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With Election Day nigh, Brandon Spikes gets political

GAINESVILLE -- Florida quarterback Tim Tebow has made a point to not speak publicly about the upcoming election. (Raise your hand if you assume Tebow is a left-winged liberal.)

Tebow's apolitical stance hasn't stopped other team leaders from trumpeting their favorite Presidential candidate. Florida linebacker Brandon Spikes has created a little buzz around campus by wearing a Barack Obama shirt to football practice. Spikes is a North Carolina native.

Florida coach Urban Meyer welcomes his players' involvement in the political process.

"I love when our guys talk about that stuff," Meyer said. "I actually hear them a little bit this year. I just think that's great and that's very mature. When I was 18 years old, that wasn't at the top of my list."

If you're making the trip to Gainesville on Friday for Gator Growl, then make sure to pack a raincoat or umbrella. According to weather.org, Friday's forecast calls for rain/thunder/wind. Things should be cleared up by the 12:30 p.m. kickoff on Saturday, but pack a poncho just in case.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution college football columnist Tony Barnhart wrote earlier this week that UF should be ranked No.4 in the BCS. Here's an excerpt from Mr. Barnhart's column:

"Bottom line: After watching Ole Miss take Alabama to the limit in Tuscaloosa, the Gators’ 31-30 loss to the Rebels should be viewed in a different light. They have a scary collection of fast players. If Florida finishes 12-1 and beats Alabama in Atlanta, the Gators should be considered the best one-loss team in the mix."

Barnhart has Florida ranked ahead of Oklahoma. Gotta disagree there based on what I've seen from both teams so far this season.

Should one-loss Florida be the nation's top-ranked one-loss team?

Just got an email that the annual Army-Navy game will be moved back an additional week next season. The game will now be played on the second Saturday of December and be the final regular-season college football game of the year. (One week after the SEC championship game.)

Question: Does anyone care? Who out there actually watches the Army-Navy game?



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Army-Navy game has become irrelevant.

I don't disagree with Barnhart that Florida is better than Oklahoma and should be the nation's top-ranked one-loss team based on talent...but to be ranked above them TODAY on 10/23/08, I must disagree.

That's something we need to work up to. But I definitley think the top 5 should be:

Texas, Alabama, Penn. St., Oklahoma, Florida

My comment this year will be the same as every years comment upon seeing the score/update on Army-Navy. "WHO CARES !"

I'm curious if the strength of schedule of other teams is updated as the season progresses. Specifically, Ole Miss was 2-2 when they beat UF. Let's say hypothetically that they finish strong at 7-5. When UF's strength of schedule is computed in late November, does the formula look Ole Miss' record when the Gators played them or does it look at their record in late November? Who can give me an educated answer about this? Your Jo-ness?


Your hunch is correct, Sir Lift-a-lot. Strength of schedule changes as the year progresses. Teams either improve or get worse. How would anyone know who was actually better or worse if no one actually played games?


That's why ours keeps dropping as the Canes keep losing games and struggling against weak ACC opponents.

Ah, good point, Adam. Didn't think about the 'Canes bringing UF's strength of schedule down. Most years that wouldn't be the case.


That's why ours keeps dropping as the Canes keep losing games and struggling against weak ACC opponents.

Posted by: Adam S

I was going to throw that in but didn't want to OVERSTATE THE OBVIOUS.

Well, every team MUST eat their fair share of cupcakes.


We certainly have our cupcakes...Hawaii, UM, Citadel...but our conference is filled with legit competitors. And that's why we're able to schedule those games and teams in conferences like the ACC and Pac-10 have to reach out and up.

Every team plays some cupcakes every year. Even UGAG with their toughest schedule in the nation still got to kick around Georgia Southern and Central Michigan. So the whole, "your schedule is weak" argument is bunk. That said, I'm glad UF doesn't have UGAG's schedule this year. They only have two true creampuffs in 08. Beyond that they face 8 conference games and GT(6-1) and ASU(2-4..okay..kinda mediocre).

None of this explains that goofy way that Mark Richt holds his hand at his chest like he's some kind of euro-symphony conductor. What's up with that? And of course there is his HAIRCAT...I mean...HAIRCUT. I think dude spends a wee bit too much time in the mirror each morning.

Its so easy to dog UGAG. No pun intended.

Richt has the worst "haircat" in the league, mos def. I almost asked him about it at SEC Media Days this year. The guy looked like a 40-year-old Denise the Menace.


Did Dennis the Menace have a sister I forgot about?

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