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Is Urban Meyer mocking Steve Spurrier?

GAINESVILLE -- Is Florida coach Urban Meyer trying to get inside Steve Spurrier's head this week? Is Meyer trying to out-Spurrier the Head Ball Coach? Has Meyer been publicly mocking Spurrier, the father of Florida football? Maybe.

Twice in two days Meyer has referred to himself as "the head football coach." He did it on Sunday during his weekly day-after teleconference and he did it again on Monday during his weekly presser. Now, I realize Meyer thinks pretty highly of himself (as he should) but I don't ever remember hearing the guy speak about himself in the third person until this week. (He did speak about himself in the third person in his biography, but I wasn't present for that conversation between Meyer and Buddy Martin, the author of Urban's Way. And, of course, we'd be remiss if we didn't take this precious moment in our lifetimes to question the need for a commissioned biography after just three seasons at a BCS school.)

It might be nothing but I find it slightly interesting that Meyer chooses this week to break out the "head football coach" lines. As everyone knows, Steve Spurrier (the alpha and omega of Florida football) refers to himself as the "Head Ball Coach." It's even on the guys hokey website.

If you've ever walked into the Gators' new football museum, then it's painfully obvious that the current tenants of Ben Hill Griffin Stadium are trying to downplay Spurrier's contributions to UF football. Is this another way of Meyer trying to get under Spurrier's skin?

"Yeah, click-clack."



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