinion , these guys turned some proverbial corner? They must be doing something right when you consider the rushing stats we've seen lately. I know Tart was supposed to figure big in UF's plans but it looks like Carl Johnson is easing that pain.

It would be interesting to see you break down the O line with respect to the recent games. I'd love to see you submit a column on that subject.


The fact that UF beat LSU 51-21 after loosing to Ole Miss and barely beating a Miami team that played more youngsters than Lakeland high should tell U that Lsu and the sec is highly overrated!

5 rings, our on-the-field team was younger than yours that game, stop making excUses.

YoU shoUld be worrying about yoUr team rather than basking in the glow that is the Florida Gators.

Nobody gives a flying crap about your opinions on this board because they are filled with bias and facts from decades ago. Live in the present, not the past. Oh, and while you're at it, grow up.

You probably didn't even graduate from the U...most UM fans don't!!!!!


From what I've seen so far, I'd have to pick Texas over Alabama. I'd put the line at -2.5. Sorry, can't pick Saban in just his second year at Bama.


I'm living in the present Adam S. At this present time UM has more rings than UF!

Piss off canesrule. You better go start buffering the canes game now or you won't see a play. In your typical clueless style you make no sense. You are , as usual, a complete embarrassment to everything DuhU. Even duhU fans treat you like you have ebola. You lack credibility at every word. Maybe you can find one of the 7 homes in south florida that get ESPNduhU so that you can watch the hapless canes get tooled by wake. Or just settle for listen to the guy who has only achieved anything in his career through attrition, Joe" I take 8 hits of speed before broadcasts" Zagaki. How sad is your football program when duhU fans have to huddle together on the intertubes and share URL's for web broadcasts that don't work. Don't fret, you can always watch the game tuesday night on CSS. Or you could do what very few duhU fans do and actually go to the game. Gent bent over for parking, gate, beer and food. It's awesome to watch your secondary get roasted in high def. It must have been awesome to see dreadful Antone Smith toy with your D in high definition. At least the kohler toilets will keep U from getting urine dripped all over U like the old days. And the concierge can line you up with an affordable "reality counselor." None of that matters because you'll be huddled up with your radio on your futon cheering on the awful canes.

Have a great day bitter jealous LOSER.


Thanks for the nice compliment. Ever since the Arkansas game, the offensive line has been experimenting with widening their splits. (For those not familiar with the term, a "split" is the space between linemen.) Normally, linemen line up about two feet apart. On certain plays, UF's splits have been three and half to four feet against Arkansas and LSU. This has allowed UF's tiny and speedy because to find space in the line and gash through. Watch for this today against Kentucky.

On Demps' 42-yard touchdown run, I'm pretty sure that was Mike Pouncey getting down field as the pulling guard. Pouncey did an excellent job on that play.

It should be noted that tight end Aaron Hernandez didn't catch a single pass against LSU. This is proof of the Gators commitment to the run. Hernandez, Riley Cooper and Kestahn Moore have made some key blocks on long runs by Demps and Rainey.

Jim Tartt isn't expected to play today and Carl Johnson will start in Tartt's place. It was Johnson who paved the way on the crucial third-and-3 run by Tebow early in the third quarter against LSU.

(Kirk Herbstreit on GameDay just said Tennessee is poised to beat Alabama today. Crack kills, Kirk.)



Is a "reality counselor" the same thing as a "life coach?"


Did anyone just see a Sarah Palin look-a-like in the crowd on ESPN College GameDay?


Thanks to back-2-back championship wins over overrated Ohio State the sec lay claim for the best confrence in football. Let's do some research shall we:

Alabama- beat Clemson but so has everyone else Clemson has played this year. Stomped overrated Georgia after almost getting upset by Tulane.

Auburn- 3 straight losses to overrated Lsu, Vandy...yeah Vandy...then got stopmped by West Virginia.

Georgia- was taken to the limit by Georgia Southern...yep, Georgia Southern.

Tennesse- lost to Ucla...yep, UCLA.

Vandy- don't matter.

South Carolina- whatever!

Arkansas- pathetic!

Kentucky- is and always will be a basketball school.

Miss St.- Irrelavent, not to mention got stomped by Georgia Tech after taking Auburn and overrated Lsu to the limit.

Lsu- overrated.

Ole Miss- Beat the hell outta high-ranked Florida after loosing to Wake Forest.

Florida- Lost to a unranked Ole Miss team that loss to Wake.



Curse of Kehoe,




Uh, the SEC would be on top of your mom...

Seriously, 5 rings, that's your argument. Didn't Ohio State beat UM for a national championship?

Good luck today against Wake Forest.


Did You Know?....

In the 2006 S.E.C. title game Uf almost lost to a Arkansas team that got destroyed by Southern Cal 50-14 and 70-14 the season before?


I'm on top of your mom now Goody!

Just playin Goody, but c'mon man, U know the U got robbed in '03, which was the last time Ohio Stae was alloweed to win a bowl game...yep, allowed.

Almost lost? We won the 06 SEC by 10 against a good offensive team that kept getting better as the year went along.

OSU is not the reason for the SEC's dominance...the SEC is the reason for their own dominance. You have to get into the title game, something that hasn't even been possible for your conference (2000), let alone your team (2002) in six years!!! By the way...you lost that game...to...OSU!

3 of your "5 rings" are from the 80s...

In the last 25 years, which is a pretty large amount of time, we have just as many titles as you do...and the most recent one. And we'll have another before you even sniff a BCS game.


Teabow considering the draft...YEAH RIGHT!


Almost lost? We won the 06 SEC by 10 against a good offensive team that kept getting better as the year went along.

OSU is not the reason for the SEC's dominance...the SEC is the reason for their own dominance. You have to get into the title game, something that hasn't even been possible for your conference (2000), let alone your team (2002) in six years!!! By the way...you lost that game...to...OSU!

3 of your "5 rings" are from the 80s...

In the last 25 years, which is a pretty large amount of time, we have just as many titles as you do...and the most recent one. And we'll have another before you even sniff a BCS game.


Lets get this straight U Loser. If U beat wake then...U beat wake who beat Ole Miss who beat UF. So clearly that will make long unranked UM better than UF.

Or if Wake beats U (probable). Then Wake beat Ole Miss who beat Uf so wake is better than UF but ,as always in your small world (canesrule 9ships) the refs jacked duhU so even though wake is better than UF they are not better than UM.

Do you see how retarded U are? It's for reasoning like this that you are widely regarded as the biggest tool on the blogs. Seriously dude, you should take up sodoku or something. Join the MTL. Bird watch. Whatever. Prognosticating about college football is completely beyond your realm of understanding.

Unfortunately a life coach is geared more toward someone who has an actual life and could use some help getting over the top. You need a reality counselor because you are a clueless imbecile.

Even your beloved Butch has said,"we played our season for one game, the rest was a cakewalk."

UM the most overrated team in the history of football. Cling to your "5'ships" loser. Go back and look at your schedule in 1981. What a joke. Florida's 7 SEC championships is almost as impressive as your cakewalk accomplishments. Add 2 titles to that and back to back hoop titles ( UM will NEVER sniff a basketball title) and UF looks much more impressive. History, accomplishments, fan base, stadium, team. ALL superior at UF. Pound dirt U delusional fool.

Funny how everyone wants to be THE U without being THE U:

Florida reciever who's name I forget- "Everybody should start calling us da U now". "We da wons winnin' championships".

Lsu player who's name i forget, after winning the title last year- "Looks like we da new U". "We da new MIAMI".

Boise ST's new slogan- "Rise Of The New U".


5 rings,

UM was robbed in '03. Your computer handle should be 6 rings.


Hey Curse of Kehoe,

We own the Gayturds. So if we are overrated what does that make UF? Imagine if MIAMI was a state-funded school instead of private. I know U don't want to think about that. We're being paid, yes we're being paid to play on in a state of the art pro staduim, what about U guys? Besides, it's South Beach, a.k.a. East Coast Hawaii. There's a thousand things to do in South Beach besides watch football and make love to your kin-folk like ya'll do in gainsville and Tuscaloosa! HAHAHA!

Hey Goody,

How bout' 7 rings considering we were'nt allowed to play for the title in 2000? Could have been 8 if it wasn't for former gayturd Brock Berlin.lol

1983 hurricanes:

houston -who
purdue - purWHO
Notre Dame - 2nd most overrated school in history
DUKE - no comment necessary
Louisville - perennial underachievers
Miss St. SEC bottom feeder
Cincinatti - really bad team now and then
West Virginia - they played barefoot, no fair
East Carolina - only scored TWELVE..shoulda hung 50 on em
Florida State - escaped with 1 point win
Nebraska - another houdini job with 1 point win

Lets review you played three teams that were good . U won 2 of them by 1 point and LOST to florida. The rest of the schedule is a complete JOKE
And by canesrule 9 ships reasoning, you lost to florida, so florida was better than you and was the actual champion

UM is the most overrated program in the history of college football.. that "ship" is a COMPLETE FARCE you pud pounder.


In the last 16 years, UF has won 2 title to UM's one. UF has also racked up 7 SEC titles during that span. Don't even mention your Big Yeast titles fool. Not that ANY self respecting cane fan EVER does. UF has had far more success during that long span you tool. Ya better get over to one of those non working tv websites so you can start buffering the game .

Canes game on channelsurfing.com? the darksidetv.com?

This is all a cruel joke right?

NOOO things haven't eroded, it's just a "down time." Better start buffering the choppy broadcast now or you'll never see it.

How many different ways does UM have to get slapped around before you guys see the reality of what has happened.



Hey Curse of Kehoe,

Ever won a title with a undefeated season?


5 rings,

The shoulda/coulda/wouldas only go so far...


What happened to the canes winning another ship and Randy coach of the year in 2008?

U a f’n joke!
Was it Marve (7TDs & 9 INTs) or Harris (5TDs & 3 INTs) who was going to wear Tebow PJ’s in the nation’s 112th best offense?

High school isn’t college ball and the ACC can’t touch the SEC
Was it karma catching up to Randy and his 4-4 canes?

Time to use another coordiantor as a scapegoat
The easiset the SEC has been in years?

Explains why for the first time IN HISTORY that one conference had 5 teams ranked in the Top 10. Take a wild guess which.
Nothing like the crown jewel of the ACC and only preseason Top 10 team firing their coach after tumbiling outside of the Top 60.

Not a single team in the Top 25
And now the worst team in major college football come into town, the Kentucky Mildcats.

It’s all about imbecile U, they have the #1 D in the nation.
And now the worst team in the ACC, struggles to become relevent…..

The Gators last losing season was 1979. Duhhhhh U’s last losing season was less than 11 months ago.

Randy “The Clown” Shannon continues to juggle QBs when the obvious choice is apparent to everyone in the entire nation but him?

This whole situation is not about winning this year? It’s about getting those guys experience and building this team for next season to hopefully reach a bowl game, any bowl game will do.

Asked if he could envision platooning the two for four seasons, Shannon said, “It’s too far ahead for me to think about it, with our record, my job could end any day now.”

Coker returns to Duhhhhh U to rub Paul Dee’s mistake in his face in the Orange Bowl - bad mouthing Randy play mistake after play mistake on national TV.

Wait a second…..

Paul Dee resigned out of embarassment

The Orange Bowl was demo’d

Duhhhh U doesn’t play on national TV.

No hope this week, Canes get creamed by the team that got creamed by the mid-shipmen. 4-4 and back to trying to pull off a winning regular season for the first time in 3 years.

It’s all about Excuse U……YOUNGNESS is not a word.

Hope the super glue holds up on your trophy! HAHAH!

Since when is it o.k. for a player's entire body as well as the ball to be out of bounds as long as the tip of his elbow is in which the player is considered in bounds?

At leat Shannon does'nt have to black-mail and lie to recruits, which is all Meyer knows how to do in order to get recruits to even consider coming to that tiolet! Look at the type of recruits you're getting compared to UM & FSU! Little 5'7 & 5'8 runts! The end is approaching fast UF! When Teabag goes so does your program! Good luck with recruiting Smurphs!lol

Overrated? Let's compare the losers on your '06 team to the ballers from UM's '01 team in the pros. NO COMPARISON! WHO WAS ON THAT '06 TEAM ANYWAY?

Well I finally guessed right on the over under as florida easily beat it on their own. All around beautfiul performance. Aside from the sloppy ST at the end the ST's were stellar. I don't see much to criticize about this game. Goody?

Knowshon is working his magic right now. I can't wait to see the spread on that game. Hopefully LSU loses to them but beats the crap out of them.

Beat the rush. HATE GEORGIA NOW !

And watch this video to get a little extra zest in your hate.

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