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Key players out for Florida Gators vs. Florida State

GAINESVILLE -- Florida's rush defense took major hit on Saturday when defensive linemen Matt Patchan and Lawrence Marsh went down with knee injuries. Neither linemen is expected to play against Florida State.

Florida coach Urban Meyer said both players suffer from sprains of their medial-collateral ligaments. Meyer said that Patchan is out for sure and UF's coach made it sound like Patchan could also miss next week's game against Alabama.

"It's an MCL sprain that's going to take some time to heal," Meyer said.

Marsh is questionable for Saturday's away game against the Noles.

According to Meyer, UF senior tight end Cornelius Ingram has been lobbying coaches for a return to the field in time for the Gators' bowl game. Ingram pleased his fans on Saturday before the Gators' final home game of the season when he sprinted onto the field from a three-point stance. Ingram's sprint was the highlight of the Gators' pregame ceremony for outgoing senior football players.

Ingram has been cleared to run and cut and could be cleared for contact in time for the Gators' bowl game.

"C.I. is having some strategic people ask me," Meyer said.

(Getting C.I. on the field...um... Sounds like a job for Shelley Meyer.)

Florida is ranked No.2 in the latest AP Top 25. Alabama, idle on Saturday, remained No.1.

Don't look now but those sneaking coaches are trying to vote Oklahoma into the title game. Texas was ranked ahead of Oklahoma in last week's coaches' poll but the Sooners jumped ahead of not only Texas but also Florida this week to take the No.2 spot. The coaches' poll makes up one-third of the BCS standings formula. The Harris poll and computer rankings make up the rest.

The fix is in, folks. I nailed this a few weeks ago, as some of you might recall. Texas beat Oklahoma but is going to get royally longhorned by the system.



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All I keep hearing about is Florida beating Alabama and going into the BCS title game, I think I would worry about FSU 1st! Not an easy game at FSU.

Shall be Florida vs. Oklahoma. Meyer vs. Stoops. Stoops returns to face Florida.

FSU is no push-over, you're right. We're simply confident in winning the game.

The difference in the talent levels of FSU and UF are miles apart. FSU will have to play a perfect game to have a chance. It would take a huge collapse to prevent next Saturdays game from being the Gators 5th straight win over the hapless Seminoles.

In Atlanta the 8 billion screaming Bammy fans who scream extra loud when they run between the tackles (every play) will get very quiet after about 30 minutes. Just like the Bulldogs did. Florida's linebackers will be prepared for whatever the UA runs.

I'm fine with whatever Big 12 team gets fed to the lions in Miami.

Florida BCS #4 Going to be a close run for the top two.

Jo, how about when you lose, does that count?

Oklahoma lost EARLIER than Texas. That to me is the difference. So if Texas should be ahead of Oklahoma than Texas Tech should be ahead of Texas. However Texas Tech lost LATER in the year so Texas is ahead.

Same with the Gators. The Gators lost to Ole Miss but they lost very early. They have dominated since making up a lot of ground.

When you lose weighs in a lot more than you think as I believe it should.

Right now Oklahoma is the best team in the Big 12. Texas has too many holes (their D especially their secondary is not ready and their O does not have the fire power).

The top teams regardless of win loss are


Known with confidence: TT sucks hind teat with vigor

GatorAid...I don't get where you are going with that.

As long as Alabama and Florida do not lose prior to the SEC title game, the winner goes to the National Championship. In fact, the winner will probably be BCS No. 1.

The top teams regardless of win loss are???

I think either Big12 team will beat Florida, but 1st Florida has to beat the Noles and Alabama. Florida's schedule is weak! The fact don't lie.

Oklahoma - Beat 3 ranked BCS teams and lost to the #2 ranked BCS team on the road.

Texas - Beat 3 ranked BCS teams and lost to the #7 ranked BCS team on the road.

Florida - Beat 1 ranked BCS team and lost to an unranked team at home.

Texas has too many holes (their D especially their secondary is not ready and their O does not have the fire power)????.

They have a higher ranked D than OK and beat OK. Their O is the 8th best in the country but they don't have fire power?? What team are you watching. The only game they lost was on a last play of the game at TX Tech. You sure don't know FB.

And all I hear about is how good Florida has played since the loss, well their schedule's win loss record is 43-35 since that loss. That's terrible. If and when they beat the Noles and Alabama then I will give them credit, but until then they are a team that beat only the #11 ranked BCS team.

LOL. These Big 12 teams that beat ranked BCS teams played each other in their defensively-plagued conference. All of these teams may be able to score...um...but so can we. The difference is we actually play defense and dominate defenses. UF has played some of the top defenses in the NCAA the past few weeks and demolished them.

Oh, and Florida's "home loss." You fail to mention that it was on a fluke blocked extra point. Texas lost by 6, Oklahoma lost by 10.

Again, your hatred for the Gators is steering you away from the facts. That argument is weak.

OK beat two BCS teams not in their conference so your statement is wrong!

OK beat a BCS team that has the #1 ranked D in the country not in their conference.

Who did Florida beat out of conference? Name one ranked team?

You play defense in a conference that doesn't have a team with a good offense. Name a good O in the SEC?

You fail to mention that TX lost on the last play of the game.

My Top 5 regardless of records, media hype or whatever.
1. Florida (Defenese and special teams puts the Gators over the top.)
2. Texas (Beat Oklahoma.)
3. Oklahoma (Came to play.)
4. Alabama (Who have they played?)
5. Penn State (Don't sleep on these guys.)

OK, I'm just going to throw this out there and see if it sticks. What happens if total chaos occurs during the last week of the regular season? And by total chaos we mean Alabama loses to Auburn, Florida loses to FSU, Oklahoma State beats Oklahoma and Texas loses to Texas A&M.


GatorAid=Sarasota' Cane=TXCane

Dont even waste your breath on a fan of an IRRELEVANT team with a head coach that is the biggest joke in college football.

I agree the Miami Hurricanes are killing the Gators strength of schedule. We should have added a much better team. Thank God we dont have them on our schedule in the future especially under WAAAAAAaandy Shannon to further hurt our strength of schedule.

Yes Texas offense is not impressive and their defense is very questionable especially their secondary who is young, undisciplined and weak. I hope Texas wins out and makes it against Florida to prove to you how bad they are. However since you are a Canes fan you better hope that a better team like USC or Oklahoma makes it over Texas so the Gators can have a game and a chance to lose. Enjoy your game against NC State and your irrelevant bowl game that no one will care about. Meanwhile the Gators will be in the BCS bowl game getting paid nicely.

Texas never lead in that game so their loss was not a fluke as you like to suggest.

And saying that win over TCU actually has value is ridiculous. Who have they played of significance? They lost to evry team they played that was ranked so I don't care what the rankings mean as far as their defense is concerned.

The fact is that UF lost to an unranked but GOOD team in Ole Miss. Since then they are the most dynamic team in D-1 hands down. OU is stellar on offense and did a great job in holding down a potent Tech offense so it makes for the best matchup IF both teams win out.

TX never lead? Wrong! TX Tech scored on the last play to win, before that they were losing.

And saying that win over TCU actually has value is ridiculous. Who have they played of significance? They lost to evry team they played that was ranked so I don't care what the rankings mean as far as their defense is concerned. Wrong again!!!! TCU beat a team that is BCS ranked now and lost to two others.

TCU is ranked but their not as good as an unranked Ole Miss??? Sounds like your a Florida homer. Records nor rankings lie.

For fans of a team that have only beat one (1) BCS ranked team your pretty cocky! As I stated before, beat the Noles and Alabama then I will be a believer. If that happens I will be glad to come on this board and give the Gators props.

Texas took the lead with less than 2 minutes to go in the game. That was the ONLY time they lead. Tech handled Texas the entire game.

Texas 0 6 13 14 33

Texas Tech 12 10 7 10 39

I never said that Ole Miss was better than TCU. I said that their #1 defense ranking is slanted to the fact that they play a weak schedule. They have one win versus an opponent with a winning record...ONE.

As far as who Florida has played you need to consider their poll standing when they played them, not currently. Florida played Vandy, Georgia, LSU, and South Carolina when they were ranked and blew all of them out.

I am proudly a homer Gator fan but I also know the facts.

You are ABSURD GatorAid...responding to you is just a waste of time.

As far as who Florida has played you need to consider their poll standing when they played them?

Why would I do that? If you beat the preseason #1 and #2 team in the country but they ended up 4-8 then I wouldn't count that as beating a good team. Alabama beat a top 5 ranked Clemson, but look at Clemson now?

ABSURD? Why? What have I stated that's not true?

That would be great to see Ingram playing in a bowl game. I could not imagine how much more potent our offense would have been with him.

Jo, I'm sure this is already known information but can CI redshirt this year?

GatorAid, Things happen that affect those rankings like injuries, suspensions, etc. That's why you need to consider the ranking as it is when they play.

Pretty much everything. There is no comparison between defenses in the Big 12 and defenses in the SEC. The Gators have played a perfectly fine schedule and SEC teams generally do not schedule tough out-of-conference opponents because their in-conference schedule is so difficult. You can only win and play with what is put in front of you.

The rankings of course matter, mm, we beat those teams at their peaks and contributed to the downfall.

Sounds like some people are worried about teams getting screwed by the polls, but let's be realistic about who is gonna get screwed the most. Utah, Boise State, and Ball State. The only undefeated teams will get screwed the most. The kids did all they could be asked, win all the games in front of you, and they will get shut out of a chance to play. I'm not saying that they are better than most 1 loss teams, but a playoff involving only those teams that win their conferences at least allows them that cinderella chance the NCAA basketball tourney allows for.

hawaii, miami, fsu (OOC)- problem is none of the other teams played out of conference teams as good as those 3. Plus unlike any of the others except possibly ND we had to play 2 rivalry games.

texas- fau,rice,ark,utep
usc-ohiost, uva,nd

alabama(#1),uga,lsu,ole miss,scarolina,vandy,uk - that is 7 bowl teams we play in conference

so the Gators will face between 9-10 bowl teams...how many teams can say that?

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