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Is Urban Meyer mocking Steve Spurrier?

GAINESVILLE -- Is Florida coach Urban Meyer trying to get inside Steve Spurrier's head this week? Is Meyer trying to out-Spurrier the Head Ball Coach? Has Meyer been publicly mocking Spurrier, the father of Florida football? Maybe.

Twice in two days Meyer has referred to himself as "the head football coach." He did it on Sunday during his weekly day-after teleconference and he did it again on Monday during his weekly presser. Now, I realize Meyer thinks pretty highly of himself (as he should) but I don't ever remember hearing the guy speak about himself in the third person until this week. (He did speak about himself in the third person in his biography, but I wasn't present for that conversation between Meyer and Buddy Martin, the author of Urban's Way. And, of course, we'd be remiss if we didn't take this precious moment in our lifetimes to question the need for a commissioned biography after just three seasons at a BCS school.)

It might be nothing but I find it slightly interesting that Meyer chooses this week to break out the "head football coach" lines. As everyone knows, Steve Spurrier (the alpha and omega of Florida football) refers to himself as the "Head Ball Coach." It's even on the guys hokey website.

If you've ever walked into the Gators' new football museum, then it's painfully obvious that the current tenants of Ben Hill Griffin Stadium are trying to downplay Spurrier's contributions to UF football. Is this another way of Meyer trying to get under Spurrier's skin?

"Yeah, click-clack."



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100%. Meyer doesn't mince words; he's poking at him on purpose. You think he is happy how we've played South Carolina recently?

As far as the lack of Spurrier stuff, he is currently coaching at another school in the same conference, in the same division. Meyer wants to bring recruits through there and have them see the greatness of Florida Football TODAY, not in the past.

If they walk in and see tons of Spurrier stuff, it's almost advertising the other teams' coach. I have no doubt that when Spurrier retires he will be enshrined properly at Florida and get everything that is deserving to him.

Oh, and as far as Urban's book. I haven't read it yet (buying it tomorrow along with Artie Lange's Too Fat to Fish), but I thought it had a lot to do with his coaching from the beginning, not just at Florida?

Great comments Adam. I agree 100% with you. Meyer respects Spurrier as much as any of the greatest coaches of all time. But it's about Florida TODAY.


This has nothing to do with Meyer's respect for Spurrier. Of course Meyer is going to say he respects Spurrier.

On Monday, the Head Football Coach said this: "We’ve got a big game against South Carolina. Coach Spurrier is one of the great coaches in all of college football history. I admire Bo Schembechler. I admire Woody Hayes. I admire winners that do it the right way, so you are darn right that I admire Steve Spurrier. However, he is the head coach of the opposing team and we are going to have a great football game."


Spurrier had his run, Meyer is in the middle of his.

I agree that Meyer doesn't mince words, but how else is he supposed to refer to himself and his position in Florida? He is, in fact, the head football coach of Florida.

This is much ado about nothing.
For now.


I think it has more to do with the Gators' DA Jeremy Foley than Urban Meyer. It is well known that Foley and Spurrier are not the best of friends.

Steve Spurrier is respected and loved by every Gator fan. He was, without a doubt, the foundation of what is now one of the premier college football programs in the nation. His place in Gator lore is undeniable.

jo, I think Spurrier calls himself the "Ol' Ball Coach," check it out.

100% correct UFGator1972...that is what he calls himself, not "Head Ball Coach."

By the way, jo, who said it was about Meyer not respecting Spurrier? Neither I nor davey. You are actually the one that hinted at it in the main post.

Check Spurrier's website and commercial. I linked both to the post. Spurrier now refers to himself as the Head Ball Coach. It used to be Ole Ball Coach.


Weird. Maybe 'Ol Ball Coach was at UF, Head Ball Coach at SC? He was definitely the 'Ol Ball Coach his whole time at UF and even into the NFL.


I believe that Steve Spurrier being called the Head Ball Coach is an attempt by SC to distance him from his Alma Mater, the University of Florida.

Steve Spurrier began calling himself the Ol' Ball Coach at UF and the media still refers to him as the OBC. This self-imposed “nickname” came about when trying to affirm his intentions to just coach football –ball as he likes to call it– and not become involved in any kind of power struggle with Jeremy Fowley.

It was the HBC himself that insisted he be called "Head" Ball Coach instead of "Ol'" ball coach. Fans & press here tried to call him the OBC, but it offends him as he doesn't want to be thought of as old. Therefore he requests to the press here in Columbia that if he's going to have a "Ball Coach" moniker, it be "Head" instead of "Old."

Not really an attempt by the USC administration to distance him from UF (I think most would want to be affiliated with the success he brought that program), but an attempt by Spurrier himself to keep himself young in the eyes of his current & prospective players.


I really like your blog, but this debate is worthless. Talk about the players and the team; I don't have time to worry about millionaire egos.


Good info, SCF, thanks.

gator25...we need something to talk about between the games!

This topic......meh.

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Spurrier does refer to himself as Head Ball Coach. He said that Joe Paterno and Bobby Bowden should be called "Ole Ball Coach."

No matter where he coaches or how old he gets, for what he has done and is still doing at Florida ;) and what he is doing at USC, he will forever be the Head Ball Coach.

Maybe if you actually cared about honest reporting, you would take your head out of your ass and realize that Steve Spurrier is all over the Gateway of Champions. In fact, just to prove that you have no clue about what you are talking about, I took a trip down there this morning... First off, the first thing that you notice when you enter the building is Spurrier's Heisman Trophy. Behind the 1996 NC trophy, there is a highlight reel which includes photos of Spurrier... Meyer is not featured once in the 2006 NC highlight reel. If you take a walk around, you will notice that there is at least one photo of Spurrier for every SEC title poster, not including the many photos that are in the SEC highlight reels. In all, Spurrier outnumbers Meyer in photos 18 to 3. I mean I know you're not the sharpest crayon in the box but even a jackass like you should be able to count. But then again, the Miami Herald probably does not consider basic math a necessary skill for bad journalism.

But photos are not the only way that Spurrier is recognized. He is included as a Gator Great, has a College Football Hall of Fame plaque and All-American plaque outside of the building, and is featured inside the stadium as a member of the Ring of Honor and a Heisman Trophy winner. Things you may have noticed if you actually watched the game instead of pulling photos from Facebook and trying to dig up dirt on the Florida football players. I know that you've only been on the beat for a year and a half and in 2006, when the Gators were winning the National Championship you were covering high school sports, but check your facts before you post something.

I don't recall that Spurrier's run included any third place finishes in the SEC East.

Way to bring it strong, JimboP. Personal attacks are always a great way to prove your intellect.

Your knowledge of the museum leads me to believe that you're probably the curator. I'm no museum curator, but if you're going to organize a Florida football museum, a good place to start would be a permanent exhibit of Spurrier and all of his accomplishments in the middle of the floor.

Maybe Florida feels threatened by Spurrier right now, being that he's the coach of a rival school, and a permanent exhibit won't happen until he retires. That's totally understandable, but no photo count in a slideshow will convince me that Spurrier's impact on the program isn't downplayed in the museum.

And, by the way, last time I was in the museum, Spurrier's Heisman Trophy was tucked into a corner. Maybe you moved it. Or maybe Florida should just man up and rename the stadium after the father of Florida football.





Rename the stadium? Um...HELL NO. If there were to rename it, it would be for a donor, not Spurrier.

And I think I'm that made those exact points that Spurrier is a coach of a rival school and won't be fully featured until he retires.

Just trying to stir up a little conversation. Lighten up, people.


yea. but he's not the head ball coach there's only one head ball coach and that's the greastest coach in the world steve spurrier. beat the gators

I am guessing that you were a bit short on ideas for what to write about this week. If you are trying to stir up the pot between Urban and Steve, I hope that is not the best you have got. It is always big when Spurrier comes back to the Swamp, and everyone knows that he would love nothing better than to beat the Gators Saturday. But after the game, he will be back on the Gator band wagon, cheering us on.

Just one blog, Fred. I'll be stirring the pot all week. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Look forward to reading your posts in the future.


I've gone through all Meyer's interviews since Sunday, and I only find one (1) instance where he refers to himself as the "head football coach," not two (2).

The quote:

"Q: So Dan Mullen didn't have a good day calling plays? You said the offense was not really clicking.

Meyer: No. The head football coach at Florida didn't have a very good day. I didn't have a very good day."

He's speaking derisively of himself, and has used the third person several times before when coming down on himself in interviews. He once said he'd have a talk with the special teams coach about their coverage problems, another time said one particular bad play or performance was on the "head coach," etc.

This is not unique to this week, and he's hardly using the term as an honorific.

Writer, you are a tool. That is all.

Jo, you give the Miami Herald a bad name in a time when newspapers are almost dead...Nice work!

Thanks, Naples.

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Adam, like I said this is a week topic!

Adam, like I said this is a weak topic!

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