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EMAILS I GET: 'Give Moody the ball'

GAINESVILLE -- From time to time, we here at Gator Clause publish the emails that fill our inboxes. If you've got a well-thought-out rant, then I'll give you, the reader, your own space on this blog. This latest email comes to us from Jeff of parts unknown...

Jeff writes...

I really enjoy your blog and I agree with you a 100+% that we NEED to get the ball to MOODY! I just cannot believe that we landed this guy from USC. I watched USC all year and they do not have a running back as good as MOODY on their roster. The rumor is that the running backs in the USC roster are from the heart of LA and USC was getting a lot of grief in recruiting because Moody was getting more playing time than Stafon Johnson in his freshman year. Anyhow, I really think that we need to come up with a creative way to get Moody more touches......as soon as I come up with an idea I will let you know but I just wanted to shout out to you because your blog is very great to read about the Gators.



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Hell yeah, that is what I have been saying. We need to feed this guy, before we lose him. He does something everytime he gets the ball, look at his average. I love Percy, but why were we giving Percy the ball in goal line situation in the Vanderbilt game. USE A RUNNING BACK MEYER!!!

Hey Jeff, I've got a creative idea on how to get Moody more touches.
I think everyone agrees that EM should get more carries. I've been waiting for them to unleash this guy for what seems to be forever.

Goody, I'm drafting my email to you regarding Protection of Dissimilar Metal Contacts Within Corrosion Prone Areas. It's a fascinating topic. It should kick off a discussion much larger than the previous free speech dust-up we saw.

HMMM....handing the running back the ball, what an amazing concept!

I couldn't agree more. This man runs with bad intentions. He runs to hurt others. No one runs hungrier, no one runs more violently, no one runs in between the tackles as he does (save for the Timbow). The Gators have never had a back such as this, not in recent history.

Give this man the rock.

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