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Gators receive first-place votes

New polls: Florida No.4 in AP poll and No.5 in coaches' poll and No.4 in the Harris Interactive. By the way, Florida received one first-place vote in the AP poll and one first-place vote in the Harris.

GAINESVILLE -- Barring a few catastrophic upsets, the SEC championship game will feature Florida from the East Division and Alabama from the West Division. Who's better?

That's all I want to know this morning. I know Alabama is ranked higher than Florida. I know both teams demolished Georgia. I know both teams are coached by vice-lord chancellors of the evil empire. So, which team is better?

Here are some links to help you ponder that question, including a slide show with voice-over commentary by yours truly. Make sure you check out the link about offseason motivation. Interesting stuff.

Audio Slideshow of UF 49, UGA 10, by me
UF wins big on Dawg day afternoon, by me
Order is restored in UF-UGA series, by Herald columnist Greg Cote
UF defense has banner day, by wunderkind Mike-Mike McCall
Gators motivation for UGA began in offseason, by me
Stats from UF 49, UGA 10



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Did you notice that Florida's lowest point total was against the U?

Thought the SEC played D, guess not!

Hopefully we will find out. Bama is definitely beatable. In their past two SEC games they have had very close games they were lucky to win.

Hopefully we will find out. Bama is definitely beatable. In their past two SEC games they have had very close games they were lucky to win.

If UF & UA stay healthy, I think it comes down to who can run on who, in otherwords which 'D' can STOP the RUN! If neither then it could become a shootout, which I don't see T-TOP being able to win with his arm, problem is I can't see JP doing it either!

It really shows to be a toss-up........although g8turs are definately beatable (Old Missy)!

GOOODY !!! You must get a clip of Spikes second play of the game. You know, the play where he DROPPED THE HAMMER on Knowshow. Jo. ALL of Gator Nation is counting on YOU to post that beauty on YouTube. I'd do it but I don't have video access like YOU do. Failure to do so will be a crime against humanity. Thanks ahead of time Jo.

GATORS r statistically superior to Bama..especially in most head to head match ups w/ opponents (excluding the ole miss anomaly)

UF will put 35-45 on Bama, and likely hold them to under 21.....

Folks, defense wins championships and we have one of the best in all of college football.

Alabama's only true test so far has been Georgia, and we just proved that was no test whatsoever. The Crimson Tide are good but have struggled in many of their games against much worse opponents. Some of the same teams we've blown out.

Florida is the best team in the SEC. We will beat Bama in the SEC Championship game and at least make a BCS Bowl game. With a little help and barring a stupid loss to FSU, we'll be in the national title game.

P.S. Not that I think we have anything to worry about with FSU.

poor sarasota cane and Tx cane. Still on the Gator board and cannot get enough of the Gators. It's exciting guys isnt it? Being in the National spotlight like the Gators are. Being in the top 5 in the country and the BCS.

Gators are #5 in the BCS to be released tonight at 8 PM behind Texas.

The Gators made the Canes offense look so inept it isnt even funny. The Canes are obviously not even close to the Gators talent, depth, and coaching. Celebrate your 23 point loss to the Gators because that is all you have.

Can the Gators beat Alabama?


Can Alabama beat the Gators?


I can tell you this. There is no better big game coach than Urban Meyer. His teams come ready to play the big games.

I definitely do not like the hype right now from the local to national media but I guess we have to deal with it. I like being the underdog and sneaking up on teams. I want everyone to think Alabama is unbeatable. Hopefully they can beat LSU badly.

Hey Cane fans,

You need to live in the real world. The Gators are light years ahead of you.

Why don't you grow up and admit that the Gators are the superior team.

Hey Gators, we should become Alabama's biggest fan until the Gators play them in December. We need them to be rated #1 before the game.

Jo, Gators beats Alabama 35-14 in the SEC Championship game.

Just another lucky pull out of you @ss wins that is the canes. The Gators own you.

Neither QB will lead us to an ACC Title game at any point in their carrer. Good news is we are back........…..back as in dominating Nevada with a 1 point win in the MPC Computer Bowl. Please don’t take our misinterpretation of knowing we hired the wrong coach and that the ACC is a joke of conference as “we are back”.

Facts are facts, we needed OT to beat a team that just LOST by:

35 to UCONN

28 to Duke

I guess in these modern times when we have been unranked for 3 years, we can claim such a win against an inferrior opponent as “being back”.

Probably the most asinine analysis we’ve heard since I claimed we we’re going to make the BCS Title game this year and Randy was going to win coach of the year. I've said it before and I'll say it again........


"6th ring is coming soon" - LonghornsCane

And by "soon" you mean the year we revert back to the Big East, an indepndent, or any other possibility of not having to play in a conference title game.

Indy = Multiple Ships
Big Easy = More W's than L's
ACC = Can't Sniff A Winning Regular Season


"Teams that matter gain the attention!" - iampissedthelonghornslostcane

Turn on your TV, U are irrelevant.....the teams that have been ranked at least once in the Top 25 in the past three years are gaining the attention.


Doug A-hole…. the list you are inquiring about is irrelevant. We will lose all 3 games to close the season and will remain unranked. So what’s the point?

Acc- omplished with three more wins……….dare I say all trap games, in my heart of hearts I know we will fail miserably. Just as I predicted, not a single ACC team ranked in the Top 25. At this point in time the WAC has more street cred. The cards are on the table so I’m also gonna predict another BCS/SEC National Title. It must be great to play in a real conference.


Please shut your trap when you disagree with me, I run the show here…. you’re making us look worse than the Thug U label we have already been permanently branded with.

“beat a UVA team that is better than us”???

Facts are facts, UVA lost by:

35 to UCONN
28 to Duke
Dare I say they are the most irrelevant team in the ACC next to us.

“There are 5 Big 12 teams in the top 13 of the AP Poll”

Look at their schedule you idiot. They all still have yet to play each other.
Take a wild guess at which conference had 5 teams in Top 10 in the AP a few weeks ago for the first time in the history of college football. Here’s a hint for you because you obviously ride the short bus to Dolphin’s Stadium. It wasn’t the ACC, Big 12, Big East, Big Ten, Conference USA, MAC, Mountain West Conference, Pac 10, Sun Belt, or WAC.

I beg of you, as a fellow bandwagon fan of Duhhhhhh U, please do some research prior to posting your non-sense.

Sorry Goody. My posting name has suddenly become quite popular. I sit down with the family for dinner and come back to a handful of posts that aren't mine. Whateva!

What's the most mentioned word by UM fans this weekend? Gators!

By the way, guys. UF received a first-place vote in the AP poll and a first-place vote in the Harris Interactive poll. I posted links on the blog.


I created a typekey account. 13-1LiftTheTrophy. Anyone who wants to post under 13-1liftthetrophyat50indolphinstadium can HAVE AT IT. I've cut it loose. Sayonara Canesrule you bitter loser.

Sweet audio slideshow guys. I got pumped up all over again watching that. The Urban Meyer Show could learn a thing or two from you guys.

I bet the excuse machine has already cranked up in Athens. "We beat ourselves." blah blah blah. Correction buttsniffers. You were forced into those mistakes. Does anyone think UGAG would have made all those mistakes against Duke? That's a big fat NO! Anyway.

Beautiful win for UF. It's official. UF jumps to #5 in the BCS . Just keep winning Alabammy. WOOOOHOOOOO !

This just proves what I've been saying all season, there is NO DEFENSE in the Big 12. Whoever has the ball last usually wins. TT will loose soon.

There is NO DEFENSE in the SEC!

You average 40 something against the SEC, so that must mean something.

The BIG 12 is much better overall.

Yes, Florida can beat Alabama but I think I would worry about the other teams 4 teams first.

Remember Old Mrs.?

does anyone not think that randy shannon is an idiot for calling the short kickoff after the td with 55sec left???? 1 pass and they were in fg range and had it not been for the strip and recovery we would have lost

personally I believe the only thing shannon is good at is recruiting...and that has yet to be seen. he makes terrible in-game calls and he won't last at the U

Bobo is correct. Nice win BUT. It's not like we executed a winning drive. Sure it was a TD but JH's regulation TD pass was a wing and a prayer. Had Uv's secondary not been busy puking all over themselves in the endzone, that ball would have never been caught. It was essentially a hail mary. Don't get me wrong. Great play. Awesome results. But not impressive by any means from an execution standpoint. Randy still looks terrible on the sideline. Please don't start yelling, "were back!" Just don't

Good win. Perhaps the Canes will not have to play a bowl game on a blue field this year.

The SEC has more defense than the Big 12 does and the Gators alone have the best defense in both conferences combined.

Actually, Florida's D is ranked 16th in the Nation, one spot behind 15th ranked Miami.

u fans,

I hate to rain on your parade, but here are some disturbing facts.

The u barely beat UCF and had to mount comebacks to win vs Duke, Wake Forest and Virginia.

Here are the "great" teams the u have defeated and their records.

Charleston Southern 4-5
Texas A&M 4-5
UCF 2-5
Duke 4-4
Wake Forest 5-3
Virginia 5-4

That is a combine 24-26 with a 0.480 winning percentage. Not very impressive at all.

Good luck vs Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech and NC State, the Gators need the u to win those games to help us go to the BCS Championship game. If you do not believe me, ask Manny The Homer.

I know what you guys are thinking, so let me help you. Florida's strength of schedule is number 10 in the Nation.

leave it to Canes "fans" to brag about a 26-3 loss to Florida...what is there to brag about in a 23 point defeat?!

The u barely beat UCF and had to mount comebacks to win vs Duke, Wake Forest and Virginia. - A WIN is a WIN!

Funny how you left out the loss to Old Missy?

The full schedule looks a little different.

UF 41-30
UM 43-31

Looks like UM has had a harder schedule.

Good luck with Citadel, it should really help the SOS?????

Strength of schedule is number 10 in the Nation?

Not!!!! Actually each poll has it's own SOS and you are not # 10. Plus, your upcoming schedule will hurt your SOS. Vandi, Citadel???

Don't think the FSU game will be that easy!

Well, it just goes to show you......you can't spell SCUM without UM. Do they still have that bounty out on Jimmy Johnson's hair? Miami, it's not a football program, it's called a Weekend Furlough. I used to think the FSWho? Criminoles were thugs, but UM has them outclassed. Warden Shalala.....it's lock down time.

What is with arrogance of gator fans?

What is with this unhealthy infatuation with Canes football?

Why do Gator fan's feel the need to bash the Canes in order to validate they're self worth?

Look I will be the first to say the Florida has one of the best team's in CFB at this point in time. Still the season isn't over and UF has yet to be coroneted champ's.

Honestly, I would like to see a team that can challenge Florida. Offensively and Defensively. Seems the only team that could hold Florida in check for 3 quarters are my beloved canes.

I was hoping to see a good game between UGA and UF but the Dawgs looked as good as they did against Bama.


Perhaps you should speak to the rest of your UM alums. Bashing Canes' Football? History speaks for itself, the bashing comes from within. I do not dislike UM, but when I watch replay after replay of a brawl where "Cane's" are kicking players in the head, using football helmets as wrecking balls and the view of the UM President and Coach seem to be "dismissive" of the so called unfortunate incident....both Gator and Nole fans ignite......where else in this country do you see a Division I football game break out into an on-field riot..........Cane fans included? When UM cleans up their act and loses the thug image it has carried all these years and hopefully Shannon can do that, UM will earn the respectability they seemingly deserve......

Hey Cane-ex and Coke Cane.......your chances of winning the ACC Coastal and your tenure in the national rankings were short-lived with your stellar performance in Atlanta last night.

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