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Can Percy Harvin play running back in the NFL?

GAINESVILLE -- Florida coach Urban Meyer wants to know how NFL coaches plan on using junior Percy Harvin once he makes the jump to the NFL.

Meyer indicated on Monday during his weekly press conference that he has asked a few NFL coaches how they think Harvin's unique skill set will translate to Sundays. Meyer is close friends with New England coach Bill Belichick and Jacksonville coach Jack Del Rio.

"I think he's going to have a great career at the next level," Meyer said. "I'm intrigued and I've already approached people how they're going to use him and I think it's going to be a lot like I use him."

We're assuming all this talk of Harvin and the NFL means there's no chance he returns to Florida next season. Of course, I'm sure everyone was expecting that already. How do you think Harvin will be used in the NFL? Is Harvin better than Reggie Bush?

South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier, who has NFL coaching experience, said on Saturday that if Harvin was a full-time running back, then he would be the best in the country. At the beginning of the season, Harvin classified himself as a receiver who is running the ball at Florida to help the team win.   

The Southeastern Conference named Harvin the league's offensive player of the week for his efforts against South Carolina. Harvin rushed for 167 yards on eight carries in the Gators' 56-5 win against South Carolina.

"I'm not sure he has the body to handle 25 to 30 inside-the-tackles type games but pound for pound [Harvin] is as strong as we got," Meyer said. "I think the way we utilize him -- You'd like to get him more involved in the pass game and I think we're going to try and get him more involved. -- but for what we do with him, he's in the right offense at the right place because there are some places that don't really have the knowledge or experience or personnel to use him the way we do."

UF junior Jermaine Cunningham was named SEC defensive lineman of the week. Cunningham had a game-high eight tackles, including a sack. He also forced a fumble and deflected a pass at the line of scrimmage. Speaking of juniors leaving early, will Cunningham forgo his senior year and make himself eligible for the NFL Draft?

Speculation is beginning to heat up around the Florida football facility about assistants leaving Florida for head coaching positions. Offensive line coach Steve Addazio has been mentioned as a possible replacement for Greg Robinson at Syracuse. Syracuse finally fired coach Robinson (According to the New York Times, the school hired a search committee to replace him earlier in the season.) and Addazio is the top choice of former Syracuse players who played during the Donovan McNabb years.

Other Florida assistants -- namely defensive line coach Dan McCarney, defensive coordinator Charlie Strong and, to a lesser degree, offensive coordinator Dan Mullen -- could also be in line for interviews. Meyer intimated on Monday that outside sources are showing interest in some of his lieutenants. "We've already had some people sniffing around," he said. "If things happen, then we'll have the appropriate discussion at that time."

Meyer also said Monday that he is keeping his "eyes open" for possible replacements. "I have some stuff right now," he said.

Meyer named UF linebacker Brandon Hicks the team's defensive player of the game on Monday. Hicks forced two interceptions against South Carolina and had a sack during an amazing four-play sequence in the first quarter. Hicks started on Saturday for linebacker A.J. Jones, who is nursing a slight injury. Hicks and Jones will battle this week mortal combat style to see who gets the start against The Citadel.

"[Hicks] is one of our better players on the team right now and that all happened within a couple weeks," Meyer said. "He was actually floundering for a little while. He has a hard time grasping the defense. He's a great athlete. He's exactly what you go recruit -- a 225-pound linebacker that can run like the wind -- and now he's starting to get confident. Coach Strong has a lot of confidence in him right now and that wasn't the case two weeks ago."

It's no secret that Meyer still has a great affinity for the Utah football program. Utah is 11-0 and ranked No.7 in the USA Today coaches' poll. Meyer is a voter in that poll this season. On Monday, Meyer said he voted Utah "real high" this week.

"They're a hell of a team," Meyer said.

Meyer was asked on Monday if he thought Utah was better than some of the SEC's elite teams? Meyer indicated that he believes his former team might be that good this season.

"I'd get blown completely out of the water if I answered that truthfully so I'm not going to," Meyer said. "And that's not one way or the other."

Meyer said on Monday that the year (2004) he led Utah to an undefeated season and a BCS bowl, he was a "big proponent of the playoff." Now, not so much.

"Could that team realistically have just survived the level of competition we just played? No," Meyer said.

President-elect Barack Obama made news earlier this week when he once again talked about the need for an eight-team playoff for major college football. Meyer might not agree but he likes that President-elect Obama has an interest in college football.

"Any time a President-elect or any people place the value on athletics like we all do, I thank that's good," Meyer said. "I think that's good for our country. I don't know if [a playoff] is the right thing to do but some people will make that decision down the road."



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OK, here I go.

1) Harvin will be used similar to Reggie Bush in the NFL and will do spectacular.

2) I agree, he would be the top RB in NCAA if he was used solely at that position...and he'd be in talk for the Heisman.

3) He's gone after this year.

4) I fully expect us to lose Chuck Strong after this season. But I do hope Dan Mullen can stick around, especially if Tebow does.

5) Utah is poised to match-up with an SEC team in the Sugar Bowl. So, heaven forbid, we didn't beat Alabama, we'd have a good chance of playing Utah in Louisiana.

clear cut answer,


there is not alot of UF impact players in the nfl, not a diss just stating the facts.

I envy the Gators and hope the Canes can come close to their success in the next couple of years.

Yeah, Emmit Smith, Javon Kerase, Fred Taylor, Kevin Carter, Alex Brown, Lito Sheppard, Trace Armstrong, Cris Collinsworth, Wilber Marshall, Nat Moore, Jack Youngblood...

and to some extent young'uns like Reggie Nelson, Channing Crowder, Bobby McCray, Marcus Thomas, Max Starks, Jarvis Moss, Ike Hilliard...

Nah, no impact players in the NFL.

And, what the heck does ANY of that have to do with an individual player coming out in the 2009 draft? I'll tell you -- nothing!

Adam - All them fools are retired???

Name a few players that are all pro's now?

Can you name me a Miami Hurricanes player that will be drafted in the first round this year????

Just wondering. Matt Bosher?


Xavier Shannon?????





Gators beat them by more than the point spread and they celebrate.

IT's A Canes thang you wouldnt understand.


dont forget Percy Harvin was injured so Miami didnt even see the best player in college football except for a few plays.

dont also forget how Louis Murphy caught the TD pass to go up 30-3 but was called back not because of what happened on the field but one guy not 1 step forward on the line.

How could the Canes celebrate getting blown out by a young Gator team????

Percy will be a star in the NFL. Every time he touches the ball he can go for 6. He is a talent that only comes around every so often. Anyone who wants to lump him together with former UF WR's is blind. The kid is a baller plain and simple.

Raw- Not that I really care to justify your comment with a response, but I responded to the comment that was posed to me.

Brown was in the Pro Bowl in 2005 and 2006.
Fred Taylor was a Pro Bowler and All-Pro.
Kearse is a 2x All-Pro and 3x Pro Bowler.
Sheppard is a 2x All-Pro and 2x Pro Bowler.

And again, it doesn't matter about a school's history, it matters about the individual player. Get the bias out of your head and look at the facts, the kid is an outstanding player and will do very well in the NFL.

Oh, and I proved you wrong, again.

And, what the heck does ANY of that have to do with an individual player coming out in the 2009 draft? I'll tell you -- nothing!

Posted by: Adam S. | November 17, 2008 at 05:49 PM

Spread formation retards the kids growth and thats why matt ryan is doing so well and alex simth wont see time in the nfl again.

There is no argument about who has the most impact players in the league between the two schools because everyone knows hands down its the U.

o yeah and when was the last time kearse was all pro

Cunningham may go pro - only reason being that from what i have heard there is a terrible DE class this so year so many JR's may go pro. Even if the player is not the best, with a weak DE class, they could jump into the high rounds.

How could the Canes celebrate getting blown out by a young Gator team????

Posted by: Harold | November 17, 2008 at 07:40 PM

yeah when tebag leaves well see what this program is made of.

It is always humorous hearing 5rings is a mouthful.. How does that fellow type with his mouth full all the time:)?

Gators are looking good.....Be careful with The Citadel...pound it out in dangerous Tally, and hopefully drive it home over Bama.

You guys are too rich, trying to pick little minor points out to try and make fun of the Gators. It really is sad and pathetic. Let your team do its talking on the field, for now, you guys are just keyboard tough guys while we are putting our money where our mouth is week-after-week.

lets do a quick inventory

2 NCAA football championships soon to be 3
7 SEC Championships
2 NCAA Men's basketball championships

11 championships soon to be 12

I'm no mathematician but dare I sare 11 ringz is more than 5.

Now run along and go make a protein shake for your skinny QB's.

I can tell your no mathematician, must have a degree from Florida!

5 NCAA football championships
9 Conference Championships
4 NCAA Men's baseball championships

Looks like a total of 18!!!!!!!!!!!

And more to come............................

Keep living in the past boys...those baseball national titles are real impressive, LOL.

Now, back to Gators football...

Alright, I want to put something out there. I still dont believe Tebow deserves the Heismann Trophy and you cannot make an argument that would make me feel different, although whatever that argument might be could you not make the same argument for Harvin. His total numbers are not out of this world, but he is the leading rusher and reciever on a team that could potentially win the National Championship and he finally seems to be running injury free, so his numbers could get better!

Jo, in recent memory has any one player been the leading rusher and receiver on a National Championship team?

4 NCAA Men's Baseball championships? You're kidding right? What's baseball?


Tell me you aren't counting Big East Conference Championships in this discussion? The BIG EAST???????


Teams that play and compete and have a history in a significant conference appreciate being there and understand what a conference championship means, unlike independents ((coughUMcough))

11 is more than 5

I don't think Tebow deserves it now either. But in three weeks...if he plays like he has been...I think he should get it.

Even if he keeps up the same pace its still not very impressive, averaging about 180 yards passing a game in the past 6 games, I don't count the short yardage TD runs because the majority of those has been from 2 yards or less, and those should and need to go to the running backs, he took three times to score on that 1 yard TD for the Carolina game, it still blows my mind that Mullin keeps calling that play when everybody knows its coming

It doesn't matter what you "count" or not, they go toward his statistics. His 20+ rushing TDs counted last year for sure...

This is all irrelevant banter anyway.

4 NCAA Men's Baseball championships? You're kidding right? What's baseball?


Tell me you aren't counting Big East Conference Championships in this discussion? The BIG EAST???????


Teams that play and compete and have a history in a significant conference appreciate being there and understand what a conference championship means, unlike independents ((coughUMcough))

11 is more than 5

Posted by: 5 ringz has his mouthful

lol ay canesrule how U been. IS that why it took the gayturds 53 years to win their first SEC title because they weren't in a independent league. isnt ND still in this independent league how many recent titles to they have???

Canesrule go worry about having to play the University of Citadel. The thing is canesrule u keep answering back to me and i dont understand why. Ur own people on ur blog dont even vouch for U.

O and adam i not trying start a fight i just answered goody's ? If i was a recruit t i would rather go to a pro style offense instead of a spread offense because it retards growth but we'll just see When tebag and harvin gets drafted.

Yeah those 20+ TD's counted for a hand in a cast, a 9-4 record and a loss in a crappy bowl. So to me they did not count for anything.

Those rushing TD's did us no good last year

Gators are looking good.....Be careful with The Citadel...pound it out in dangerous Tally, and hopefully drive it home over Bama.

Posted by: Paul | November 18, 2008 at 12:08 AM

Thank god for Ubran Crier he sure knows how to get us great competition at the end of the season. The Citadel. Are U serious?????????????

Ron jarowski made a statement about how qb's got to learn when they get to the NFL because collage and the spread offenses aren't developing qb's any more.

To 5 rings:
Citadel would normally be at the beginning of the season, possibly game number two, but this year we played and beat ummmm....can't remember...oh yeah.. the Canes

Posted by: MiamiGator | November 18, 2008 at 12:01 PM

good excuse jort!!

The thing is Who took the canes off uf's schedule. I swore it was the ol ball coach. Adam s said i was wrong. I would like to see fsu uf and miami play each other every year so then year in and year out we will know who is the best in the state. This year its the gayturds even though it hurts me to say that, but its true. So have this one year in the limelight and hopefully we can get this rivalry back up and popping.

5ringz - I wasn't saying you were starting an argument...I said you were arguing something that isn't being asked. The question was how he will fare in the NFL, not where a recruit would rather go.

5ringz - It was a mutual decision not to do Gators/Canes yearly when Spurrier was in charge, though I do suspect he did not want to play them every year. HOWEVER, when it was most recently brought up to do a yearly series, it was UM who declined! So you have NO ARGUMENT there because it is truly BOTH parties who don't wish to play every year.

Miami - Those 20 TDs also counted for a Heisman Trophy, which is the conversation you and I are having, NOT about how it fared for our team. Completely different conversation. People tend to switch the argument once they have no way to answer the previous one...and that's what you did.

Yes, of course they counted for the Heismann, so then how is the stupid thing measured. He had insane crazy numbers that did us no good last year and won it, this year his numbers are down and behind alot of people and he is in the discussion again.

My original question was though: does Harvin deserve consideration being that he is the leading rusher and receiver on probably the best team in the nation that will be playing for a National Title?

Also to me the Heismann does not count for ANYTHING when the overall growth of your team is suffering because Tebow's stats were being padded

Gators pick up star 5-star DE
Nick Kasa, a defensive end from Broomfield (Colo.) Legacy High orally committed to the Gators late Monday night.

He becomes the 13th oral commitment Florida has received for the 2009 season.

The 6-foot-7, 245-pound Kasa is a five-star prospect, according to Scout.com. Rivals ranks him as the No. 5 strongside DE prospect. He had a total of 19 sacks in his sophomore and junior seasons


Tebows stats where not being padded. He had to carry the load for us to win games. Look at the Ole Miss game last year. We had not running backs last year. Rainy was hurt, Demps was not here yet, Moore was the fumble guy, Moody was sitting up the year. The guy had crazy numbers becuase he was the #1 option everytime. When Harvin was hurt he missed games. When Tebow was hurt he had to play no matter what. Tebow was the one that suffered not the team, since we had to score everytime we touch the ball on offense since our defense was getting smoked everytime.

You're not a Gator fan, no matter what you put as your alias.


I'm not a fan, is that because I have unbiased eyes? You say Moore was the fumble guy, see this what I'm talking about, can someone tell me how many times Moore fumbled in his career? He had two big ones yes, but someone please tell me how many, every on here says that Moore had fumble problems only because the next guy says it. I saw Demps fumble this game and he was right back. Moore averaged over 5 yards a carry his first three years here, he could have easily took off some of the load from Tebow. Also Mon Williams could have been used more and Brandon James could have used like Demps and Rainey are this year. Where was Cameron Newton last year, why did Meyer not use him the way he used Tebow for his first year. We had 7 wide receivers last year that ran 4.3 or better surely Meyer/mullin could have found use for them in the wonderful spread offense.

MiamiGator, once again, I don't see the point of your arguments. I would assume most of us agree the team was not run correctly next year in a number of ways. That doesn't change the fact that Tebow deserved his Heisman and could very well be in contention for another this year after the next three games are over. Stick to one argument.

To answer your Harvin question, no. He's missed games and, as you said, doesn't have the numbers to compete for the Heisman. Though, if you looked at players objectively, you'd have to say he's one of the top 5 in the country...if not higher.

If you say you're a Gator fan, I believe it...because you are being unbiased. HOWEVER, while you do make a good case for questioning why MV believes you're not a Gator fan, you have yet to say that you actually are!!! :)

First of all Mon was hurt last year. Secondly, Moore fumbled at the worst possible times last year. Plus those fumbles hurt worse beceause the defense couldn't stop anyone. It was obvious that they didn't have confidence in Newton for critical down situations. Why woulf they do that when you have Tebow?

Not all WR are Percy Harvin that can play running back. Fayson was the only one last year they ever lined up in the backfield.

My point is I don't care if he received the trophy last year because what did it get us, you run your quarterback that much and he is bound to get hurt, which he did, that offense's growth and the growth of the quarterback was stiffled by running the offense that way. Why reward it?

So if you are giving the trophy for amazing stats on an ok team, then why not give it to the guy with amazing stats on a really good team (Harrell)

I'm a Gator through and through, I bleed Muthafu**ing Orange and Blue. I attended viewing parties this year with two Broward County Gator Clubs, the San Franscisco and San Diego Gator Clubs. I don't go out of my way to find Gator clubs when I'm out of town for nothing. You want me to attach my wedding pictures that were in the Swamp and had Albert and Alberta posing with me


That was my original point and question, you say Harvin does not have the numbers for Heisman contention, I agree but the same could be said for Tebow, if you have to include one in the discussion then you have to include the other, Harvin is after all the leading rusher and receiver on the team and if you give it to Tebow you are giving it more this year for team accomplishment not individual stats

No, I don't. Actually, I do, that's pretty cool. Like I said, I wasn't questioning you...but you had never answered anyone else's question with a "yes."

And, once again, I don't understand why you're arguing about last year. It doesn't matter...it's in the past...already happened...it's just banter. Harrell is certainly the front-runner now. But he hasn't played a single team with any semblance of a defense all season. Tebow has. What I'm saying is...if he goes through the next 3 weeks the way they have gone through the previous 6, you have to seriously consider him for the title.

Oh, that was the old post. I understand your argument. But I'm also not saying to give it to Tebow today. I'm saying let's see where he is and where we are after the SEC Championship.

This last point is a good one. Last year Tebow won the Heisman because he was the best player in football. He had the highest passer rating of any QB to ever win the award. You can't say our record last year would be better if Tebow didn't have the numbers he had. Its not possible. The kid played unselfishly all year. Harvin should have had surgery last year, because he would be a Heisman frontrunner right now.

MiamiGators last point that is

Ok, I will reserve judgment until the end of the season, however if he throws at least one spiral per game then he has my vote, lol!

LOL...so far he's had some pretty nice passes...though a little lofty.

Confused u m fans,

When a college football player leaves for the NFL, that is it. He will never again play a down or win a game for his Alma Mater.

The bottom line is that they are important to collegiate football fans as long as they are part of their college teams. When they play in the NFL, it is their jobs. More importantly, what happens on Saturday does not affect their play on Sunday.

Little u fans do not worry, what happened on Thursday (41 / 475) will not affect former little u players this Sunday, they will be fine.

Hey, I know a couple of u m fans who happen to be Jacksonville Jaguars aficionados and are now supporting Reggie Nelson, Fred Taylor, Drew Miller, Derrick Harvey, Jeremy Mincey and Mike Peterson. In case you do not know, all of them are Gators and four of them are starters.

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