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Florida Gators named finalists for national awards

GAINESVILLE -- Florida linebacker Brandon Spikes is a finalist for the Bronko Nagurski Award, given annually to the nation's best defensive college football player.

The award will be announced Dec.7 at the Westin Hotel in Charlotte, N.C. Spikes is one of five finalist for the award. The other finalist are TCU end Jerry Hughes, USC linebacker Ray Maualuga, Texas end Brian Orakpo and Wake Forest cornerback Alphonso Smith.

Spikes (6-3, 245 pounds) leads the Gators with 70 tackles this season, including eight tackles for a loss. All three of Spikes' interceptions this season have come against teams ranked in the Top 25. He is one of three linebackers in the nation with two interceptions for touchdowns this season, which equals the UF single-season record.

Spikes is the third Gator to be named a finalist for the Nagurski Award. He joins Alex Brown (2001) and Reggie Nelson (2006).

--Florida quarterback Tim Tebow is a finalist for the Wooden Cup, given to a collegiate and a professional athlete who have made the greatest positive influences in the lives of others. The award recipients will be announced at a ceremony held at Atlanta's East Lake Golf Club on Jan. 14.



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Randy Shannon is up for BABY of the year given to a coach that cries more than any other coach. "Urban Meyer beating us more than the point spread helped us more than you'll ever know"



We know that wasn't the real Sarasota cane, just another Gator loser!

How does it feel coming to the Gator Board???

Can you feel the excitement of ANOTHER National Title RUN????

It's Awesome isnt it????

Maybe one day the Canes will realize what it feels like when they at least make an ACC title game.

Until then, enjoy our Gator Board and the run for a National Title!!!!

or you could go crawling back to your Canes board and talk about another 4-7 loss season.

What's funny is that the moron didn't even read the article...THIS IS FROM THE ARTICLE:

"According to Sagarin, the ACC is 0-3 against top 10 teams, and 17-21 against top 30 teams.

The schedule might be strong, but the ACC's record against it indicates the league is not."



Another idiotic fan from the ACC.

Did you read the last two paragraphs? Or did your raw pimple finally popped?

These two comments are more important in the aforementioned article.

"According to Sagarin, the ACC is 0-3 against top 10 teams, and 17-21 against top 30 teams."

"The schedule might be strong, but the ACC's record against it indicates the league is not."

That is why computer rankings stink. Florida is #3 in all the human polls but they are not in some of the computer rankings. For instance Utah is rated ahead of the Gators in one of them.

Adam S,

I was not aware that you had commented on the conference rankings by Sagarin. His stupidity got me so upset that I answered it before reading the rest of the comments.

Well said.

It's OK 72...wow you're old. :) just kidding!

Listen, UF guys like us actually have reading comprehension and intelligence as opposed to guys from UM who just look at the headlines and pretty pictures.

To the old 1972 grad,

I have already stated that I was a Gator when you made the accusation that I was not, and Adam S. asked for confirmation. So because my opinion is different than yours then I'm not a Gator? Sorry that I'm not a homer. I see with my eyes and not my heart. This is the last time I will defend my allegiance to the orange and blue: who on this blog can say they were in Lake Alice neck deep with Gators for a Fisheries class, I can, who else can say that the announcer for the Gator Basketball team DJed my wedding and announced me and my wife to the reception crowd while playing U2's "Where the Streets have no name" the song that bring out the basketball team, my wedding pictures were taken in the Swamp, come on, I don't think you be more Gator than that.

4-7 Citadel???? Why do we play a team like this?


You're a brave man for stepping into Lake Alice.


Yeah dude, I didn't come within 10 feet of Lake Alice my whole college career.

RawPimple, to answer your question, because when you play an SEC schedule you do not need to add in tough out of conference opponents.


You may be a Gator, but let me remind you that treason is defined as a violation of allegiance to one's state, in this case the Gator Nation.

Most of your comments seem to be critical of the Gators.

By the way, if you do not want to get old, a jump down the Grand Canyon would be a nice way to go or perhaps a swim with the gators at Lake Alice would do the trick.

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