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EMAILS I GET: 'Give Moody the ball'

GAINESVILLE -- From time to time, we here at Gator Clause publish the emails that fill our inboxes. If you've got a well-thought-out rant, then I'll give you, the reader, your own space on this blog. This latest email comes to us from Jeff of parts unknown...

Jeff writes...

I really enjoy your blog and I agree with you a 100+% that we NEED to get the ball to MOODY! I just cannot believe that we landed this guy from USC. I watched USC all year and they do not have a running back as good as MOODY on their roster. The rumor is that the running backs in the USC roster are from the heart of LA and USC was getting a lot of grief in recruiting because Moody was getting more playing time than Stafon Johnson in his freshman year. Anyhow, I really think that we need to come up with a creative way to get Moody more touches......as soon as I come up with an idea I will let you know but I just wanted to shout out to you because your blog is very great to read about the Gators.



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