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Bobby Bowden disco dancing with Tim Tebow, plus more random stuff

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Saturday Night Fever! Starring Tim Tebow, Bobby Bowden and Chris Rainey.

Cup o' Links (with my own creative headlines, of course!
Percy Harvin is the Seminoles slayer
FSU freshman receiver has extra incentive against Gators
Deonte Thompson buzz'n about, by Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post
FSU hasn't done diddley, by Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel
FSU, copy cats?, by Mike DiRocco of the Florida (Jacksonville) Times-Union
'Noles said no thanks to Jeffery Demps, by Antonya English of the St. Petersburg Times
Best Gators offense ever, by John Weinfuss of the Panama City News-Herald
Gators knock off Washington, men's basketball from Kansas City, Mo.

GAINESVILLE -- Random thoughts as I ingest hot liquids this morning. And by hot liquids, we do not mean stolen beverages from the Springs dormitory. We mean this!

The Gators needed 11 three-pointers to beat Washington 86-84 in Kansas City, Mo., on Tuesday night in a CBE Classic consolation game. That's good news and bad news. The good news is Walter Hodge shaved the name of his daughter "Kiki" into the side of his head. The bad news is Washington is awful. UF lost to Syracuse on Monday night. The 'Cuse beat Kansas in overtime on Tuesday night in the championship game of the CBE Classic. 

Back to the whole Kiki thing. I first wrote that "Kiki" was Hodge's girlfriend. That's wrong, of course. Kiki is Hodge's daughter. I've actually met Kiki, so I feel pretty silly for forgetting her name. Anyway...

Today is the day before Thanksgiving. Or, as I like to call it, "Holy Fred Funk, I forgot to thaw out the turkey!" You know you're officially old when you host your first family Thanksgiving. I've got a big family and most of them are coming down to Gainesville from Birmingham, Ala. I'm pretty sure it's the first Goldman-Goodman Thanksgiving in the history of Alachua County.

What's the one non-essential side dish you've got to have at Thanksgiving? (OK, that sentence made no sense.) Essential side dishes (as I see it) are dressing, giblet gravy, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce and cornbread. The Goldman-Goodman Thanksgiving will feature the non-essential side dishes of collard greens, baked apples and carrot salad.

Keep the Pouncey family, your family, my family and all families in your thoughts and prayers on this day of travel. I'll do the same.



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Also, our basketball team is far from good this year...going to be another long season. If they keep playing like this, that will be no tournament two years in a row.

Too funny.


i'm pretty sure kiki stands for his daughter kailani.

Holy Crap Goody can dance.

Somebody has mad HTML skilz.

Jo, When's the next time Florida plays Alabama in football during the regular season?

bv, 2011 (I think)

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that Kiki is Walter's 2 year old daughter and not his girlfriend.

P.S. Since he's married it would be his wife, not his girlfriend.

I wish I were dancing with Bowden, he's cute.


Your research let you down. Kiki is his daughter. She and his wife live in Puerto Rico. He put her name on his head to remind her that he loves her and misses her.

I can't imagine having to be separated from my wife and children but it is probably in their long-term best interest.

I think you owe Walter an apology.

Usually you do a fine job on reporting on Florida, but this time you got carried away.

OK, folks. Thanks for reminding me about Kiki, Walter's daughter. I forgot it was his daughter's name. Guess that makes me kind of silly. Anyway, thanks for pointing out the error and I'm happy to set the record straight. The name shaved into the side of Walter Hodge's head is that of Kiki, his daughter.



1. Florida State 186-50-1 .787
2. Florida 186-51-1 .784
3. Ohio State 182-51-1 .784
4. Miami 175-54 .764


Whoever wins todays Florida State-Florida match will take over #1

Looks like we win.

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