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Best and worst of UF 42, Vandy 14

Sunday morning links: The March to Atlanta
UF secondary lives up to standard of UF offense
Dunlap's first-half block party
What the bad guys did:
South Carolina rotates quarterbacks in win over Arkansas
Gamecocks' Swamp trek offers next shot at redemption
FSU routs Clemson
Bama remains unbeaten with OT win against LSU
Saban's return to Baton Rouge met with cheers, jeers

NASHVILLE -- UF quarterback Tim Tebow accounted for five touchdowns on Saturday. He tossed three touchdown passes and completed 12 of 17 passes for 171 yards. Tebow also ran for two scores and led the Gators in rushing with 88 yards on 11 carries, including a career long 26-yard touchdown run. Who said Tebow is a step slower this season?

Tebow has accounted for 10 touchdowns in his last two games. Where does he land on your Heisman ballot?

Floirda was at its best at the beginning of the game. UF defensive end Carlos Dunlap blocked two punts and UF led 28-0 in the game's first 18 minutes.

Can't complain about much other than this blog is going to continue to stump for sophomore running back Emmanuel Moody to receive more carries until he leads the Gators in rushing. The guy is the best running back on the team and should be running the ball at least 10 times a game. Moody rushed for 48 yards on seven carries on Saturday night.

5 The number of interceptions for strong safety Ahmad Black this season. Never saw that coming. Did you?

4 The number of receptions for receiver Carl Moore, who led the Gators in receptions for the first time in his career. Great game, Carl. Although, we've got to give you some grief for that drop. You were wide open, Carl. Catch the ball.



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Good work on The March to Atlanta article Goody. Not that it took any special journalistic skills. Those columns just kind of write themselves as far as I can see. I'm thinking your T & D keys on your laptop are getting worn out.

Lets see here...

Goody - UF 28-10
Adam S UF 31-12
Lift UF 48-13

I'd take a grenade for you Goody ( a paper mache grenade with UF tickets in it) but I just couldn't see where Vandy would hold UF to 28 points given the teams play and the BCS environment. I'll give myself a pat on the back now and go mow my jungle lawn.

Go Gators

Good job Lift. UF is playing well, and you predicted the score well...2d team play and all

Good call, 13-1. I think you can agree with me, though, that the final should've been 49-7.

They took Tim out in the 3rd. Florida could have hung 60 on em. Yeah there were definitely some terrible official calls. That tub of goo umpire standing in the endzone was about 6 feet away when Percy put the ball in the endzone. But I will never blame anything on officiating. If you beat the team the refs don't matter.


No special skills? I'm pretty good with a bowstaff, sucka.



HOLY KRAP !! That kid has mad skillz. He can see into my soul. I wouldn't F with him. My only disappointment was that the YouTube link didn't link to Napoleon Dynamite.

I do think you would agree that it is somewhat easy to write " Tebow then hooked up with Harvin on a 30-yard TD strike......yada yada yada."
No knock on your mad writing skillz Goody.

That point system that the athletic department uses for SEC championship game tix is absurd. We kept season tickets for nearly 30 years. When dad passed away my brother foolishly informed the athletic department about it since the tix were in pops name. Terrible move that was. They conveniently "reassigned" us. It was insulting and we let the tickets go a few years later. Now the whole ticket purchasing system is a giant money pit. How high can the rim of the stadium go? Surrounded by a room full of rabid gator fans, my High Def theater is the shiznitt and fills the void nicely. Okay so I don't get to enjoy that pukey smell in the stadium interior every game. And few things compare to University Avenue and The Salty Dog after a nighttime beat down on FSU.

Hey Gator fans, let's get our UF/ USC predictions in by Wednesday which will afford us plenty of time to second guess each other.

Tebow has accounted for 10 touchdowns in his last two games. Where does he land on your Heisman ballot?



It may sound homer, but he's 2nd for me behind Harrell.

These guys in the Big 12 play without defenses.

Tebow has 1740 yards on 194 attempts (9 per).
17 TD, 2 INT
354 rushing, 10 TD

Harrell has 4077 yards on 463 attempts (8.8 per).
35 TD, 5 INT
6 sneak rushing TDs

I believe some of the guys on ESPN had Tebow No. 1...which I think is ridiculous right now.

FYI. You can only vote for three people on a Heisman ballot. Depending on what Bradford does against Texas Tech, I don't even know if Tebow would make my ballot. For the sake of including Tebow, I'd put him third behind Harrell and McCoy but he could be bumped if Bradford beats Texas Tech.

Something important to remember: The Heisman Trophy voting system is regionally biased. Writers in the South will vote for Tebow. Writers in the Southwest could split votes among Harrell, McCoy and Bradford.

Also, I wouldn't rule out TT receiver Michael Crabtree if he has a great game against Oklahoma.

Speaking of Crabtree, can Joe Haden shut him down ... or does UF pull Wondy off the bench for a special assignment?


I think you have to put him behind Bradford too, he has nearly doubled Tebow's passing stats and has a higher rating
3406 yards passing and 38 touchdowns!
I understand being a homer but come on, Tebow is 59th in the nation in passing yards and 23rd in passing touchdowns.
And don't talk about Harrell and sneak runs, 7 of Tebow's TD's are from 3 yards or less or did that .5 rushing yards per attempt against Ole Miss solidify the Heisman?

Ok, so I will give him 3rd, but that is me being a homer

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